Friday, December 4

The Rest of the Decor Pix

This one and below: close-ups of two of the arrangements I made at the Mansion.

Below: one of a pair of arrangements made by Rhonda, that flank the grand staircase in the foyer. It is so hard to get a good, color-true photo here. The large ball in t he arrangement is lime green, but here it looks silver.

Below: The dining room mantel; done by Rhonda this year. Some of the other women studded fruit with cloves, which are displayed in silver bowls and trays on the mantel and throughout the dining room.

Below: part of the dining room table decor; it was a group effort this year. Mel made the tree with fruit in it, both Rhonda and I each made some of the arrangements with fruit and glittered ornaments.

I made this arrangement.

I made this dried hydrangea topiary and sprayed it gold. It sits in a gorgeous silver urn and is surrounded by a mirrored mosaic wreath.

There were four of Mel's seashell wreaths hanging on the windows in the library.

This is the children's tree on the sun porch in the Mansion. It is decorated with ornaments made by NC schoolchildren. Below this photo is a close-up of some of the ornaments.

I had to show you this lovely hinge I kept looking at every day. It was on the doors to the kitchen, and although someone needs to remove the paint and go at it with some brass polish, I think it is one of the best things there. It was probably original to the Mansion; which was completed in 1891. It is too bad that builders and hardware manufacturers don't pay that much attention to detail any more.

Rhonda made a pair of these sprays to hang on double doors leading from public to private areas of the Mansion.

The top third of the tree in the Ladies' Parlour. It has an angel this year instead of bows. She's a little crooked, but no one minds, since she is so pretty.

This is the bottom third of the Ladies' tree; replete with beautifully wrapped gift boxes (unfortunately empty!)

The Governor has invited the decorating crew to a small party at the Mansion on the 13th. I will try to get some outdoor photos at that time, as well as some more indoor ones from better perspectives than these.


Mar said...

You've done a magnificent work!! congratulations!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the birds in the top picture, and especially the children's tree. Your creations have a "feel" of Christmas, as well as a vision of loveliness!

Arkansas Patti said...

You all are truely artists. I have trouble finding the right place for one piece of tinsel. I bow low.
Adored the first nature setting.
What an enormous amount of work you all have done. It is breathtaking. I hope they open it up for the public to see at least one day or maybe a TV tour.

Grannymar said...

I am pleased your hard work is being appreciated and that you are all invited to a party.

Judy I love that door hinge. It would make a great brass rubbing, giving plenty of scope for needlework.

PS Did you ever have the chance do do something with your old keys?

Pat said...

My favourite is the sprayed hydrangea.
You have inspired me to get the decorations down - a step in the right direction:)
Those workmen should be ashamed of themselves.

John said...

I have looked at the other photos in the middle of the night and was too embarrassed to leave a comment with the time stamp so late LOL!

I am just blown away with all the talent I see here! Y'all do better work than most florists (believe me, I've seen plenty). All your work is so beautiful and ELEGANT. I Love it all and love your blog!

Thanks for sharing! It's just what I needed to get a little creative! Yes, you inspire me Judy!

Ginnie said...

Do you see the Governor at any time that you are decorating? I'm glad we have a female at the helm. She must be thrilled with the decorations.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all did a masterful job in your decorating.

sage said...

So beautiful!