Sunday, October 11

Wedding Flowers ~ 10-10-09

This photo was supposed to appear 4th or 5th in the set, but I accidentally deleted it in that position, so I'm sticking it in here! I made this wreath for the door to the site of Saturday's wedding. See below for details.

The wedding was at The Sutherland in Wake Forest, NC. I hope the photos will enlarge when you click on them. The color scheme was white and green; an elegant and classy combination. This is where the ceremony takes place. It is a lovely backdrop, don't you think?

A close up of one of the urn arrangements (5+ feet tall.) The urns are mine, but the flowers in them were done by my good friend and an excellent floral designer, Pam. She loves doing the BIG arrangements, and she is SO good at doing them! I am very lucky to have her help.

Of the thirteen centerpieces, nine were like this; the flowers are made into "take-away" bouquets, so that the guests can lift them out of the vases and take them home after the wedding.

Four of the tables had tall cylinder vases, with dendrobium orchids and faux butterflies on the branches, and river rock with cymbidium orchids inside the vase. See below. I added a few tumbled colored glass pieces to the river rock, for interest.

There were fifteen cocktail tables, and each held a square vase with a votive candle, green split peas and a cymbidium orchid beside each one.

For the tables not under the tent, the linen was being held off until they were sure it wasn't going to rain. So we set these candle holders nearby, so the catering staff could place them after the linen was put on.

Here's my pretty bride, holding her cascade bouquet; featuring cymbidium orchids, gardenias, calla lilies, stephanotis florets, hydrangea, Kermit mums and bear grass, with a tiny bit of variegated ivy from my garden. She also wore five stephanotis florets in her hair, with pearl centers.

A closer view of the bouquet.

And here's the bride, trying not to cry when she saw the presents she had just received from the groom: two diamond necklaces, and she could keep both, but choose one to wear for the wedding. I think maybe he's a keeper, don't you!?

The five bridesmaids wore black dresses, and carried all white bouquets; lined up here on the hearth in the bride's room.

Have you seen a cuter flower girl lately? She was precious in her fancy dress and ballet slippers. She wasn't holding her flowers yet - a kissing ball of Kermit mums, studded with pearls.

The cake was elegantly simple, and it sat on a wrought-iron stand, which matched the legs on the glass-topped table. What a lovely presentation! The easel in the background held the bridal portrait, as yet uncovered.

A close-up of the cake icing design - beautiful scroll work here and a nice triple-dot border between tiers.

The two lamp posts close to the parking area were festooned with bows and streamers; a welcoming gesture.

And the wall surrounding the ceremony garden was planted with the most bountiful roses I've seen in October! This is just a small patch; there were many more, in full bloom.

The professional photographer promised to share photos with me, and when I get them, I'll post them on the blog too.

This is the last wedding on my schedule and as I am really trying hard to retire from my business, it well could be that last one I do on my own. I hope to be able to continue working with Mel Day and other florists, since giving up floral design completely would be enough to put me in the grave prematurely.....LOL I do love doing it and I thank God everyday for the talent He gave me.


John said...

Another beautiful set of wedding flower photos! Everything is so very pretty. We had two big weddings Saturday and worked very late Friday night. One was Fall colors, very pretty and the other was so tacky--lavender and wisteria blue.

I don't think you're done, I think you're just taking a break for awhile! Just wait until next year and see what happens.

Gilly said...

Such beautiful, beautiful arrangements! And every last detail thought of. Wonderful!

And I was most impressed by the cake decoration - I just cannot imagine how such delicate scrollwork was done!

Looks like the perfect wedding!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL Judy! I love everything you did...I am very partial to square vases like those you used and how uniquely clever to use green peas with those Orchids....The Brides Bouquet was exquisite! I can understand wanting to continue on with your designing but trying to retire from your own business...The amount of work and the pressure of these events must be wearing at times....So I'm glad to know you will continue on because you surely have been given a great gift, Judy! And I understand what it does for you, too, my dear! Creating gives so much pleasure and keeps one sane, too, I!

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved the wreath for the door. Glad it grabbed first spot by accident.
Any man who can make you cry happy tears is a keeper.
Working for others lets them absorb all the stress and lets you still play with your creativity. Win-win.

Star said...

A talent indeed Judy. Beautiful.

Anil P said...

The urns are nice, and the flower themes sit well with the surroundings, and strangely that lends the arrangements a soothing feel. The flower girl is cute.

Beverly said...

Judy, those are so lovely. What a beautiful wedding. Did I tell you that Ella is going to be a flower girl in my nephew's wedding...then again in a wedding of one of Sabrina's friends in January. I really think she will steal the show.

Darlene said...

It's hard to single out one thing that I like above all else. Everything was so lovely and very creative.

Weddings go all out now, don't they? Time was that a bride's bouquet,and boutonniere's for the groom and best man and corsages for the attendants and the mothers were the norm. If you were very wealthy I guess the centerpieces, wreaths, etc were added. I am amazed at how lavish and how beautiful weddings are now. It takes much preparation, but for a once-in-a-lifetime special day it's certainly worth it.

Gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous bride.

Jen said...

Those are beautiful flower arrangements! I used to love keeping fresh flowers around before I got my cats. They knock them over and eat them now. :( These pictures make me want to try again.

gs batty said...

nice review. haven't seen better in the papers. lovely wedding, lovely girl and great flower arrangements.
nice work

Chancy said...

Kenju If this does turn out to be the last wedding you do on your own you sure did yourself proud.

Absolutely beautiful arrangements and the bride's bouquet was lovely.

Maria said...

Truly a beautiful set of wedding photos. Retirement is really wonderful and I wish you a great one if you choose to finally join the rest of us retirees.

You may chose to make this just a break, but it seems that most of us choose to move on and seldom go back to our profession.

rosemary said...

Lovely as usual. Judy you do have a wonderful God given talent...your eye for color is amazing and even the simplest of designs is elegant.

Grannymar said...

If you retire I will miss the beautiful arrangements of flowers. That flower girl is a real beauty and a heart stealer.

Relax and enjoy the rest. Let the future unfold in its own good time.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful. What wonderful memories they will have of thier wedding. I esepcially love those beautiful flower arrangements.
Thank you for commenting on my spider web photos.

Nancy said...


As usual, you have outdone yourself with these beautiful arrangements.I'm sure the bride was delighted. I loved her dress. So simple and classic, and her beautiful bouquet was a wonderful compliment to her lovely gown.

If this WAS your last wedding on your own, you certainly went out on a high note.....

LL Cool Joe said...

You are very talented! Beautiful flower arrangements. :)

tiff said...

Good to know you're not really going out of business, but simply letting go of what's not workable anymore. Smart woman to know when to do what's right for you!

Also - I'm so GLAD you weren't out of business when WE needed you. ;)