Monday, August 31

Wedding Flowers 8-29-09

The bridal bouquet. (made by Mel Day, Dogwood Tree Floral Design)

none of these designs was made by me. They are all either Mel's or Rhonda's. (I don't know why this is underlining!)

Half of the centerpieces were tall.....

and half were short. There were two weddings Saturday; the one pictured here was held at The Matthew's House in Cary, NC.

The bride and groom's chairs at the reception had their initials on the back, done in Kermit mums.


The arbor used for ceremonies is twined with beautiful mandevilla, but the spray of flowers looked right at home.

Called "The Wish Tree", this manzanita branch in a tall glass vase; festooned with crystal beads, was used to hold small cards on which each guest was supposed to write his or her wishes for the newly married couple.

A detail of the front-door wreath.

The flower girl baskets; holding rose petals. There were three flower girls in this wedding!

One of the bridesmaid's bouquets (nestled in colorful wax paper for delivery) that Mel made.

Mel added the flowers to the cake.

One of eight kissing balls that lined the aisle.


PI said...

I think the Wish Tree is a beautiful idea. If it were in Greece they could follow their tradition and put some drachma in.
BTW I'm told I have lost the odd comment lately. I hope it hasn't happened to you.

Gilly said...

Those designs are so pretty! I love the kissing balls. And I'm glad you put a link to the Mandevilla - I can see why I have never seen it before - it would never flourish in the UK! Far too chilly!

The weddings you have shown us in youjr blog over the months I've been folowing them rather amaze me at the amoung of beautiful flowers and arrangements that are used! It seems so lovely. I haven't been to a wedding for ages and ages here, but I've not seen so many flowers used. Mind you, they have all been in church, and maybe its not possible to do so much there.

Or perhaps we haven't got as many flowers here! But would this be a southern US idea or is it pretty much all over the US?

(Yes, I know its a great big country, but I am sure there are bloggers here who can tell me!;) )

Grannymar said...

I love the flower girl's basket.

John said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful wedding flower photos, which as usual are gorgeous! I have always loved those shades of green and am glad to see them more and more. Hot pink seems to be real big up here right now for weddings.

I especially loved the arbor!

Those initials of flowers on the chair backs were pretty and well made but bizarre for a wedding--in my opinion! Looked a little more suited for a funeral! Of course whatever the bridal party wants, no problem (especially in this economy)!

Arkansas Patti said...

Lovely as always but if they were all done by Mel, what were you doing? Kidding.
Do like the wish tree but agree with Pl. Money is nice.

kenju said...

Patti, I did all the boutonnieres and corsages, and three flower girl's head wreaths. One wedding alone had 18 boutonnieres, and they were labor intensive. I also prepared the bases for the kissing balls.

Carolyn said...

They are beautiful! That cake looks good, but some of those flower arrangements look good enough to eat too :)

Shiny Rod said...

Another beautiful wedding well done. I can't say it enough, your artistry is a gift.

rosemary said...

Lovely...but you know what? I think I like the colors you use better....i know the bride/customer chooses the colors usually, but you seem to find a way to slip those beautiful lite blues and creams into your designs.

Darlene said...

While waiting at the doctor's office I was leafing through a Tucson magazine featuring weddings None of the arrangements could hold a candle to your lovely ones. I think you could do big business if you opened a shop here.

srp said...

These are just so beautiful... almost makes me want to get married again... not really. No weddings in our future... at least for several more years.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beauriful flowers and wonderful original ideas--Like the Wishing Tree...Those Flower Balls are so very pretty, too! And the idea of the Initials in Flowers on the backs of the chairs--Sweet Sweet Idea!

JeanMac said...

My favorite is the first picture.
You floral designers just are so talented - sigh - - -

amarkonmywall said...

Each one is more beautiful than the last but the yellow roses and hydrangeas just take my breath away.

Maria said...

Beautiful arrangements and like Gilly, I love the kissing balls.

NellJean said...

The bridemaids' bouquets were my fav of these, but everything was just beautiful.

I have a mandevilla. It dies back, but comes back faithfully every summer. I'll have to post its little photo on my blog.

artificial wedding flowers said...

Thak you for providing such great photos of beautiful wedding flowers, I love them!