Saturday, June 27

Digital Conversion Stinks!*

*but it's getting better.

Having written a full page on my saga with digital converter boxes, I clicked publish - and lost every word! I don't know if I have it in me to repeat it....losing a post just saps all my energy! But I'll try.

After I wrote about my problems with it before, I got the email below from a nice man in Ohio . Trying some of his suggestions, I can now get four channels on my office TV; not the ones I would prefer, but something other than wrestling and courtroom shows.....which is what it was before. I can now see the local CBS affiliate and FOX. I suppose I can make do with those two, even though I prefer ABC.

Here's what I did: I hooked up a newer rabbit ears antenna that I stole from a bedroom TV here, and I moved the antenna to sit on my desk in front of a window. I did another scan for channels and picked up three more, in addition to the one I found before. The reception is perfect = remember - this TV is over 35 years old. I think the antenna almost HAS to sit by a window. Mine is not in the most convenient spot, but I'll get used to it, I guess.

Just in case something in Dennis' email can help you, here it is:


Ended up on your blog site through Google searches I have set up for many subjects of interest to me.
I am curious. What brand are your boxes?
A problem I had initially with my 2 Magnavox converters was the tv channel.
In my area channel 3 is a regular station and channel 4 is dead.
Every converter I have seen so far defaults to channel 3. You can change this on setup or in a very few cases, on the back of the box (switch 3 or 4). If you have no switch, then put your tv on 3 before plugging the converter in. Plug converter in and go from there. Now that analog is dead, you might as well use the default and leave your tv on 3.
Based on what I read, you said you and your grandson actually got through the set up process. You must scan for the box to find any live channels.

I know that in mountainous areas signals are hard to get at times. Digital signals are 25% weaker than our old reliable analog signals. Even in my area of Ohio where it is relatively flat, I get some signals half of the time, others not at all now. Many stations are in the process of adding signal boosters to some antennae towers and actually building new towers to regain old coverage areas. I figure late fall before all the kinks are ironed out.

You also need a good antennae with both vhf/uhf capabilities. Digital signals are sent via both. If you received good reception before you should have some reception now. Rescan at different times to see if you can find any channels at all.

And know that every communication avenue is filled with the complaints of those who find themselves in your same situation.

Good luck.

Dennis also sent me the link to this article, where you may find help, or commiseration!

In my quest to get ABC on this TV, I have 2 more options. I can attempt to hook up this tv to the antenna in our attic, and I can use a cable splitter to hook it to the cable. The last time I tried that, it made me lose my connection on the computer often, so I don't want to try that again unless it is my only hope. Apparently, you can only split a cable signal just so many ways before service starts to degrade. I hope this helps some of you who are struggling to get your TVs going again.


Darlene said...

Isn't it fascinating how Google search works? I once had a comment from a man in Dubai from the word 'Tchaikovsky' on my profile.

This may be off the subject of Digital boxes, but is linked to how you got your information.

PI said...

I lost the ability to link this morning and almost the will to live;)
We have just had our new TV delivered and I'm expecting NOTHING to go wrong EVER!

sage said...

Good luck with the conversion--if it wasn't for satellite, I'd be in the same situation, but would probably decide to forgo watching TV!

Tabor said...

this seems to be so much harder than everyone anticipated...or not!

Palm Springs Savant said...

the internet has changed the way the world works, bringing all sorts of people and things together. handy exchange of ideas there Kenju

srp said...

Oh Judy.... if you can only get FOX we might make a conservative or at least a libertarian out of you yet!! LOL.

I read that one of the digital problems is that the digital signal really doesn't travel as far as the analog did... so the radius of signal effect is much diminished. Can you imagine what problems they have out in the plains with the flat farmland and houses and towns, few and far between?

Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief. What are the poor people who could never program their VCR doing?
That was great of Dennis to offer such help.
Hang in, there must be an easy answer. Our nation may break the TV habit. Not a bad think.

Maria said...

So glad things are improving. In our little town most people have cable. One of the tests that we used to administer to first graders showed rabbit ears and asked if they would be used with various household tems. . . one of course being the TV. Most of our kids had never seen them so we had a lesson on antennas to bring them up to date or back to a time before they were born.

Debi said...

What is with your luck this week, this is the third thing that has gone wrong for you?

I have weeks like this too, when it rains it doesn't only pours it floods. haha

Jo said...

I just had a new digital box installed, but my TV is separate from my computer, even though they are the same provider. I think we have a slightly different system in Canada.

Klaatu said...

you wanted something other than wrestling and courtroom drama, but you get Fox?
Would that really be an upgrade?
Judge Judy could kick ass on W.W.E.

Granny Annie said...

Thankfully we have satellite on the den television. My brand new digital tv for the living room is practically worthless and I miss the good analog channels I could get before this conversion. How many poor and/or uneducated people are simply left with nothing?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I know very little about all this, but...(Don't you love people who start out that way??? LOL)
BUT.....Maybe you should get a newer TV. I don't mean buying a brand new onw, but maybe a newer TV that is not 35 years oold....If memory serves---and it may not----the AGE of the TV might be part of the problem....Then again....I could be totally wrong.
Dennis suggestions are really wonderful and how great that you heard from someone who really IS knowledgeable....Good Luck, my dear....!

Brad the Builder said...

Interesting article, thanks