Saturday, March 27


Seems like I'm all about restaurants and menus lately, and here's another. Nantucket Grill: the third or fourth one opened recently near us, and we went there last Saturday night with our house guest. While you are waiting for your table, you can feast your eyes on the plethora of desserts awaiting your command. The coolers are built into the walls of the entrance area so you can't escape them! Click to embiggen and decide what you'll have. On Saturday night, if your entree totals at least $10, your piece of mile-high cake is complimentary!

Note: The Chapel Hill, NC location of this restaurant is mentioned in Andrew Young's recent book "The Politician." He and John Edwards had ribs!And sorry that the menu doesn't enlarge well.

LOL.......I wonder if this truck has caused any rubberneckers to have a wreck?

Another photo of my vase reflections. I think the reflections are more interesting than the vase.

I love this! An old friend gave it to me, and it stays on my fridge. It fell on the floor last year and broke, but I taped it back together. Sometimes I point it out to mr. kenju. You don't wonder why, do you?


I am working this weekend; visiting and commenting will come later.

My older grandson's birthday is today - he turns sixteen. I can remember being sixteen as if it were last week. What I can't fathom is how HE got to be sixteen in such a short time. Surely it has been only a few years since we went to the hospital to await the birth of our first grandchild......well, it seems like that. Take lots and lots of photos of your babies, folks. Time passes too quickly... Happy Birthday, J-Man!!

And speaking of birth days, Mojo the photographer became a grandfather for the first time on Friday evening. I predict his grandson will be the most photographed kid in history! Congratulations, Mojo.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'll have the Chocolate Fudge Brownie....OR, The HOt Fudge Sundae....That is quite an array of Desserts! YUMMMY!

Claude said...

So many desserts! When I get to the end of the meal, I usually have no room left.

About how kids get to become as old as they are, I'm with you. My daughter turned 25 a couple of weeks ago, and I can't imagine how that happened this fast!

Marcee said...

Ohhh, desserts! I seldom, seldom order one. I steal a spoonfool from Mr Mar's :)

I love reflections of any kind!

Time surely flies by...happy weekend.

Kay Dennison said...

I'll take one of each!!!!

I know what you mean. I realized that my son and his wife are having their 10th anniversary this week! Wasn't the wedding yesterday?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson Judy. 16 years old...I don't know where the time goes either. I wish my grandkids could stay right where they're at; but probably NOT what their mom wishes.

I'm all into fridge that little one you've got.

Oy, those desserts...

Happy Weekend Judy...don't work too hard. ~Joy

Arkansas Patti said...

That funny truck should have been for a plumbing business.
I know I am alone here but I rarely eat dessert after a meal. Pretty sure that is unAmerican. Sorry.

Mojo said...

Thanks Kenju! And Grandpaparazzi Mojo was pretty restrained last night actually. But I got my son a Canon Powershot G11 as a "Father's Shower" gift (there really wasn't a shower... more of a "here kid, have fun".) and he's been picking up my slack.

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday J-Man.

I have a terrible sweet tooth and always look longingly at the desert menu, but strengthen my resolve and say "no." I can gain five pounds by looking at the pictures.

Pat said...

My favourite occupation - drooling over dessert menus.
Apple harvest cake please with a clot of vanilla icecream and chocolate cream pie for afters:)