Tuesday, December 15


*mixture, hodgepodge; favorite of crosswordists (is there such a word?) everywhere, the Italian word for oil (and incidentally, post number 1, 120!)

If you are not a member of S*m's Club or C*stco, this part may not interest you. They have the very best pre-cooked rotisserie chickens ever, and the cost is probably lower than you'd pay for an un-cooked whole chicken at the market! I bought one Monday and we had it for dinner, along with baked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and left-over green beans. Perfectly seasoned and served warm or cold, they are an easy solution to a busy woman's meal plans. I didn't work today, but I wanted something good for dinner without too much trouble on my part and this fit the bill! There was enough for a container of left-over chicken, with which I will make chicken salad. I fed 2 cats a plateful each (they seldom eat people food, but love fowl) and at the moment I am boiling the carcass to make stock, and tomorrow, after removing the fat, I will toss in some vegetables and rice and the soup pot will toil and trouble for another dinner. Where else could you get 2 meals, chicken salad and a pot of soup for under $5???


Speaking of oil, some years ago, after using solid shortenings (such as Cr*sco) became verboten, I switched to olive oil for almost all cooking needs. It was light, tasty and supposedly good for your innards. Now, I'm not so sure. I've developed an allergy to it - or maybe just some sensitivity - but anything I eat with olive oil sliiiiiides right through me. That's probably TMI. I've now changed to safflower oil and so far I have no problem with that. Do you have a favorite cooking oil that I could try?


Do all your light bulbs seem to burn out at the same time? In the past three weeks or so, we have had 6 fluorescent tubes and at least 4 incandescent bulbs burn out within days of each other. Today I was attempting to replace the outside light by the small garage door. The fixture is old, and as I loosened the glass cover by twisting the screw which holds it in place, the glass cover came loose and I thought the screw was still in place. After changing to one of the new, long-lasting bulbs, I washed the glass cover. When I went back out side to install it, I discovered the screw was missing and it was nowhere to be found. I went over the concrete pad below it with a fine-tooth comb and it had just simply disappeared. I have a large container of screws and nails, but (of course) nothing I had could be used for that cover. I will have to go to a hardware store and attempt to locate something usable - or have the rusty fixture replaced. It's over 35 years old, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt.....lol....especially since it was nothing to brag about 35 years ago - and certainly isn't now!


Olga said...

The best part of a roasted chicken is leftovers (in my opinion, my husband's...not so much). I love chicken soup and chicken salad is about my favorite food in the world. Yum!

Gilly said...

That was a very fine meal for $5 - which works out at something ridculous in British pounds. (My keyboard has no pounds sign. Dollars, yes. Euros, yes. No pounds! Grrr!)

I use Vegetable oil for cooking, though not for making pastry. Its rape seed oil, actually, and supposed to be very good for lowering your cholesterol! But I use a high quality olice oil for salad dressing, and rubbing on chicken before I roast it.

Speaking of ready meals - we can buy a starter, main and dessert for two, plus a wine, for 9 BP which at one and a half dollars to the poung is.....um $14???

And that is considered good value, though what the Supermarket in question offers is nothing brilliant!

Jamie Dawn said...

You do more with a Sam's chicken than anyone I've ever known! Frugal Kenju.

I love using olive oil, but I also keep vegetable oil on hand for baking.
I've not had the problem of any of them sliding right through me, so I'm not too picky about which oil I use.
I drink carrot juice nearly every day, and it keeps things sliding through in a manageable, regular way.

Thumper said...

Yep, I love buying pre-cooked chicken from those places. Even Wallyworld has really good ones... I sure as heck can't make anything that tastes as good.

tiff said...

peanut oil for sauteeing and stir-fry. It can take a lot of heat and leaves very little taste.

Amazing how long one cluck will last with just 2 people eatin' on it.

My word verification? ORIALI!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh boy don't start me on light bulbs!! I tell you at least 3 light bulbs blow everyday in our house and none of them are ever the same. One 100 watt screw, the other's a 40 watt bayonet, the other one's a 60 watt candle, and then one of the halogen 50 watt whatever it is will go in the kitchen. I'm forever up a ladder. :D

Tabor said...

I will have to try the chicken at B*J*s as the ones at my supermarket are only just ok.

Did you have an electrical storm or a power surge that might have charged your lights?

One Woman's Journey said...

I agree on the number of meals you can prepare with a chicken. In my case being "One Woman" I always buy one and have it cut in half. Like to cook it myself. I may be fussy. So what you do - I can do twice.
Do this with a roast also. A hot meal with veggies and then make soup. Olive oil is the choice of oil and have no problem.
Sorry about losing the "screw".
It may show up!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't eat anything on a bone, and even the smell of those chickens makes me feel ill. (I hold my breath when I walk past). But, I love your industrious nature with that bird! Yes, all our bulbs seem to go out at the same time. I figure it's because we tend to change them from before at the same time and they have a certain lifespan, so POP! They die at the same time! Very bothersome!

colleen said...

I was thinking oleo, which is what we called margarine growing up. I use olive oil now and it does fine by me.

I love those chickens too!

Pat said...

All I feel about oil is to use as little as possible. I know chefs seem to pour it generously over everything but a little goes a long way.
We quite like sunflower oil and use olive oil sparingly.

joared said...

Certainly sounds like good eatin'! I never tire of chicken though that was standard Sun. fare as I was growing up. My older brother can't stand chicken because we did have so much of it.

I'm an olive oil user. Maybe you need to try a different brand, or type of olive oil?

Arkansas Patti said...

Do you have a farily large magnet? That is what I use for lost tiny items if they are metal.
I love those chickens but being just me and a dog on a diet, I really don't like the taste they get after one day.
I find 1/2 a cornish game hen perfect.

gs batty said...

buy the chickens all the time
GMA had a session on cooking oil a few months ago..maybe you could find it on their site. the screw is a standard size and easy to replace