Wednesday, September 9

Floral Portraits

Bride and bridesmaid's bouquets; made by Mel Day, tucked into colorful waxed tissue for delivery. Imagine seeing them held in front of beautiful dresses of rusty orange chiffon. Gorgeous!

Roses, lilies and double lisianthus (purple).

A perfect dahlia, nestled in ming fern.

Cockscomb, or celosia, with lilies and snapdragons.

Green Goddess calla lilies.


oklhdan said...

More gorgeous flowers.....makes me wish I were getting married again! ha

Shiny Rod said...

A beautiful assortment and pictures make the beauty last that much longer. The arrangements are exquisite.

colleen said...

You're in a great business. Do you ever get tired of them. I love to see the different wedding scenes that people choose. My friend Katherine has officiated over some unusual weddings. One on horseback recently.

tiff said...

Ooooh - lisianthus! And cockscomb in a bridal arrangement? That's really inventive!

Nell Jean said...

That's the part I like best! The imagining how it all turns out.

Those bouquets are stunning. I always enjoy the pics of the flowers that aren't arranged yet, to go along with the finished product.

Granny Annie said...

These are such lovely color selections. It astounds me that mere humans can put them together so perfectly!

Mildred Garfield said...

You are lucky to be in such a beautiful and creative industry.

I'm sure there is plenty of pressure at times but to make up for it, you deal with beautiful things and happy occasions!!

Good for you.

PI said...

They make the ones we had in our day so plain, heavy and boring although
I did love my white on white elegant bouquet which was unusual at the time as was having a spray of lily of the valley on my bum:)

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are all so gorgeous Judy....and to think you get to work with all of these beautiful flowers and arrangements all the time. Lucky You.