Sunday, January 31

The Vultures are Circling.....+

Accidents bring out the vultures, but not the kind that fly. We have received packets of information, DVD's, business cards and fact sheets from no less than eight law offices and seven chiropractors. We are hoping to get through this ordeal without having to consult or hire an attorney, but if we determine that we need one, I know who I'm going to call. That particular office sent a very informative, extremely well-produced DVD telling what people involved in an accident need to be aware of, what you need to do in the days just after the accident and how you need to be wary of insurance adjusters. I would have to say that anyone who has been in an accident needs to view that DVD pronto and I will applaud (and possibly reward) the law firm that produced it. I know you're getting tired of reading about the accident. I promise not to mention it again, unless I just have to!


Did You Know.....

that if you lined up all the Slinky's ever made in a row, they could wrap around the Earth 126 times?

that the longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched"?

that Astronauts cannot burp in space? There is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs.

that Americans collectively eat 100 pounds of chocolate every second?

that a honeybee must tap two million flowers to make one pound of honey?


Cabin fever will set in here tomorrow morning, I predict. We got about 4-5" of snow overnight and then sleet off and on all day, forming ice on top of the snow. My church has already been canceled, the Governor and the weather people are saying we should stay home. I saw on TV that over 600 accidents had been reported by 12:30 pm yesterday. It's a good thing I took my van into the body shop last week - otherwise I might have to wait a long time! We were lucky that we had nothing important planned for this weekend. We were invited to dinner by some new friends, but they had to cancel due to the snow, of course. It's just as well; I'm not taking any chances driving in this!


jeanmac said...

So how are you feeling now? I haven't caught up yet on the blog.

Utenzi said...

I got a speeding ticket about 6 months ago and I was quite amused by the number of letters I got from attorneys. I held on to them just to keep count and I think it ended up being 17 in all. For a mere speeding ticket!

I'm down in southern NC with my girlfriend so I missed out on the snow but we did have some freezing rain that made going out to dinner more interesting. It's going to be another damn high heating bill this month!

Gilly said...

You and Mr. Kenju be careful! Stay in, better bored than bumped!

Snowing here too, all very pretty, but I've had enough of it all.

Hope your accident/insurance/legal worries all come to a quick and satisfactory conclusion. Its all the paperwork that got us down!

Granny Annie said...

We heard back from our State Insurance Commissioner and they have given Allstate 30 days to respond to us in writing about our claim. We hope that will prove helpful. We got lots of information from law firms but we did not get a DVD. I'm jealous.

We are snowed in too. The large number of accidents being reported in our area however are not from automobile accidents but from slip and falls.

amarkonmywall said...

Screeched. I"ll have to use that word in a gme sometime...I know when my car got slammed into recenly in the dry cleaners parking lot that they're insurance company contacted me THAT day and took a recorded statement of me saying the car was badly damaged but I thought I was okay and she got me to repeat that twice. I'd never had the at fault insurance company call me in an accident before (never really had more than a couple minor fender benders in 40 years of driving) but after that phone call I realized how things have changed in our litigious society. Hopefully, everything will be repaired and recovered without going that route.

Grannymar said...

We have snow again since Friday but it is only a thin layer. Fresh falls each day and night keep it looking bright and clean.

I spent the time having a critical look at my wardrobe! Now I have cleared out all those 'Just in case' items that I know I will never wear again.

So when the weather clears....

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We got a bunch of snow too - and we're also just staying put for the weekend.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I's funny how my attitude has changed about driving around in snowy weather Judy. I'm much more likely to stay in these days than take my chances if I don't have to...especially if it's icy snow or freezing rain. I guess that comes with getting older.

We don't have any snow right now, but I hear we may get some again in Feb....RATS! I haven't put my snow shovel away by any stretch.

Good luck with all your accident/insurance hassles sweetie...and all the little paper headaches that go along with it. Hugs, Joy

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm sick of the snow and cold weather. Enough already!

I had to dj last night and that's no fun in this weather. Getting the gear in and out of the car, into the venue etc. Then half the people don't turn up because of the weather.

Pat said...

Hope you get the chance to just hunker down and get some you time.

sage said...

Something is wrong here, I didn't get my share of the last second's 100 pounds of chocolate.

Hope all is getting better--I don't like the idea of lawyers seeking out business, but if they didn't, I'm sure there will be those who are run over by the system and don't receive what they deserve.

Arkansas Patti said...

My aren't you popular. I got nada after my being rear-ended last year. Just take you time and make sure you are 100% before you sign.
We got a foot of snow here and I am happily snow bound. Gotta love inforced sloth if you don't count my shoveling a path to the bird feeders.

Kay Dennison said...

That DVD sounds excellent. And vent away -- it's part and parcel of blogging!!!!!

I can't believe that your church was cancelled. The weather is getting weird -- we really haven't had much snow in Ohio. I don't drive in snow unless I really have to. Hope it clears quickly!

Nancy said...

Hope all is well after the accident. We went through all the bad weather a few weeks ago. Cabin fever, and sensory deprivation from all the white! Stay warm and safe.

With all the work that goes into honey, I am now going to be very mindful and appreciative. What an amazing gift.