Monday, December 7

What to write?
Where to start?
I've no ideas or plans tonight.
Let's see what happens, shall we?

The day started with a haircut for me; one sadly needed, since I had begun to resemble a Q-tip. I persuaded mr. kenju to go with me so he wouldn't have to spend the day by himself. I'll be working tomorrow and Wednesday, and likely be gone all day. After my haircut, we went to Penney's, the Post Office, Costco, Trader Joe's, the gas station, two banks, Chick-Fil-A for lunch, then he got a haircut* too, (different place) and on to the pharmacy for yet another prescription.

* Mr. kenju was blessed with good thick hair, but as it grows, it gets curlier and curlier. Because I've been working so much, he hasn't been able to get out for a haircut. I told him this morning he looked like "Luigi" who just landed off the boat from the old country! Luigi and the Q-tip really needed haircuts today!

Getting into and out of the car all those times made my hip hurt. I don't usually like leather seats in the car, since they burn me up in summer and freeze me in winter. But now I'm beginning to see the beauty in being able to slide in and out instead of dragging my (increasingly large) butt over the velour upholstery.

Remember when I ranted about the digital conversion fiasco? On Thanksgiving I asked my son to take my TV out of the garage and put it upstairs in my office. It is a newer and better TV and I was hoping that it would get more channels than the old one did (with the digital converter box). Today I finally removed 4 years worth of dust and grime, plugged it in and did a new scan. I now get two more channels, (bringing the total to six) although still not the one I want - WTVD (ABC). I'm trying to be grateful for small advances. The next move is to get a cable splitter and more cable and hook this TV up to that. I'm fearful that it might make for difficulty in keeping my computer connection, but I won't know if I don't try. I can always switch it back.

I love my cats, but one of them is driving me nuts. She constantly sticks her paw into the water bowl, knocks it about until some or all of the water spills and laps the water off the floor. She does this even when the bowl is clean and freshly filled. I don't understand why. I surmised that she may have cataracts and the only way she can test if there is water in the bowl is to stick her paw in it, but that doesn't really make sense. I am at my wits end. The hallway off the kitchen where I keep their food and water is also home to their litter pan. They track clay litter into the wet spots that are always on the floor and it leaves an icky residue that I have to mop everyday. I've looked for heavy, flat-sided bowls that wouldn't tip easily, but I haven't found any. The other idea I had was to get a wide board and glue the water and food bowls to it so it can't be tipped over. That would make cleaning and refilling a pain, but at least the floor wouldn't always look so bad. What would your solution be?


AussiePomm said...

Glad you got BOTH your hair cuts, but where is the photo's??? lol

As to the cats water bowl, what about a large(ish) Teracotta tray from a pot plant? Heavy, keeps water cool and is hard to tip over...

Good luck!

Kay Dennison said...

I hope you like your new haircut.
Things like that give a girl a lift.

Bet Mr. k was a tired 'Luigi' when he got home.

Re: car seats -- there's an up side to everything. Miss Ruby is low slung and has velour seats. It can make for inelegant exits on a day when my old bones are feeling uncooperative.

Remember when 3 channels were enough?

Cats? Don't have any. I don't think the cats we had ever learned not to spill food.

John said...

All interesting and things I needed to hear! Glad you got a haircut! I desperately need one, but my barber just closes up shop so much it is hard to catch him! He is worth the wait though, but I am tired of trimming my own hair--like over the ears! Mmmm and you had to mention Chick-Fil-A, as I sit here hungry (still at work--done but using the high speed internet) and Trader Joe's, my favorite store! I have to travel to St. Louis for that though.

You mean you have dust and grime (at least on a tv), at least I don't feel alone there now LOL!

Your cat may not have cataracts. My Munchkin does the same thing, sticks his paw in the water too! I don't know why, but I do have a rubber cat food/drink mat under it to catch spills. I always thought Munchkin was feeling if the water was too cold. He doesn't like real cold water. But who knows, maybe he has bad eyes too and would rather dunk a paw in than his face.

Tell's a never ending chore cleaning up after these cats! You gotta love 'em to do that, huh!

Let me know if you glue the water bowl down...I have a feeling the kittys would drag it and sling the water even further out haha!

Your post of let's see what happens turned out great, see! And it served as a reminder--I am going to attempt to get a haircut tomorrow!

Gilly said...

Have you looked for heavy DOG bowls? The one we use for our dog is really heavy, and totally untippable.

If your cat can read, then of course, you have problems..... ;-)

I usually just have a dry cut for my hair, but next week I am having it cut AND blow dried, as the following day it is Mr. G's Christmas Party (he works with other volunteers at a Heritage Centre) and I am determined to make a statement!

Arkansas Patti said...

Can you train them to drink out of a water bottle like hamsters use? I have seen dogs use them at dog shows but not sure about a cat. Good luck.
If you ever find a trackless litter, I am in the market.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You and Mr. K sure got a lot of errands done in one day...I guess you two were really 'on a mission.'
It's good to get that hair cut out of the way, isn't it? I need to do that before I go off to NJ for Xmas.

Since I don't have any cats...I don't really know what to tell you Judy. My girlfriend has kind of the same problem with her cat who tracks stuff all over her kitchen floor; but she doesn't seem to mind that much....although I would. Have a good week and don't work too hard. ~Joy

colleen said...

You do have a lot to say! I'm stuck with the image of you and Mr. Kenju before haircuts and still disturbed that I lost most of my channels with HD. I don't want as many as cable and dish offer, just your basic. Now I only get one network station instead of 3!! Who can I complain to?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We always used a vinyl place mat under the cat food and water bowls. When it would get messy, I'd just wash it off in the sink! Easy!

Olga said...

My late cat (whom I still mourn) used to take mouthfuls of cat food and deposit on the floor throughout the kitchen. I never knew what that was about, but it was messy for sure.

WordDoc said...

Cats, tracks, residue, mops. Sorry, that story cracked me up. Take off your glasses so you won't see the mess.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm trying to picture you as a Q-tip.

Nothing like having a haircut is there?

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, hair! :-) I politely but emphatically asked WP to please get a haircut this past weekend. Like your Mr. Kenju, his hair is very curly too but as it gets longer, it mats down into this tangled mass and he looks like a homeless man. Nothing against homeless people; they have an excuse for the bad hair and besides, it's the least of their concerns. Not the very least of mine, though! ;-)

I like going on errands when I'm feeling energetic. WP is overly expedient when it comes to running errands together and we almost always end up getting annoyed with one another. When doing lots of errands, I prefer my own company only.

Boy, it's great that I have finally figured out a way to read your posts. And this time I remembered what I did and it was a snap!

Hope to visit more often. I really enjoy your blog.


Jen said...

My cat has stuck her foot in the water bowl since she was a kitten. I think it's just a crazy feline thing. I have the metal bowls with rubber on the bottom that makes it harder to scoot and are shaped specifically to prevent them from tipping. Check the dog aisle at the pet store.

They look like these:

grannymar said...

A tip for getting in and out of the car easily. I was given it before leaving hospital.

Place a plastic carrier bag or bin liner on the seat and back up until your legs touch the car, then sit down and swivel round.

NB Remove the bag before the car moves off and replace it at journeys end to aid getting out.

Chancy said...

Go to Petsmart or Petco and get the heavy plastic mats for the water and food bowls. The stainless bowls they have there are heavy and so far my puppy has not turned one over The mats keep the glop off the floor.

Good luck.