Wednesday, June 17

The 2nd Wedding on June 13, 2009

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Mel Day's second wedding and reception on June 13th were held in what is now known as Marbles Museum, but was previously called "Exploris" and "Children's Museum About the World". It's a somewhat eccentric place for a wedding, but fun and definitely not boring. Above: a buffet centerpiece, partially carrying out the wedding colors of lime green, hot pink and turquoise.

I snapped this cutie pie groomsman, wearing the thistle boutonniere I made for all the guys. I love thistle!

The bride's family provided all the containers. There were three different types, and all had one flower each. I liked these best; turquoise "goblets" with lime spider mums. We had a bit of a scare with those vases; when the other designer put water in them, the blue color started flaking off. The vases had been painted inside, and some of the paint wasn't waterproof. Luckily, it only took off a small part, and it wasn't noticeable once the flowers were inserted. If you are buying colored glassware with the idea of putting water in them, be sure they are waterproof.

The cocktail tables held candles floating in colorful martini glasses. Fun!

This is their candy bar! The colors were luscious (as, I am sure, were the candies.) Everyone got to take home an Asian take-out box with an assortment of candies.

The wedding cake appears to be leaning here, but I think it was my camera angle. By that point in the day, I was leaning.....LOL. The bride and groom on top were Pez candy containers (I think).

The museum's bus made a perfect backdrop for the candy bar, and a perfect place to write some wedding graffiti!

When guests got tired of conversation and dancing, they could play chess! That's an added perk of choosing a museum for your wedding venue.


PI said...

How very unusual and delightful. I love the apples in the vase and all the arrangements are commendable.
Could the cake have been meant to be the leaning tower of Pisa?

Seamus said...

What a great wedding venue! Love the colors of the candy bar! :)

Beverly said...

I love those colors too. The groomsman is a cutie, for sure. Thanks for sharing those.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We wanted to use Pez dispensers on our cake, but opted for a spray of flowers instead. Very interesting pics!

srp said...

This looks like a fun wedding.. not boring. You know this is the second time I have heard of a "candy bar".. is this a new trend?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love how they carried out their color scheme into all that! Very very interesting and beautiful floral arrangements---Having one BEAUTIFUL Flower in a very special vase---So Creative!
Having the apples in that first arrangement is just Beautiful!

wordwhiz said...

Yur so creative! I wish I was you!

sage said...

Thistle boutonnieres, that should do in any slow and up close dancing! lol

Star said...

I love the green apples in the vase. Seriously, the groom doesn't look old enough to get married! The candy bar idea is a good one. My niece got married at n Aquarium. That was also an interesting venue.

kenju said...

Star, that isn't the groom; just one of his wedding party.

Arkansas Patti said...

That goomsman would make a great addition to any family tree. Bet he got snapped up by a zealous bridesmaid. Just precious.
Great idea for my no longer used martini glasses. Knew there had to be another use. Thanks

John said...

Hi Kenju, well I especially loved that wedding post! I have a thing for tall vases and the arrangements were gorgoeous--especially love the foilage in the first one and the apples.

I have never seen a thistle bout. I love them too, and how unique to use them in the wedding party!

And you know I always love the reception tables. There's always so many, they shouldn't be over done (in my opinion--unless we have lots of extra help LOL), so I always love seeing the creativity you all put into the reception tables. I loved it!

I just love green Fujis and we tend to always buy them anymore.

Everything was so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Grannymar said...

Some very interesting ideas there! I love the Thistle boutonnieres, most unusual.

Darlene said...

If those were real marbles on the tables I would worry about them getting rolled off and someone falling after stepping on one. Of course, since breaking my hip I tend to think of these things more often.

The whole reception was very creative.

Betty said...

Looks like a fun wedding. Thistle Boutonnieres. What a great idea!

Shephard said...

Love the Candy Bar.
I miss planning my wedding. :)