Sunday, July 5


Edit below!

Storm, on my sandals while I sit at the computer.

Are you sensing a trend? I have taken at least 8 photos of her in the same place all with different shoes.

My miniature crape myrtle has powdery mildew this year, which is odd, since we haven't had much rain. I didn't know what to do for it, but the article I found says to remove all infected plant parts. That means I have to cut back to the central stem, and since this plant is over 5' tall, I'd lose all of it and get no bloom this year. This variety blooms in late July and August. I really hate to cut it all off. What to do?!

An old friend sent this photo of a double rainbow over her home in Colorado. Beautiful!

These tiny blossoms, which look like lily of the valley, were blooming on a tree in my backyard this year. It is just off the deck at the place where the foxes came onto the deck back in the spring, so I had a hard time getting over there to take the photo. I don't know what kind of tree this is, do you? Edit: I did some research; it is a sourwood or wood sorrel tree.

Last but not least, another of my granddaughter's original art. She gave this one to her aunt because they both love the beach.

Here's hoping that each of you had a great Fourth of July and the rest of the weekend will be even better. We stayed home and read/napped/blogged/cooked/ate and will probably do the same thing tomorrow.


srp said...

I had some powdery mildew on some roses and used a spray... but had to do it several times. It worked pretty well.. I will try to see what the name was. Right now, I hear banging in the kitchen and it might behoove me to see what they are doing.

Grannymar said...

Sounds like a very relaxing weekend. I hope today is the same for you.

Dianne said...

as I comment Siren is happily sitting across the room making love to my sandals - he's so into them he literally has to rest when he's done ;)

Storm is a beauty

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

OOOOPS! How my comment about this post got on your next one--I Don't Know. Just crazy, I know!
Anyway.....It's down on :Look WQho Came To Visit"....lol1

Tabor said...

That tree intrigues me...wonder what it is. I would try wiping off the mildew if it covers the whole plant. It doesn't seem wise to me to cut it all away.

John said...

What beautiful pictures today! I love your friend's home with a double rainbow over it!

I wear Addidas slides in my house only (carpting), and my cat lays on them too just like that! She even tries to nudge her little head into them LOL. I just love cats.

Wow that does look like Lily of the Valley! Maybe you could use it in bridal bouquets...of course it could be poisonous! It must be a beautiful tree. It so pretty in the south!

PI said...

I have a couple of plants with mildew and Karen has been cutting back. Glad you are having some chill time.

Darlene said...

Storm obviously feels close to you when she snoozes on your shoes. Scent it powerful to animals.

One thing we don't have a problem with in Arizona is mold and mildew. I guess there has to be some compensation for dry heat.

Beverly said...

It must be so comforting to have Storm on your slippers. If I didn't leave home so much, I would have a cat or two.

I'm not a gardener, so I have no suggestions. I hope Roxanne can help you out.

Thanks for stopping by, as usual. You are so faithful!

TechnoBabe said...

Your granddaughter is an artist!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love seeing Storm on your shoes! So cute! We had a very laid back, but fun, weekend. Perfect!

Debi said...

My hubby the forester said powder looking mildew is typically mites. Not certain, but that could be a possiblity.

I think you have one happy looking dog, Storm is beautiful and I like his name.

JeanMac said...

I loved your pictures. I've never seen that tree before - it must be beautiful in bloom.

Sage said...

Our animals must love us to like to hang out on our shoes... Your granddaughter is an artist!

Arkansas Patti said...

Had to laugh at your cat. I have one that puts his whole head in my sneakers. Somehow, I do not take this as a compliment.
I'd cut the crepe myrtle back. They are amazingly resilient plants.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your granddaughter's art is terrific. I just love seeing what creative kids make. I'm sure you have a lot of her artwork saved and very treasured.
Our July 4th was very relaxing too, and we ended up doing fireworks late that night along with several of our neighbors. It was fun!