Monday, July 27

Wedding Flowers, Part 2

But first - I had to show you this "Shadow Shot"!! I don't participate in that meme, but I see it regularly on Bobbie's blog. I was fascinated by the strong shadow produced on that table top!! Since Bobbie has been showing shadows, I have noticed them more and more. Thanks, Bobbie! (all photos from Mel Day's weddings this past weekend.)

One of the tall centerpieces for a wedding at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC. Rhonda (another of Mel's designers) made these. The eucalyptus was donated by the bride's family for use in the wedding. I love the smell of it, but poor Rhonda is allergic to it.

The same wedding had some shorter centerpieces as well. That's a growing trend: some tall and some short. It makes the room more interesting, I think, and it usually cuts the cost.

I had to show you this flower. In the lobby of the country club, there is a round table with cut flowers. This week, they had purple allium - the BIG ones! They are 5-6" in diameter. It's a bit blurry, but I had to show you anyway. We don't get to use these often, and I love them.

The main ballroom at Prestonwood Country Club; a beautiful venue.

The altar arrangement I made; in place at the church. They had very specific size requirements there: 30" wide and no more than 18" tall.

A centerpiece at Bay 7, in Durham, NC. A vase of corkscrew willow with purple vanda orchid sprays attached. Some of the other tables had 3 vases (all different heights), each with submerged orchids or purple calla lilies.

Another reception centerpiece; this one at The Marriott at Crabtree Valley, Raleigh, NC. They also had some shorter arrangements, seen below this one.

I hope you enjoyed the wedding photos. Since I post them so often, please don't feel as though you have to comment on them ( but we love it when you do!)


Mahala said...

so pretty :)

Buzzardbilly said...

Those are lovely but the one with the Harry Lauder's Walking Stick in the arrangement just makes me wanna find the bastard to drove over mine and took the bush with him when it broke off! Sometimes, I hate people. Okay, not just sometimes.

BTW, there's a picture up for your frightening pleasure over at my place. Not the best pic of the hair, but I am the sux at taking pictures of myself.

There is a better pic of Unknown up too so you can see a bit of my photo work. I'm all about the play of light and shadow around a subject. This is one of those. Loads of negative space.

Beverly said...

I never tire of seeing your photos of flowers. I'm with your friend, though. Eucalyptus almost takes my breath away. I have a hard time breathing when ther is some around.

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John said...

As usual, all the flower designs are beautiful. I really love to see orange mixed with pink & purple. I too love those giant Aliums! If anyone hasn't seen them, they are big as a softball or bigger!

I put Eucalyptus in almost everything! I love the smell, but as you know it is sticky and leaves your hands stained

Thanks for sharing...made my day.

Gilly said...

They are so pretty! No, that's not the word - stunning!

Though lilies make me sneeze, so I won't have them in my centre piece!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE your Alter Centerpiece, Judy...I bet "in person" it was breat-taking....! The combination of colors is so very BEAUTIFUL!

I like them all.....Though I must admit, I'm not big on "tall" Centerpieces..It's just a personal quirk of mine, I like the flowers low so everyone can see them and each other,!

What a JOY to work with all these Gorgeous living pieces of ART!

PI said...

That's reminded me - I used to have a eucalyptus which must have died.

I love the variety in the arrangements. The altar arrangement is divine.
When my large alium had finished blooming I found it to be quite a strong skeleton and have put it in a dried arrangement.

Nell Jean said...

Those wedding flowers confirmed that my front yard gardens with Purple, Chartreuse, pale yellow and all shades of orange are on the right track, even when I left the pink Carefree Delight rose in place.

You can never show too many wedding flowers.

Darlene said...

I really love looking at the wedding arrangements. These are particularly stunning. I love the colors.

I, too, prefer the small centerpieces. Trying to talk to someone on the other side of the table is difficult when you try to peer around the tall ones.

I am not knowledgeable about flowers and have never heard of aliums. They are so beautiful that I wish I had a dozen.

amarkonmywall said...

I never get tired of flowers or your beautiful design work. All of these are simply stunning, Kenju. I know the smell was incredible between the lilies and the roses, and you're right- they look delicious. I love all the buckets of flowers prior to arranging. If I come see you sometime, can we play flowers?

Micah said...

I really enjoyed to see those photos.!! Flowers are looking so beautiful and romantic.