Wednesday, November 11

Handy Hints on Hump Day

1. Beer conditions the hair.
2. Pam cooking spray will dry nail polish.
3. Cool Whip will condition hair in 15 minutes.
4. Mayonnaise kills lice and conditions your hair.
5. Elmer's Glue: paint it on your face and allow it to dry,
peel off and see dead skin and blackheads.
6. Lipton Tea: makes hair shiny.
7. Nestea: for sunburn, empty a large jar into your bath.
8. Toothpaste (Colgate or Crest) is good for minor burns.
9. Sugar: use on a burnt tongue.
10. WD-40: spray on arthritic joints and rub in. It kills
insect stings too.
11. Meat Tenderizer: make a paste and spread on bee stings.
12. Preparation H: good for chigger bites and puffy eyes.
13. Grazy Glue or Chap Stick: good for paper cuts
14. Jello: good for stinky feet.
15. Cornstarch: Athlete's foot
16. Vicks Vapo-Rub: toenail fungus
17. Kool Aid: cleans dishwasher pipes and toilets. (yikes)
18. Kool Aid: put powder in yogurt to make kid's finger paints
19. Peanut Butter: takes scratches off CD's (wipe off with a coffee filter)
and ink from the face of dolls.
20. Pam Cooking Spray: removes paint and grease from hands.
21. Corn Starch:to make doll clothes slide on easily.
22. Vinegar: for dandruff; use as a rinse.
23. Club Soda and Milk of Magnesia: to preserve a newspaper clipping,
use 1 large bottle of club soda and 1 cup of Milk of Magnesia. Soak the
clipping for 20 minutes and let dry. It will last for many years.
24. Colgate Toothpaste: to keep glasses and goggles from fogging,
coat with toothpaste.
25. Morton Salt: pour on wine stains and watch it absorb.
26. Paper Towels: to remove wax, iron over the wax stain through a
paper towel.
27. Bounce fabric softener sheets: to remove baked on foods, soak a
dryer sheet overnight. You can also use 2 Efferdent tablets.
28. Listerine: dirty grout
29. Coca Cola: grease stains and corrosion on car batteries (yikes)
30. Clorox: to keep flowers fresh longer, add a little Clorox to the
water, or use some 7-up or 2 Bayer aspirin in the water.

Lastly, Gatorade helps migraine headaches.


Jamie Dawn said...

If I put beer, Cool Whip, and vinegar on my hair, I'll have conditioned hair without any dandruff.
Handy tips!

LL Cool Joe said...

Great tips. A great many of these products aren't available in the UK, but I'll try out the ones that are!

Gilly said...

Great hints, but what gets elastoplast sticky plaster off fingers??

Arkansas Patti said...

What scares me is the things that remove paint are also things we eat or drink. Eeeeuu.
Think I would like to see some of these tried first on someone I wasn't too fond of any way.

Darlene said...

U wish someone had known about #23 when my Mom was Queen of the Rodeo. There were so many newspaper clippings about her. The few I have left are yellowed and torn.

I am going to try peanut butter and a coffee filter on the next scratched CD I get from NetFlix. If they complain I will send the complaint to you. ;-)

sage said...

Okay Judy, you go first and let us know the results! :)

Carolyn said...

I'll try those things on my hair! Hope it doesn't start growing and shouting "Feed Me" like that plant on Little Shop of Horrors though ;-)

WD-40 does work on joints! I tried it on my toes once when they were cramping & it worked like a charm!

rosemary said...

hum...guess I need to get some Pam, Colgate, Prep H for a variety of reasons, and lots of other products....just when i was trying to cut back....a word of caution however with putting mayo in your hair.....pain in the head to get it out.

tiff said...

A waste of perfectly good beer....


Jen said...

I wish I had known about number 4 when my daughter was younger.

Pat said...

# 4 tests my credulity:)

Jennifer said...

That glue thing on the face? Sounds like something I might have done back in 2nd grade. Not confessing, exactly. Just speculating. LOL

Olga said...

Elmer's glue! All the money i have wasted on facial peels...I want it back!

Mom said...

A very useful list!

trinamick said...

Falling through a ceiling eliminates migraines too. I highly recommend it.

David said...

i have to try the elmer's glue thing