Wednesday, March 31

Round and round she goes, and where she stops? nobody knows. My mom used to say that about me, since I was such a whirlwind. On Facebook a day or so ago, I mentioned having slept 10 hours out of 12 and someone said it was due to total relaxation. My answer was that I hadn't been completely relaxed since the last time I was medically sedated, and I think that's true. I've always had a lot of energy - and more so since I quit smoking years ago. My dad used to say that I wasn't still a minute, and he was right. Whenever he visited us, he noted that I was always jumping up to do something, and said he had never seen anyone move around as much as I did. But I am changing, it seems. I love days when I don't have anyplace to go, or at least not early in the morning. Days when I can sleep in (or hope to) and piddle around the house at my own pace. I haven't had any days like that recently, and I am really looking forward to the next one.

The hairdresser was first on my list yesterday, for a trim. I've been letting my hair grow a little; I'll show you soon.....maybe on a day when I think it looks really good, I'll ask Mr. K to take a photo of me. Next was the gas station, for yet another $25-30 half-a-tank. I've cut down on the number of miles I drive each week, but it hasn't made a difference in the monthly fuel bill since the per gallon cost goes up every week.

Then on to the Mart of Wal (as my friend Rosemary calls it) for a microwave bacon plate. My microwave does not have a turn-table (the next one will!) and I used to have a tray for cooking bacon . It went bad (after ten years) and I've really needed another. I found one, but it's too small, so I'll be searching out a larger one. I've complained before that just about the time I get a store layout memorized - they change it. My Wal-Mart is re-doing their layout and I couldn't find anything today! Frustration made me want to leave without buying anything - but I persevered - and finally I found what I wanted, plus light bulbs.

Next was the Post Office, for stamps, where all the ones I wanted were either out-of-stock or not available yet. I had to settle for Kings and Queens. Meh. I wanted the new doggie stamps, but they aren't out until April. Have you seen them yet? Sooooo cute! (but if the post office doesn't quit raising the price of stamps, pretty soon they'll cost as much as a doggie!)

The grocery didn't have any turkeys or turkey breasts. Here it is almost Easter and they didn't have turkeys??? Maybe I'll buy a ham instead. There are two people in my family who don't like ham, but they might have to keep a stiff upper lip this year. We're not sure if we're all getting together or not, but I have to buy food in case we do, don't I? Sometimes I wish we were wealthy enough to eat out all the time (or hire a cook) so I wouldn't have to worry about cooking what pleases other people. Cooking does not supply my "jollys" anyway - so I'd gladly give it up to someone else.

Last, I visited my neighbor who has had lots of medical problems lately. What can you say to a person who is in such obvious misery? She isn't a religious person, so that won't help. Mainly, she feels sorry for herself, and I don't say she doesn't have good reason to - I'd just like to be able to point out that it is counterproductive to dwell on your physical problems. How would you handle that?


Kay Dennison said...

You have been busy!!!

I can't relax either.

Your neighbor is probably depressed -- it's nice that you stop to visit.

Gilly said...

What a shopping hassle! I used to hate it when everything was changed around. I have it delivered now, not being able to do a big shop myself, which does make everything a lot easier.

Until they make strange mistakesd and put the tomatoes underneath the potatoes!!

Your miserable neighbour - could you go in, with a bit of cheerful news, not ask her how she is, and keep talking in a chatty way so that she doesn't have time to tell you how she is?

You could also say how much better she looks as you go out!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you manage to nurture those few relaxed days so that they grow in number.
As for your neighbor, I had an aunt like that. I would ask her how she felt and give her a good 10 minutes to vent. I figured it was cheaper than flowers and gave her more pleasure. Then I would change the subject to one she enjoyed besides her health, and we would have a good rest of the visit. It helped that she was a Cowboys fan. Good luck

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Tell your friend about the power of positive thinking - it works!

And, also if you have a Heavenly Ham store nearby (I think the name changed to Homestead Ham or some such), you can buy already prepped turkey breast - it's delicious, but pricey. I buy a few pounds of that and ham every Thanksgiving. I won't eat them, so I won't cook them. LOL.

Pat said...

I think the only thing to do with - pardon the expression and I don't mean to be unkind but you know what I mean - misery guts, is to distract them with jolly tales. If you can get a laugh out of them or even a weak smile you have won. Whatever you do you must not allow them to depress yourself. Good luck:)

Mildred Garfield said...

Years ago I volunteered at a day care center and learned a valuable lesson.

Don't ask the client how they are - they will tell you!! What I did was say, "Good to see you today."

I never forgot that. I don't know if it will help in your case but it's a goody to keep in mind.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

Wow! What a busy busy day!
Lindsey Petersen

sage said...

I've been sleeping more than normal--I finally got antibiotics for a sinus infection yesterday.

srp said...

I see that our grocery has big oven roasters for 98 cents a pound.... must go get some. I have an upright rotisserie and it cooks these so wonderfully in just an hour. YUM!