Saturday, July 25

Wedding Flowers

I made this arrangement on Friday for one of the three weddings that Mel * has this weekend. I hope to be able to get good photos of them in place, too. It's in a tray, which I had set atop an overturned mache liner while I was arranging it. The colors are even more intense in person. It looks like a big bowl of sherbet and ice cream and makes me want to get a spoon!! *Mel Day, Dogwood Tree Floral Designs

This is one of Mel's bridemaid's bouquets; also good enough to eat!

Here is a table full of arrangements in trays. The ones on the top row are not finished yet, but Rhonda was hard at work on them.

Mel made this arrangement for The Governor's Mansion, as well as the one below. I love the color scheme here, too!

Aren't the colors beautiful? They are even more striking in person.

The rest of the photos show the flowers in buckets, before we started designing with them. I am always afraid I won't get time to photograph the finished products, and I wanted you to see the luscious flowers we had to work with! These roses are called "cherry brandy" and they are outstanding in color and form.

Talisman snapdragons.

More cherry brandy roses. You can tell I like them!

Wonderful orange lilies and golden roses.

Pink lilies, hydrangeas, lisianthus and sahara roses.

Latin Lady roses.


A large pink dahlia, which almost looked like a water lily. It was so perfect!!

Buttery yellow garden roses. Now, imagine working all day in a room full of these beautiful flowers and inhaling their sweet aromas. Is it any wonder that I love my job?

Obviously not a flower. I had to sneak in another photo of "my" deer. He and his group were on the move this morning and I found them walking about 50 feet behind the deck. He posed there for at least 4 minutes without moving a muscle. I hope you will be able to enlarge the photo by clicking on it.


Beverly said...

I love seeing your flowers, but I really love seeing the deer.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Gorgeous flowers and yes, the first two arrangements look good enough to eat!

Shiny Rod said...

Beautifully done, the photos and the arrangements are fabulous. I like seeing deer to, but thankfully, I don't hunt so I just like seeing them. In the evenings when I come home,a buck, two or three does and their fawns are always feasting in a field close to my home.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The flowerrs are GORGEOUS...I LOVE That first Arrangement of yours..The combination of colors and shapes...GORGEOUS!
And I LOVE seeing all the Flowers in a bunch like that..Especially ALL those BEAUTIFUL Roses that you LOVE so much....I mean, you could just put that "as is" on the table, for me! And I would be Soooo Very Happy! LOL!

Unforunately the picture of the Deer wouldn't get any bigger...
I know what you need to do, Judy. You need to treat yourself to a NEW Camera with a Built in Long Lens....Then, you will get closer to the Deer and all the other wonderful creatures without fear of scaring them off...There are some really good ones out there and maybe even some bargains on Ebay....!

I look forward to tomorrow's flowers, too....I imagine the wonderful Aroma of that room you work in is truly intoxicating in the most WONDERFUL Way...!

Travelin'Oma said...

The sherbet colored bouquet is stunning!

Gilly said...

Those flowers are so gorgeous! I just can't imagine seeing so many flowers altogether! I'd want to bury my head in all of them at once!

But the deer is so handsome, so still, and yet so alert! Wonderful photograph!

PI said...

Saw the deer - bright and clear.
The flowers are great - especially the 'guvnor's' but how I wish we had smell-a-vision.

Grannymar said...

Wonderful colours in the arrangements. I have to admit I never saw the Cockscomb before and love it.

That deer will be eating out of your hand one of these days.

Arkansas Patti said...

Your weekend is so different from most. Where others are laying around with their feet up, you are working.
Loved that spray, the colors were really pretty.
Have you named your deer yet? Just love your back yard zoo.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh my gosh these are truly stunning. I really love fresh flowers, they make me so happy. These arrangements are so beautiful beyond words Judy, nice work.

Anonymous said...

Flowers are in such stunning colors these days. Beautiful! (Glad you got to observe your dear.)
Cop Car

Ginnie said...

There's no way that you could be anything but happy surrounded by beauty like that !

Granny Annie said...

Those flowers are my pick! I love, love the vibrant color mix. The deer is lovely too.

John said...

I am late, but you know I would comment on your beautiful designs and what a treat this time. You described the color scheme pefectly or should I say deliciously--sherbet!

Your first arrangement is stunning! I'm like you and will turn containers upside down and use them to elevate the design as I make it. I used to have my own custom built tall design counter until we got rid of our office to bring the computer & printer into the work room. I miss it, so I just make do with what I got and elevate everything. I'm not tall, but I just can't hardly work with a low counter!

That centerpiece for the Governor's Mansion is gorgeous too! Wow!

And while ALL the flowers used were beautiful, I just love love love those cockscomb! I have grown them before many times (so you know they are easy to grow)!

You, Mel, and Rhonda are a great team! Thank you for sharing. It really inspires me to get creative!