Tuesday, April 13

Before long, it will be beach and pool time (yay) and soon many of us will be on the yearly treasure hunt to find a bathing suit we can live with (or in). Since beach attire doesn't resemble the ones in the photo at left anymore (and in many cases, it's a real pity they don't), we have trouble finding something that minimizes our bad points and maximizes anything we have that may qualify as good. As we age, there are fewer and fewer points to emphasize and more and more we ought to cover up. Don't you find that to be true? Will you be shopping for a suit this year?

This old photo was in my parent's collection, but as most, it was not marked with names or dates. It is really too bad, since they are almost surely relatives - and we will never know who they are. Don't make the same mistake - label all your photos before it is too late.


As usual, I had several more ideas for blog posts over the last 8 hours, but not one of them comes to mind now. How typical. By the time I get to a pen and paper to write down the idea - it has left my brain - never to return.


The plumber had to be called yesterday. Mr. kenju thought he detected the sound of a drip under the house, and went down to check it out. He was right. My ears are so useless that I couldn't hear the leak, even though it was somewhat obvious through the air vents in the guest bathroom.


Spring usually mobilizes me to get busy with heavy cleaning of the house. Ordinarily by this time of year, I have washed some curtains, cleaned windows (inside), polished the silver, and washed all the colored glass bibelots in the dishwasher. So far this year I have "Spring cleaned" exactly one thing - my kitchen window and the things that sit in it. I need motivation, but so far it eludes me.


Yesterday I accomplished at least one thing of value. I went through several plastic bins of stuff/junk/memorabilia and found most of the Eastern Star photos and booklets I had promised to a woman in my hometown. I contacted her several months ago, asking if there would be any interest in this stuff my mom collected in the 50's. It turned out that the chapter my parents belonged to back then is having their 100th anniversary this summer - so my donation of memorabilia from the 50's is right on track. The best part is that she remembered my mom and dad. I will take the stuff to her this summer when I go back home for a visit.


Looking to the Stars said...

I love the photo. It would be nice if those suits came back in fashion, at least for me. I can no longer lay in the sun and swimsuits are out for me. I spent 16 years in the California sun in my younger years and now I pay the price. Sunscreen is my best friend now :)

I have not had the energy for spring cleaning for the last couple of years, maybe this year I'll be able to wash down the walls :)

take care

Travelin'Oma said...

I wish we could wear those kind of swimsuits. I bought a new suit and it exposes way too much. Actually, I HAVE way to much—that's the real problem.

Star said...

That is so nice that the keepsakes you have from your Mom will move along to give other people joy. I imagine it is easier to part with it under those circumstances.

Pat said...

Spring cleaning without the urge is sheer masochism. Hang on til it comes:)

tiff said...

If I'd realized 25 years ago that I had the body I did, I would have flaunted that sucker like there was no tomorrow. Now, I just sigh and accept that I'm not that girl anymore.


LL Cool Joe said...

I think female swimsuits are always a nightmare for most women unless they are stick thin. They are never a flattering even on young women really.

Fortunately I wear a pair of baggy swim shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and I'm good to go.

Jay Simser said...

Ideas are like butterflies. They flit about here and there and light briefly. Don't worry they always come back.

I am so glad you found the Eastern Star "stuff" of your mothers. Most of our history like that is gone. Unlike the butterfly never to return. j

srp said...

I chuckled at your "lack of motivation" section... reminded me of something my dad says sometimes... "My get up and go, done got up and went!"

Nancy said...

You always send me on a search of some topic you have mentioned which has intrigued me.

This time it is the Eastern Star.

I remember my late and loved SIL all dressed up in her beautiful white Eastern Star gown going out to some wonderful evening's entertainment.

She loved being a member of that group and was active in it until she could no longer participate.

Now I will have to really read up on it again. Thanks! I love to learn more about things that are familiar but not really completely known to me....

Gilly said...

Just love the photo. I think one of those suits would be about right for me!

And its lovely that your Mum's memorabilia can be sent where it will be treasured and of use. It seems such a shame when we throw interesting photos away!

Mar said...

I don't look forward to that time of the year when I try on bathing suits... I got a two-piece earlier this year, the bottom part is a flattering culotte. I am 52, I am not getting any younger and it's not going to get any better :)

Love your picture.

sage said...

nice suits, it is a little cool still for the beach, but that didn't stop my daughter from going in last week! I told her I'd think about going in and getting her if she started to drown. We went through Raleigh in a whirlwind, heading west to meet my sister north of Winston Salem. One of these days, we'll meet up.

Kay Dennison said...

I am a fan of Land's End's "tugless" suits. I started wearing them about 20 years ago and they work just fine. I just call with my measurements and Voila! a suit that fits!!!!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I wonder if there is anyone over the age of 30 who likes how they look in a swimsuit!