Tuesday, October 6

Are You Ready for Some.......Christmas?

My wholesale florist had Christmas Open House this weekend, and I knew you'd want to see some photos. There were trees, wreaths, ribbons, ornaments and glitter everywhere you look! The name is
jaGG Classic Wholesale Florists; owned by two good friend of mine, Jeff and Adair. Adair does ALL of this beautiful work herself, believe it or not! Before getting into the wholesale florist business, Adair was a visual merchandiser for one of our large, local department stores. She knows her stuff!

Flocked trees are making a comeback - and they are not your grandmother's flocked trees! Remember the puny trees of the 50's and 60's? Flocking now results in the lush, extravagant look of real snow.

Feathers have been popular for quite a few years now, and pheasant is especially desirable. They mix well with many colors and styles, and add a woodsy, lodge-like feeling to decor.

Silver glitter and glitz are found on this wreath, but it was made to be classy and elegant, not tacky. The silver mesh ribbon is wired and easy to control.

A mixture of colors and textures, as only Adair can do! The overall effect is stunning. She has more talent in her little finger than most of us in our whole bodies!

This is what I call a "story board," similar to what designers and architects put together to show the mix of materials to be used in a given project. Adair makes these to show those who may be a bit less creative than she how to do it.

Another story board, in the very popular earthy tones of greens, golds and ecru.

The jester or major domo matches well with the selected elements.

A vignette which blends table, wall and tree decor. The chairs (roadside discards) were painted, "upholstered" and filled with decorated presents to dissuade shoppers from sitting. The upholstery is really fabric covered cardboard. How creative was that?!

A tree decorated to match the fabric on the wall.

Wouldn't Martha Stewart love this faux mercury glass??!! Imagine them filled with seasonal greens and glittered branches, used on each end of a mantel, with glittering candles.

I love this winged doll ornament, with her holly-decorated 'basket of doggy'. I didn't get them in the photo, but she has the cutest red, pointy-toed booties on those long, long legs!

Lavish wreaths, to buy or steal ideas from!

Another tree, with matching mirror swag and tassels....

And under the table, presents waiting for Christmas morning.

Another story board. I hope you have enjoyed this "walk" through my favorite place to shop! Don't you wish you could go with me?


I heard a funny story while I was there Saturday. At some point during one of the Christmas Open Houses they had, a woman interior decorator from out of state was shopping in the store. She reportedly had a haughty aura about her. At some point, she asked "Who does all this decor work for you?", and the owner answered....."Our staff does it all." In truth, it is all done by one person, but she didn't want to say that.

The woman must not have believed her, saying something in reply about all the "fairies and elves" who come in overnight to do the work. Now, I can assure you, it takes at a minimum six weeks of long hours to get the store ready for Open House. The woman's attitude was off-putting, and I was reminded of her on Saturday night, while watching a show on PBS called "Keeping Up Appearances." The character of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced by her as 'Bouquet') says to her husband.....

"Today could be the day I'm mistaken for someone important."


Star said...

Beautiful ! I am looking forward to the season this year. I've even done a little shopping. And we have tickets to the Rockettes with the the CP. Of course, ask me how I feel closer to the day.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful!! I picture a simple winter home in the country for this One Woman. Hope the snow flocks all of nature.

No_Newz said...

Although I would love to go shopping there with you, I don't like to see my friend using the C word before Halloween. LOL!

The owner should have told that lady to go flock herself. ;)

Pat said...

Dear Hyacinth - one of MTL's favourites.
We are at the stage where we do as little as possible over Christmas so I'd better shut up or I'll sound like Mrs Scrooge:) One of the luxuries of old age. The time to worry is when I don't get the crib scene out.

Arkansas Patti said...

NOOOOOOO. I am not even thinking about it.
Do love the pheasant feather arrangement though. Hopefully the feathers were a voluntary donation.
Some people here all ready have their lights up on their homes.
Love'd No Newz comment regarding that lady.

colleen said...

That was fun! My tree is so boring in comparison.

srp said...

The flocked tree is heavenly... this year one of our trees will go in the new sunroom... right in the middle, under the cupola. I think perhaps mom's tree... although it would be a perfect room for a real tree. Now, if only the "elves and fairies" would come here and do the flowerbeds for me. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

rosemary said...

Wow, what an array of Christmas beauty. I have sworn to make this Christmas festive.....I have no talent for decorating but will try. As a kid we never had a flocked tree....several years my mom bought that spray on snow and the tree ended up looking like it had pigeon poop on it. Then there were the aluminum tree years..... As for that self important woman? There's a name for her.

Shephard said...

I love the 1st tree, and the tree that matches the wallpaper. :)
I'm a sucker for Christmas.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love all the holiday pics of fantastic decor!!
But to answer your question, am I ready for Christmas?
Nope. Not even close.
I love the whole holiday season, so I don't want Christmas to come and go too quickly.
The Reverend and I are doing a couples' retreat in Lake Tahoe this weekend, so I'll get thrown into some cold weather. Brrrrr!! That will surely put me in more of a wintry, holiday frame of mind.
After that, I'll be in CA with family for a little while.
I may see Naomi again which would be a delight!
I'll check in with you on FB now and then to see what's up.

Darlene said...

The Garden Club In Colorado Springs used to try to outdo each other with unique decorations at Christmas. One year the President had my step father find the perfect tree, had it painted pale pink and decorated it with deep pink carnations. It was beautiful, but it didn't seem like a Christmas tree to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful view of an absoulutely lovely store. Thanks so much for sharing it was worth looking and reading and thinking holidays are around the corner and I can't wait.

Dorothy from grammology

Grannymar said...

I will be back to take a more detailed look later.