Saturday, March 20

How anyone can profess to find animal life interesting and yet take delight in reducing the wonder of any animal to a bloody mass of fur or feathers?

Joseph Wood Krutch, writer and naturalist (1893-1970)


Some of my neighbors want to thin out the herds of deer that roam our properties. One suggested that we hire some bow hunters to do the job, and through many emails and 'replies to all', it seems that we have about four people who agree, and the rest either have stated that they are against it or don't care either way.

I certainly hope that no one attempts to kill any deer that are on my property, since they will have to go through me first.


Spring comes today and I will enjoy it! Hope you do too.


LL Cool Joe said...

We have a family of deer on our land and the thought of hunting and killing them would make me shudder. Such beautitful creatures.

Gilly said...

Why would anyone want to kill such beautiful animals??

And worse, take delight in doing it and call it sport?

If they must be culled, then get someone to do it in the most humane and quickest way.

Arkansas Patti said...

You know where I stand about any creature. Too bad we insist in buiiding our towns in their territory. We keep crowding them out then find it inconvient to co-exhist.
Got a feeling word will spread amoung the deer and kenju acres will be herd central. Way to go Judy.

db grin said...

As long as they're not eating my garden, they're fine. :) It's when I see the new shrubs nibbled to nothing I get a tad testy.

But still, bow hunting in a residential area seems a little dangerous.

Darlene said...

To shoot a gun so close to housing is downright dangerous. That is a stupid idea. Not all hunters are crack shots (Think Dick Cheney),

I hope the deer can be relocated to a less urban area instead of culling those gentle creatures by hunting them. That would not be sporting anyhow because they are so used to humans they would be 'sitting ducks' - er. sitting deer.

Pat said...

Too close for comfort to comment I'm afraid.

Dianne said...

we have a similar situation brewing here
people already know that although I am peaceful I will glady use my cane to beat the crap out of any hunter around me or my property

Olga said...

Our house is backed by 300 acres of mountain/forest terrain behind a large open meadow. We used to enjoy watching the deer, and other animals, come out in the early evening. Then the town openned the land to mountain biking and off leash do walkers. No sign of deer in that area since.

Kay Dennison said...

Amen, sis!!!!!

Jo said...

It's the ones who don't care either way that scare me.

Who says the herds need to be thinned out, and why? Whoever they are, they should be made to sit down and watch the scene in Bambi where the momma deer is shot by hunters. They'll change their minds pretty fast.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I hope they don't shoot any of them anywhere--But most especially on your property, my dear....I don't understand this need for "killing"...I just don't get it! I think it is horrible, and beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

There is a wasting disease that seems to be rampant in some areas, which may be the reason for thinking that thinning is in order. While I enjoy the beautiful deer who come to our yard (10 is the most we have seen at once), I cannot logically see why killing a deer is any different from killing a steer or a fryer. We just don't usually have a "personal relationship" with the steer or fryers that many of us eat.

Cop Car