Saturday, January 2

101 Crazy Book Titles + My Recent Reads

101 or more books with crazy titles or weird subject matter. I was given a book by a girl friend when I graduated from college, titled "The Girdle of Chastity ", by Eric John Dingwall. I didn't find it on this list of books, and that mildly surprised me.


Last night I finished an older book by John Grisham, titled "The Street Lawyer". If you like books featuring the law profession, homeless people and/or the District of Columbia - this is a good one. Some nights I literally couldn't put it down, reading far into the night (and I can ill afford the loss of sleep!) I wonder why this one hasn't been made into a movie. I could see Matt Damon or Ben Affleck in the lead.

"South of Broad" by Pat Conroy is another recent read. The first 80 or so pages had me wondering if I could get through it, but after that it got very engrossing and I had no trouble finishing it. An anthem to the bonds of friendship forged in childhood, it can make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

Currently reading: Rabbit, Run by John Updike. A friend lent it to me and I would have sworn I read it when it came out in 1960, but I have absolutely no memory of the storyline. It is a bit weird in places, but I am enjoying it, especially since mr. kenju was a basketball player, as was Rabbit.

What are your current good reads?


Kay Dennison said...

I've read some pretty wacky books, too, but the only one that comes to mind at this moment is a book on managing your money called "Squeeze It 'Til the Eagle Grins."

I'm currently finishing a political thriller by Vince Flynn -- I just love his Mitch Rapp series.

I loved The Street Lawyer, too, but then I really enjoy anything by John Grisham.

I read Run, Rabbit some time in my misspent youth but can't really recall it except that I do like Updike's work.

Next in the stack is James Patterson's "5th Horseman".

Thumper said...

well now you have to read the three books that follow "Rabbit, Run."

Rabbit Redux
Rabbit is Rich
Rabbit at Rest

I haven't read them in years...I think I'll stick them back into my To Be Read pile...

Pat said...

I'm re- reading Alan Bennett's 'Writing Home'in tandem with re- reading Stephen King's 'On Writing' before starting Lelie Caron's 'Thank Heaven' on Naomi's recommendation.

Granny Annie said...

I will have FART PROUDLY by Benjamin Franklin and I also must get HOW TO TEACH CHICKENS TO FLY. Judy, where in the world did you find these? So Great!

Arkansas Patti said...

Have read all your choices. I did read "Rabbit" when it came out and found it weird also.
John Grisham's father lives in my town and I have read all John has written but "Ford County", his latest. His dad lives right by the library so I always look for John who might be visiting but the closest I have seen is his brother Mark who is also a writer.
Right now I am reading "The Loop" by Nicholas Evans. I find myself gritting my teeth at the treatment of wolves. Good story, tough read.

rennratt said...

Great. Now I desperately want to own the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book. I'd keep it in my desk at work for use on Really Bad Days.

Sorry, but the 'feminine hygiene' book made sense to me. I grew up with hunters. Nothing works better to stop/slow bleeding than a tampon in the wound.

The rest of the books? Well, I think I'd own them just for the looks I'd get when company came over. Worth. Every. PENNY.

Bob-kat said...

Some good recommendations there. I'm between books at the moment but the last one was a photography book.

Helen McGinn said...

Rabbit, Run was reread when the great man died. I am currently reading a non-fiction book, The Dolce Vita Diaries about a couple who move from their homes in London/LA to pick olives and make oil.

Happy New Year to you! xx

Palm Springs Savant said...

We have "Signs" by Dan Brown on read.

Happy new year~!

Sheri said...

I love your link to the weird titles! Just ordered the book about toilet paper origami;-) I was wondering what to do with my time in 2010 Happy New Year, Judy.

rosemary said...

I have read all three of those books....I had a hard time getting into Conroy's too. Have recently read all of Tropper's books, Munro's newest one, Wolf Hall and Outlander for the 6th time. Happy New Year Judy.....2010 has to be a better year, right?llanis

Anonymous said...

John Hart is an author who is a joy to read. The man has a way with words.
Ian Pears, read by Simon Vance!
Sue Grafton's latest U is for Undertow.
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe.
America America by Ethan Canin.
Happy New Year. I am a non blogger who truly enjoys reading yours.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have read a number of Autobiographies recently....Leslie Caron's book is WONDERFUL.
Dick Van Patten's is just okay. (I probably know too much to begin with...He is a dear dear man and very VERY Funny...His book doesn't reflect exactly who he is and maybe that's because his collaborator didn't use Dickie's "voice".
Kathy Griffens book is quite good and a very easy read...
Catherine Deneuve kept a Diary on many of the movies she made...I found it very very interesting...It is not a gossipy book at all---more of the actual experiences of filming. I loved it!

I am interested in the Grisham book, Judy...and am going to get it on Amazon. Thanks for that!

kenju said...

Helen: thank you so much for reading here and commenting!

Thanks for all the book recommendations, everyone. Now I have enough on my list to hold me for a while!

Star said...

Currently plowing through the end of the latest Patricia Conwell. The KAy Scarpetta series used to be a favorite but I have found the last few a bit tedious. I have the Grisham book in my vary large "to read"i;e.