Friday, March 12

Her Room: An Inventory

This is my younger daughter's old bedroom.

One corner has a stack of boxes and magazines that wouldn't fit in the closet.

I put this table in place of the chest of drawers my daughter took to her new townhouse, and everything on it belongs to her. It all came from under the bed. Well, not the

I don't recommend these closet inserts and I wish we hadn't done them. If you need more shelf space than hanging space, they're okay, but you can get only a precious few pieces of clothing to hang in this one.

The photos don't really show the true amount of stuff in the closet; the inventory follows.

And last, a bookcase. I can almost guarantee you that she has not touched anything on or in this bookcase for at least ten years.

The closet inventory follows. Remember, this stuff came from the closet only, and does not include the bookcase, the bedside tables or the chest of drawers:

10 plastic hangers
2 Girl Scout sashes (one is her sister's)
9 posters from UNC, unframed
1 mask and snorkel, new
13 pairs of shoes
1 graduation gown from UNC and two mortarboards
3 tote bags, empty
1 back pack, empty
2 plastic Smurf statuettes from the late 70's
10 plastic souvenir drink cups
1 drink coozie
1 glass jar with her tonsils, in formaldehyde (I kid you not)
5 commemorative soda cans, UNC National Champions
2 camera bags
1 make-up bag (and 1 tampon)
1 sample size of Beautiful perfume
3 decorative boxes, empty
1 large stuffed dog
2 boxes of car related receipts and service info
1 wire heart-shaped container
2 dental molds from the orthodontist
1 dental retainer "
1 tablecloth
1 corkscrew
A thank you note from the Seattle Marriott Waterfront,
thanking her for attending their grand opening
1 24" tall paper mache bunny, painted turquoise
1 pinata, never used , looks like Ernie from Sesame Street
8 pieces clothing and 5 old bridesmaid's dresses
1 zippered dress bag, empty
1 pillow
2 UNC shaker pom poms (one disintegrating)
1 UNC painter's hat
1 plastic storage bin, empty
1 jewelry box, with jewelry, hasn't seen the light of day in at least 24 years
7 large boxes of old school papers, letters, photos and memorabilia
A New York Herald Tribune from November 23, 1963
(Commemorative of Kennedy's assassination, Johnson's oath of office)
1 tennis racket
1 wet suit
1 laundry tote
1 NCSU poncho
1 box of old law books
1 basketball trophy from high school
1 large framed dog print
1 set of three decorative hat boxes, empty
1/2 bolt of Waverly fabric
1 pkg. of left-over yardage of the above bolt
1 large photo of her class in DC
1 bag with quilted bedspread, shams, bed skirt from the 90's
1 plastic shopping bag from Barcelona (during the Olympics)
1 large bag of photo negatives
her fifth grade photo album (priceless)
1 shoulder pad, fugitive from the 80's
1 Princeton Review
1 un-assembled cardboard storage chest
1 large photo mat
old business cards
1 large poster of koi fish, unframed
1 large poster from Artsplosure, 1989
1 Peanuts poster from high school
and a sticky note that says ............Mama, I DO declare I am under duress!!

That is, I am sure, what she will say when I tell her that the contents of that room have to be moved out of here by the end of March, or else I will cart it to Goodwill and the landfill.


Kay Dennison said...

And a partridge in a pear tree!!!

Gilly said...

Oh Judy, I laughed and laughed! We had the same problem, only a few years back now. Its the empty boxes that are kept that kill me!

The threat of taking all the old photos, school exercise books, letters and birthday cards from the year dot off to the tip (council rubbish dump) made her have a clear out, and, mercifully, throw it all away!!

Grannymar said...

Tell the young lady that you will hold a garage sale and keep the profits!

tiff said...

I sure hope she doesn't read your blog. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Pretty sure if she didn't have you as storage, most of that would have been history long ago. Loved the list but really had to laugh at the Smurfs. I am looking at a kayaking Smurf right now. What can I say but that she has taste.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that's some crap she has there! Sorry I mean memories. :D

A girl used to keep her horse in one of our fields, and when the horse died she left the stables full of stuff and it's still all here a year later. I need to do an inventory too.

Pat said...

I put my foot down long ago - once they have houses of their own that's where their stuff goes and still the house and attic are full to bursting. I blame MTL:)

Linda said...

Stick to your word. If they don't care enough to take it with them why should I keep it for years on end? Most kids don't completely move out until they have to.

Nancy said...

We still have old prom dresses! Why don't they take everything when they move out?

Although I would never have let my youngest take all of her American Girl stuff - that's saved for her daughter. :-)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Wow! Actually I know how you feel about all that stuff Judy. I still have a lot of my kids' things hanging around...especially in my son's old room. It's still like his room...but without him there. The only difference is that now I keep a lot of movies, toys for my grandkids and stuffed animals in there now. My oldest daughter's room is the most cleaned out, but for a few things she left behind. And my two middle girls...the twins' room....has become my computer room, where I live basically. They still have a lot of things left in cabinets and drawers. I've slowly cleaned some things out...or passed some things on to my grandkids. There's just too much stuff! Boy, do I know how you feel. Hugs, Joy

Granny Annie said...

Looks just like my daughter's old room. And she said, "Oh please, please, please mother, don't get rid of it. I will take all one day soon." And when I delivered the ultimatum she came to get the stuff and took ONLY her wedding dress. I was left to deal with the rest. Of course I think I've mentioned before that her stuff included one dog and four cats. Best of luck to you Judy.

qandlequeen said...

Good luck with those tonsils at the Goodwill!!!! How funny!

Looking to the Stars said...

LOL! I loved this.
We don't have kids (because we can't) and I lived in foster homes so what I had was on my back and in my suitcase. So, I find this very warming to my heart. I liked reading what she has kept all these years and I pictured the little girl she was.

How wonderful that you gave your child the warmth and security of her own little world in her room :)

srp said...

I really haven't done this yet... she still keeps saying... "but Mom, I haven't gotten to where I will permanently land yet!!!"

Darlene said...

Ah yes, the kids leave but their stuff stays forever. I still have three dolls of my daughters. She has only been gone 27 years. ;-).

I saved the dolls for her daughters only to find out they don't want them. I guess it's time for the Goodwill run for me, too.

rosemary said...

I still have some childhood things of my youngest son's. They are in the garage and out of sight....if they were in the bedroom.....well, they wouldn't be in the bedroom.

Olive's Granddaughter said...

It sounds a lot like my closets. I agree about the wire/mesh closet organizers. We finally pulled ours out and built custom shelves of wood. Much stronger. I've yet to write an inventory list, however. Very good idea.

Travelin'Oma said...

We solved this problem by moving. We packed our giveaways and their souvenirs in a Penske truck and drove cross-country dropping off a load at each kid's house.

Eight years later our daughter is moving and she's finally going through the boxes of her old report cards, yearbooks and prom dresses. Hopefully there aren't any tonsils in there, but I think there's a jewelry box holding her wisdom teeth!

Tracie said...

This is hilarious! (especially the tonsils in formaldehyde...who does that?) That is one stuffed closet!

I had those closet organizers like yours once, and they were a pain...I never was able to hang up enough clothes and they made my storage situation worse instead of better.

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!

sage said...

Wow, and this ain't the year to get rid of the UNC stuff!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

My garage is filled with stuff from all 3 grown kids and two of the adult grandkids. But, that's funny that your daughter left all that stuff in her room for 10 years. What will you do with the spare room now?

Shephard said...

The sticky note is the piece de resistance. lol

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