Friday, June 19

A Blogger Canvass

Weary Hag's Blogger Canvass

My blog friend Carol at Weary Hag sent this canvass quite a while back, and I forgot all about it. Carol, I hope it isn't too late!

1. While typing - do you prefer classic or italics?

I use both, depending on how I feel at the moment, or what emphasis I might want to place on a group of words.

2. While reading - do you prefer classic or italics? Classic!

3. Worst experience while blogging? [i.e. page froze, lost data, caught using dated or false info, typos - what made you gasp - even a li'l]

When my computer freezes up as I am trying to leave a comment! Very frustrating. Also, I have lost whole posts before I got used to the vagaries of Blogger, and learned to click save after every sentence!

4. Best experience while blogging? [i.e. new friendship/relationship formed, wrote a post that was just short of genius, learned new com tech skill, etc]

I like the written interaction with people from all over the world, but I like meeting fellow bloggers even more. I have met at least 10, and they are all very nice people!

5. Let's assume you're an avid blogger - someone at an intimate dinner or party suggests that blogging is for idiots. In what way do you beat the dog meat out of them - [read: handle the situation] - if at all?

I would simply say that I have four- to five years experience as a blogger, and my thinking about it is that most bloggers are anything but idiotic! Many are very intelligent; at least the ones I have come to know and love.

6. Do you pass your blog URL out to people like sneeze molecules or do you generally keep it to yourself and your own group of mutual blog buddies?

I have passed it out, but not indiscriminately. If someone shows genuine interest, I will tell them how to find me.

7. Do you share your blog with family [children/spouse/siblings/parents] or do you deliberately keep it from them?

My parents are long gone, but they would have liked and been proud of my blog, I think. I have no siblings. My children all know how to get to it, but I don’t think they read it much. They seem to have decided that maybe not all bloggers are axe murderers, so they don't need to keep a check on me!

8. This is for those who only use a fabricated name when blogging: Do you ever wish you could tell people just exactly who you really are or are you content to remain anonymous to the masses?

Even though I blog under an alias (which is a mixture of some of the letters in my names), I have not kept my identity secret. Only the people who run into my blog accidentally are in the dark. But if they read for a while, they will discover who I am.

9. This is for those who use their true name when blogging: Do you ever wish you had remained anonymous or are you pleased as punch to get your real self out there?

Yes; there are many times when I wish I had remained totally anonymous, and that my family didn’t know about the blog. I am somewhat limited in what I can say, although it really isn’t much of a problem for me. I tell nearly everything, eventually (according to mr. kenju!)

10. Of these - which is your favorite genre to read in the blogging community: [choose ONLY one]

a) how-to & advice, b) brief topics covered with a comedic edge, c) personal adventures or experiences, d) photos with captions, e) up-to-the-minute newsy type stories told with blogger's perspective or spin

Option C would be my number one choice, although I do like photos. Heck, I like all those choices!!

11. From one to ten, when reading a blog post ... do spelling & grammar really count? (not the occasional typo). One: they don't count in the least .............. Ten: stop reading midstream and move on.

I’d say nine. I really hate to see bad spelling and grammar; especially when it is apparent that the blogger really doesn’t know how to spell (not just typos, of which I am guilty), but I wouldn’t stop reading a post because of it. I might not revisit that blog, however.

12. Have you been approached to write a book or magazine article or to contribute to an existing publication in any way, solely based upon your blog? (and I don't mean by smokinbettylou or tedthetool)

I wrote a blog post which I later (2 years) submitted to our newspaper. They printed it, and I was asked to submit further writings, and even got a little fan mail, but I never did. I have not been asked to write a book or magazine article….and I doubt I ever would.

13. Do you prefer the read & comment type of post or the interactive style (like this one)?

Either one is fine with me; but as you can see, I took quite a while to answer this one. Read and leave a short comment is more my style.

14. Which applies to you most often? a) I read and comment, b) I read and move along ...

I comment 90% of the time.

15. Are you involved in any other networking venues or is blogging your one and only? [i.e. FB, YT, MSpace, LiveJournal, Classmates, photo hosting sites, etc.] No need to name them unless you want to

I am on Facebook and I once started a My Space page, but gave it up almost immediately. I didn’t like the people it was attracting (creepy). Classmates bothers the heck out of me. I keep telling them not to send me so much email, but they still do. I never joined there, but I am listed.


srp said...

You did a great job! I had to chuckle about Mr. Kenju's comment ... and it made me wonder. What does he think of being known as Mr. Kenju? I never thought to ask before.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I like your answers!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog's return. You are always welcome!

Debi said...

Excellent questions, and answers. It's always neat learning more about those who we read, and enjoy getting to know better.

Thanks for sharing this.

PI said...

Mr Kenju sounds just like my mum.
I can rarely resist leaving a comment. Mouthy or what?

Awareness said...

I would like to have more freedom when choosing topics etc too that only comes from anonymity.

Great questions and answers. :)

Grannymar said...

I have become my Blog Handle! Even my daughter uses it, particularly in a busy or crowded place. If she called out 'Mum' many heads would turn, so when she calls 'Grannymar' I am the only one to do so.

Nancy said...


I think you did a terrific job answering all of those questions..

You were honest and thoughtful and that is not easy to do and keep some kind of privacy...

I read you every day and am always amazed at your originality and
Floral arranging skills.....

Arkansas Patti said...

Well thought out answers.
You made Mr. Kenju proud.
Was interested in how you would handle blog bashers. Funny how some people glaze over when you mention "blog". Kind of like I do when I hear "Amway"

kenju said...

Patti: #5 speaks to that. Most people just ask me what I blog about and I answer anything that comes to my mind, plus email forwards, anything worth sharing. Some smile and nod, some glaze over and some ask about how to read my blog or others. Little by little we'll win them over!! LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Interesting answers. I've never come across anyone who said anything mean or bad about blogging.

Carolyn said...

Great post!

I've met a few who didn't know what blogging is, and after I told them thought about starting one. Only one person said they thought it was for people who had too much time on their hands, & that from someone who plays golf a lot, lol! (Not to offend golfers, lol)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Interesting questions and I love your answers, Judy....Blogging is such an amazingly wonderful thing, isn't it?