Tuesday, May 19

Weddings ~ May 16, 2009

But first, we interrupt this regularly scheduled post to show you the only photo out of eight that shows a baby fox on my deck. Tonight about 8pm, Mama fox brought 5 babies to the deck to play. I tried hard to get some good photos, but as soon as I opened the door, Mama went on high alert and jumped back through the fence. The babies followed her, but little by little they returned; playing tag and nosing things on the deck, like twigs and fallen pine cones. They were SO cute!! It was really too shadowy to take photos, and I had the camera on fast action, trying to catch at least one of them. If I see them tomorrow, maybe I can try to get a video for you.

And now, the wedding pix:

In the 27 years I have been in business here, I had never been in this church before. It is a beautiful old church downtown, with a mostly African-American congregation, and it is charming. I tried to take photos of its gorgeous stained glass, but they didn't turn out well. It has lovely, dark wood, curved pews with wonderful deep red upholstery. Unlike many churches, it would be a very comfortable place to sit.

Two of the wedding receptions were at the same venue - The Capital City Club. That's the first time we have had two in the same location, and it sure makes for an easy delivery day. Some of the tables had short vases with tulips, and the ones below had tall vases with tulips also. It is simple, but elegant, and very evocative of spring.

Below is one the the centerpieces for the other reception; three cylinder vases, each with a different flower. The shortest vase also holds a floating candle.

The rest of the tables had these square glass vases with hydrangea and flame callas.

This is another church I had never been in either. Those arrangements on top of the tall pedestals were huge! and here, they look small by comparison. They are at least 2 1/2 - 3 feet across.

I think I have showed you this church before. It is St. Matthew's Episcopal in Hillsborough, NC. They have a real Tiffany window, but my photo of it didn't turn out well since the sky was cloudy. It is a small chapel; beautifully built and well-preserved.

Below are the centerpieces for the 3rd reception, at Treyburn Country Club; some tables had the tall vases and some had the small square vases below.

I love the blue delphinium, don't you?

The fourth wedding reception was in Bahama, NC, at a lodge (I can't remember the name of it). The caterers had not set up the tables yet, so I couldn't get photos of the centerpieces there. They were tall pilsner vases holding 5-6 stems of tall corkscrew willow, onto which had been wired white daisies throughout the branches.


Seamus said...

She's got 5 kits??? That's a big litter for those guys!

The arrangements are gorgeous!

joared said...

Elegant flower arrangements and church interior. I like the wood, too.

Reading your earlier "fox" pieces -- I can see your concerns about their moving into your territory no matter how attractive they and pups are.

Wonder if fox "mark a territory" so there's some way you could mark an odorless deterrent around your yard's perimeter. Surely there is something less odiferous (what a word!) than what you've found so far.

Gilly said...

Cute foxes - until they grow up!!

I just love those flower arrangements. I have never seen tulips (or any other flower for that matter) enclosed in a beautiful vase like that. It is so effective. You have given me ideas!

Those delphiniums are a bblue I have never seen before! They don't look like our delphiniums, which have short florets up a long stem? But very pretty.

I've tried taking photos of stained glass, without much success!

Tabor said...

Very nice and simple arrangements. Are calla lillies going out of favor? They were so popular a few years ago.

bobbie said...

Yes, the flowers are lovely - but I want to see more baby foxes! What a treat to be able to watch them.

kenju said...

Seamus, my daughter saw six kits one day - she said. They were jumping back and forth from the deck, through the fence to the backyard, and it is hard to count. At one point, I saw 5 on the deck, plus the mother. There could have been another one in the yard.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so envious of your fox sightings. It makes me miss my two though I would never want to do that again. In the wild they should stay.
They can really make you laugh though with their antics. Very smart, agile creatures. Enjoy the show.
Loved the church visits and really liked the square glass center pieces.
OK, now focus on the watch, "you are so tired, your eyes are heavy, relaxation is flowing over you--now rest."

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love all the arrangements! They are gorgeous!

Darlene said...

Beautiful floral arrangements. I love the tall glass vases with the tulips. They are very original.

Maria said...

Five wpi;d be a very large litter and six. . . well, I would think six would qualify her for a reality show. I am so glad you are not trapping them. I don't know why animal control couldn't just move them rather than euthanize. I am sure they have their reasons.

Grannymar said...

I like the blue delphiniums, a plant I have not seen for years.

The wood carved Holy table is very reminiscent of many churches in Ireland.

rosemary said...

Judy, I repeat myself every time you post your arrangements....you are so talented and I love the colors and yes, in particular the delphinium.

NellJean said...

Loved the whole presentation.
The small square vases get my vote.

Jamie Dawn said...

Such gorgeous flowers and table settings! I love seeing the inside of various churches. Some are so beautiful.