Thursday, December 17


That stands for Women of _______ (my neighborhood). As you may remember reading, we do things together all year long; with more or less participation depending on the the time of the event. Tuesday evening was the night for our annual Christmas pot-luck dinner - and we always have a good time. We had 31 woman this year, including the new owner of one house, brought by the seller to meet her new neighbors.

The food was glorious, as usual. Tenderloin that melted in your mouth, Honey-Baked Ham, and many salads, side dishes and desserts to test your will-power. My favorite was brought by our former long-time mail-carrier, Donna. She has been at our last 2-3 dinners, since she retired from the USPS. She gave us such good service for years that we all had made friends with her, so now she is an honorary WOW. Donna made a kind of egg salad. She told us that it had ten eggs, crushed saltine crackers, pimiento cheese, onion, red pepper and mayo in it - and if any of you know the recipe for this - I'd really love to have it. I could have eaten a bowlful by myself!

There are only a few homes in our neighborhood that can accommodate 30+ people for a sit-down meal, and two of the women are gracious enough to share their lovely homes with us on an alternating basis. Mr. kenju fusses every year because the men aren't included, and I always say...."How many people do you think have a home big enough to hold 60+ people for a seated meal?" Oddly, he never has an answer, but he says..."If the men had a dinner and the women weren't included, they'd be fussing up a storm." I keep telling him he should plan such a get-together and just see how many of the WOW women get mad about it. My prediction is.......... wait for it........ NONE!

The highlight of the dinner is when we do our annual ornament exchange. Each person brings a wrapped gift; an ornament for the tree or some other holiday item. Numbers are drawn out of a bowl to indicate the order in which we will choose our gifts. It is preferable to have higher numbers, since the gifts chosen by the lower numbered people can be "stolen". My number was 19.

As you may know, I collect frogs, and froggy Christmas ornaments are among my favorites. Unfortunately, there is another woman who also collects frogs, so the "stealing" can get quite heated. Last night, we barely managed to keep it in check, while daring others to steal our frogs! Early on in the choosing, our hostess picked a gift that was a darling frog ornament. I set my sights for it, of course, and when my number came up, I "stole" the frog. I hadn't had it long when the other frog collector stole it from me. Then I was allowed to choose another gift - and I could take one from the pile - or steal one. I took one from the pile, and would you believe it?? I got another frog!! I'd say that was some GOOD KARMA!! Now I feel badly about complaining in a post recently that I can't catch a break and win anything. This frog was very similar to the one I'd had in the beginning, so both of us frog collectors went home happy.

My camera stayed home on the kitchen counter, so I have no photos for you. You can smack me if you want.


Granny Annie said...

You got it -- Smack, smack for no photos. However you paint such great pictures with words, I believe I got a good idea of how it went. I even can see Mr. Kenju pouting. He is having some holiday adjustment to go through it seems.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like a great party, Judy! Besides the wonderful Pot Luck food---which I'm sure must be fantastic, the wonderful neighbourly comraderie sounds really terrific.
Personally, I've never cared for that "stealing" of gifts game because the low numbers don't have a chance---and that's no fun, but I see you all added the joy of giving the lower numbers a second chance! Now, that makes it so much more fun!

robin andrea said...

Congrats on getting that froggy ornament. Sounds like a very fine gathering of friends.

rosemary said...

When I read of times/events like this....I miss living in a neighborhood, working in a big city. Sometimes trees, snow and my forest friends just don't fill my heart enough.

Ginnie said...

That brings back memories of the place where we lived in upstate NY after our stint in the Big Apple.
It was fun and a big change from City living. Sounds like you had a great time.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a great time!

Kay Dennison said...

Glad you had fun!!!!! And if you get that recipe, pass it on, sis!!!Sounds like something I'd make a meal of -- cholesterol on a plate!!! LOL

Pat said...

Sounds like a great evening and not the sort of evening where you want or need the gentlemen - bless 'em!

Travelin'Oma said...

What a fabulous tradition. I love it that you all became friends with the mail carrier. My UPS delivery lady sees me with "bedhead" regularly, so I feel pretty chummy with her, too!

I agree with Granny Annie. You described the party so well, you didn't even need to include photos!

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a great time for the ladies Judy...I think you need a few more of those my friend. Hugs.....

sage said...

the men ought to meet the same night--and swap beer! it sounds like you had fun.

Arkansas Patti said...

No wonder Mr. kenju is jealous. I am sorry to have read this before breakfast. Now I am going to have a heart stopping breakfast. Thanks.
My group plays dirty Santa also with socks. I was pleased this year that they fought over my donation.
My sister is a mail carrier and has also been adopted by her customers. This is her last year of work and I'm sure will be missed.

Merle said...

Dear Judy ~ I am so pleased you won a frog. They are popular and I have a few but not too many.
Thank you for your occasional hello
on Peter's blog. It is hard to find the time to read all we would like to
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas
and a very Happy New Year in 2010.
I love your header - the mantle-piece
beautifully decorated.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.