Wednesday, September 30

Odds and Ends

My daughter gave me a Sn*gg*e blanket, as an early birthday present, and I love it!! Mine is hunter green; so soft and warm that I took it in the car with me on Sunday when we drove to Greensboro to visit my son and his family. I have been sitting in my recliner with a blanket for years and years. Before mr. kenju's stroke, he was hot all the time and kept the thermostat as low as I'd allow it. Most of the time, lap robes/throws have been too short to reach from my neck to my feet. This one is plenty long enough to tuck under my feet too, plus my hands are free to grab the remote or my drink. If my hands get cold, I can tuck them up the opposite sleeves, kimono-style. I wish someone had thought of this back in the 60's - actually - I wish I had thought of it!! That guy will be a kazillionaire soon.


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)


The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.
Oscar Wilde, writer (1854-1900)


The pool will be closed tomorrow. It's always a sad time for me, but filled with relief too. I won't have its pretty blue color to look at everyday, but I don't have to clean it, skim it, brush it or add chemicals either.


A guy from my college keeps calling to set up an appointment to see us next week. I went through this before, and I know exactly what this guy wants. I've listened to his messages, but I'm not going to call him back. I wouldn't be able to meet with him when he wants to anyway, since I have a large wedding on that weekend. He says he wants to keep me abreast of what's happening on the campus, but that's just a deflection for the real purpose of the visit - to get a pledge. No way, no how.


Mr. kenju had the lawn seeded and aerated yesterday, and they also spread out some fill dirt in a few places where the lawn had gotten damaged, next to the driveway. We were hoping it would rain last night; a gentle, soft rain. It rained all right: a gully-washer if I ever saw one. Most of the grass seed is now nowhere near where they laid it down, and the rain flowing across the driveway washed out part of the area where the new fill dirt was placed. It's just our luck. That has happened to us repeatedly over the years. We're not meant to have perfect grass.


Grannymar said...

That blanket looks very cosy. If I got one I might never move out of my chair.

Peter said...

Nobody is meant to have perfect grass.

Gilly said...

Wow! That snuggly thing looks wonderful! You wouldn't need to have central heating with that!! Wonder if they sell them in the UK?

And no, only bowling greens have perfect grass - and they take a whole lot of work ALL THE TIME!!

Those wanting money can be so very persistent, can't they? Even in the nicest way and they never ever seem to understand 'No'.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I may have to invest in a snuggee too. LOL. I'm always freezing in the winter.

Arkansas Patti said...

Snuggee's were the butt of so many late night shows that I thought they were just a joke. Good to know differently. Would make a good gift.
Darn shame about the grass seed. Best laid plans---

tiff said...

I feel your pain re: the grass. Oh boy, do I.

themom said...

My son gets calls from his former university, not to mention the letters and postcards, continually asking for pledges. I keep telling them he is "out of the country". Of course their first query is "when will he return?" The longest he has stayed out of the U.S. has been 19 months. I never know. But these are usually current students making the calls and they don't understand the words "not interested!"

kenju said...

I should have said "We're not meant to have ANY grass."

Nancy said...


I agree with Patti. I thought those snuggies were just a joke. Our house is always cold and I sit with my blanket all the time.

I am like Linus with his blankee. When I wash mine,I have to stand next to the dryer till it's time to take it out.

Now you tell me you have one and you like it so much you wear it in the car. That actually might be to your advantage. If you ever get stopped by the cops and they see you in your snugee, they'll be laughing too hard to write you a ticket.....

Shiny Rod said...

The Snuggee is going to be big Christmas gift this year. Just in time for when the real cold stuff hits us in NC. The trick to getting your grass to grow is have your neighbors up hill do their lawns so when it rains their grass seeds will drift into your yard.

Pat said...

I snuggle under a throw also. It really is a comfort blanket and I have a favourite one which I really miss when I wash it.
We have the same stuff from Oxford with pretty much the same reaction:)
BTW we most unusually haven't had rain for ages.

rosemary said...

I gave Steve a Slanket....he laughed and promptly wrapped him self up in it. I gave up on grass of any kind when we moved here...if it is green and grows and I have to mow it, it's grass.

LL Cool Joe said...

I love the two quotes, especially the first one. So true.

Jamie Dawn said...

That blanket sounds like something I'd like too. I think Taylor would like one too, but The Reverend and Courtney would think they were WAY too hot. I'm glad you like yours so much. I might consider getting one for my mom. I know she'd use it and love it.

As for the battle for perfect grass... ours is a losing battle also. Our neighbors across from us have lots of acreage and some horses. Three days last week, a horse got out and was feasting on our front lawn. I shooed him away, but he'd just come back. I guess our grass looks greener than theirs.