Saturday, September 12

Photos from The Galapagos + My Day

These iguanas are so used to being photographed that they readily pose for tourists. Click to embiggen.

See what I mean? He's even smiling!

Great Frigate Birds

This text is from Wikipedia:
"Both sexes have a patch of red skin at the throat that is the gular sac; in male Great Frigatebirds this is inflated in order to attract a mate. Groups of males sit in bushes and trees and force air into the sac, causing it to inflate over a period of 20 minutes into a startling red balloon. As females fly overhead the males waggle their heads from side to side, shake their wings and call. Females will observe many groups of males before forming a pair bond. Having formed a bond the pair will sometimes select the display site, or may seek another site, to form a nesting site; once a nesting site has been established both sexes will defend their territory (the area surrounding the nest that can be reached from the nest) from other frigatebirds."

Splendor in the Sea Lions.

Menage a trois.

I could sit and look at this for hours; but it would be even better to be there.....LOL!


Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying 'End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH', the paint wouldn't even have time to dry.

Terry Pratchett, novelist (b. 1948)


All day Thursday I felt horrible. My head hurt - the kind of headache that makes you want to go back to bed and pull the covers up over your eyes. My back was hurting too; right at the waistline. It felt like someone had hit me with a two by four. Not even extra-strength, rapid release Tyl*nol helped. Not even sitting in the hot tub at the health club made it feel better. I retired to my recliner and wrapped a heating pad around my head and finally went to sleep.

But Friday? I woke up feeling well and I was on fire! I actually cleaned house: bathroom, guestroom, hallway, foyer, dining room and den. I cleaned mirrors, storm doors, a few windows, mopped floors, dusted, vacuumed, got rid of cob webs, rearranged a few pieces of furniture and some knick-knacks.

There was no caffeine involved, but I did take a muscle relaxer that night when I went to bed. Maybe that's the ticket! Had not dinner time arrived, I would have cleaned the kitchen too - but I stopped to make salad and spaghetti. Saturday: I tackle the kitchen - assuming I am able to get out of bed. It's not a given.


colleen said...

Wow I want some of that kind of fire.

That bird with the red sack is funny.

PI said...

Good days and bad days. What can you do?
Super photos!
'Groups of males sit in bushes and trees and force air into the sac, causing it to inflate over a period of 20 minutes into a startling red balloon.'
And out comes the hot air. No change there then:)

Arkansas Patti said...

Have to admit I was turned on for a minute by the Frigate. But sand and romance I can't get past. Been there, hated that.
Had you been hitting the Neti Pot too often to caused the headache? Sure am glad it is gone now and wish I could catch on fire with house cleaning. You say muscle relaxers?

panthergirl said...

I was hoping you had gone to the Galapagos and taken those photos!! Lucas and I really want to go there one day...

Hope you feel better...

Beverly said...

Love the photos. I could use some of that fire too, but I wouldn't want it to start with a headache.

Sarah and I have the task of putting things away. I had laminate put down in my upstairs this week, so everything is a mess.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wonderful pictures of such special creatures---ALL!

How bizarre, Judy...I'm glad you recovered so very quickly from whatever that was...And then to be so 'on fire'...MARVELOUS!

themom said...

Those male Frigates are amazing - but sounds like they may be rather sex starved. thankfully they can call attention to their desires with that gullet balloon!

sage said...

great photos and glad you're feeling better.

Darlene said...

The first Iguana looks very coy. The second guy is smiling so someone probably said, "Say cheese."

What funny birds. I wonder if I blew up a red balloon if I could attract a male. ;-)

Sorry about your headache. I have those, too, and I usually feel much better the next day - not on fire, you understand, but better. I think it's the extra sleep we get in trying to forget the headache.

Jean said...

The sea looks lovely. I am not surprised that u wanted to sit there all day.

I too have the twin days like your Thursday-Friday. One day is headache-day and the other is moving-mountains-day. :)

Have a great day!