Friday, February 19

A Quote, a Riddle and A Birthday

Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from your own.
You may both be wrong.
Dandamis, sage (4c BCE) (Was this guy smart? You bet! I suspect there is someone you know who needs to read this quote!)


Now for the riddle: about two weeks ago I discovered a large, very wet area in the dry wall behind my washing machine. It stayed wet for two to three days after I discovered it, even though I wasn't using the washer and I had cut off the water valves to the hoses. We called our plumber, who came one evening and tore out the area of the drywall that was still damp. He found no evidence of a leak; nothing else was wet in that area and when he ran the washer cycle, no leaks could be detected anywhere.

I asked him if it was possible that the roof over that area (a knee wall) was leaking and that the leaks were running to that area. He said he had felt all around that area behind the drywall and nothing else was wet. I let it all rest for the days I was working last week, and yesterday I ran two loads of wash. Still NO leaks at all. It is a big mystery! Do you have any theories as to what could have happened?


My son, quite possibly the best son ever, turns 44 today. I remember that day just like it was last week, so it is hard for me to consider just how long it has really been. It was a dark and rainy night, and I was sitting on our couch watching the end of The Tonight Show when my water broke. I hollered down the hall to mr. kenju, who promptly got up and turned on every light in the house. I convinced him to call the doctor, and he was told to bring me to the hospital ASAP. He took that message to heart; speeding and running red lights. I told him that if we got stopped by a policeman, it would take much longer to get there, so he slowed down and we arrived about 1:30 a.m. The woman who met us at the entrance and took us up to the delivery floor was intent on talking to me about cats. She must have thought that she needed to take my attention away from what was happening. I love cats and always have, but she talked our ears off about them in the short elevator ride and I decided right then and there to never become a "crazy cat lady" as she most surely was.

Our son was born at 4:50 am, and since I was out like a light at the time, I didn't get to really look at him and check him over for a few hours. I was very happy to see that he had all his fingers and toes and to learn that he had passed the tests they gave newborns back then. He proved to be a beautiful baby, whom everyone said reminded them of Winston Churchill's fat cheeks. Little by little, over the years, he grew to be a special boy, one who showed deep compassion for life and loyal friendship to many. As as adult, he still proves how special he is on a daily basis; not perfect, mind you - but one whom most parents would be proud to call son. We are indeed blessed. Happy Birthday, Sonny Boy!


spirit traveler said...

Beautiful. He must take after his mother.

Tabor said...

What a sweet tribute to your son and I have no idea about the water, but I would keep an eye on it!

Looking to the Stars said...

Happy B-day to your son! Loved the quote, reminded me that yes I could be wrong :)

As far as the wet drywall, is it close to the floor? Maybe looking down on floor level could shed some light. That's all I can think of. keep me posted about it, I'd like to know what it is :)

Lynn said...

Your son sounds as if he is a blessing to you and a wonderful man. Happy birthday to him!

Great quote and so true. Plumbing issues are always a mystery to me. I had water inside my clothes dryer for a month before anyone figured out what was causing it.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Judy's son!
I remember telling my husband to drive very carefully because the baby no longer had that great cushion of water to protect him. It had deluged our bedroom.

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday "best son ever". You have great DNA so enjoy.

Dandamis could use a term in congress.

Haven't the foggiest about the mystery. Let us know if you find the answer.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Nancy said...


So your son is 44 years old. Happy Birthday to him. And happy memories of that day to you.

I knew I was getting old when I didn't lie about my age anymore...I lied about my son's age! When he was 40 I told everybody he was 39!

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to your son! What a wonderful tribute to him.

Kay Dennison said...

Love the quote -- however, in certain policticians' case, I'm pretty sure I'm right. LOL

Happy Birthday to your son!!!!!! Sounds like Mr. Kenju was pretty nervous on that auspicious night.
My first was born in the midst of a blizzard so my then husband couldn't speed.

tiff said...

Awwww - I love birth stories!

And that quote? I can think of a few people to whom it applies.

rosemary said...

happy birthday little kenju jr.

Plumbing is a mystery. Plumbers are miracle workers. Perhaps a washer was just loose or the faucet hoses just not quite right....or the cats have water gun fights every night and you just haven't discovered them at it yet.

srp said...

Nothing more tender than the love of a mother for her son. Happy Birthday!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your son Judy. I'll tell you one thing...he's so very lucky to have you as his mom; but I'm betting he already knows that and feels pretty blessed. I already know how blessed you feel sweetie....

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend...Love, Joy

P.S. I've learned that that leak could be coming from an entirely different place than you may think, and trickling down in that spot. Maybe from something upstairs...keep an eye on it.

arlee bird said...

Entertaining birth story. I was on hand for 2 of my childrens births which was an amazing experience. I could not be present for my other two kid's birth but I guess I've made up for it over the years.

The quote has application to people we hear about in the news almost every day.

oklhdan said...

I always wished for a son.....happy birthday to yours. What a tender tribute!

Granny Annie said...

That first birth of a child is unequaled. We did everything wrong and rushed to the hospital only to wait 18 hours until the doctor finally came in a broke my water. My son was born in the days of drugged births and I actually remember very little except seeing him all pink and round and clean and thinking he came into the world that way. Fifteen months later I gave birth to my daughter and by that time they no longer used drugs so I was wide awake and in shock when this bloody, squiggly infant came shooting out of me.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Of COURSE I know what caused the wet spot! It was simply the ycaripsnoc (which we don't name out loud). Your house and plumbing and appliances are simply out to get you, and this is a manifestation.

Rest assured, more will follow!