Friday, May 29

New Shoes, Day Spas and Family Trees

Shoe shopping was on my menu today, for the first time since last fall. The sandals above are what I bought, after trying on 50+ pairs in three stores. My feet are getting more and more sensitive as I get older. I have to have a flexible polyurethane sole and a soft, absorbent (and non-slippery) foot bed, and Cl*rk's always seem to have just what I need, except a toe-ring. I was hoping for something in bronze or copper, but fake crocodile will have to do. I haven't had a pair of brown shoes in 25 years or more, but now that brown clothing is so common, I decided I needed something to go with all the brown clothes I have amassed in the last 3 years - all 4 pieces. LOL. Have you seen all the gladiator sandals in the stores? I don't like them one bit, especially on anyone my age. They look too much like bondage gear and I can't have that, as Jeff Kay would say. Besides, they look horrible with broken veins, razor nicks and swollen ankles.


Last October, I gave my daughter a gift card to a local spa, hoping she would take the time to get a facial. She doesn't live here, but she's home often enough that she could schedule their services. As I suspected she might, she gave the card back to me and told me to use it. I think I will. That will teach her to give a card back to me, won't it?! I have been wanting a facial - but their web-site touts a foot massage that sounds heavenly. Have you ever had one? It is just as relaxing as if you had a full body massage. What do you think? Should I get the facial (which feels nice, but never changes the way I look) or soothe my tired and aching feet?


My older grandson has to work on a family tree for one of his classes. Since mr. kenju has been doing our geneaology for about ten years, we gave him and his mom most of the info that we have amassed. My daughter called that night and said she had found a whole other branch of my mother's family - at least someone who had many of the same relatives as mom did. I started making a family tree on that site today (, but I haven't gotten far enough along with it to find any new people yet. It could be exciting! Mr. kenju found another whole branch of his family, and some of them live here in NC, in Wilmington. We met them a few years ago, and I think I wrote about it then. It's pretty heady stuff to get into when you find out you had a whole set of people in your family that you knew nothing about. Have you ever discovered something like that? I'd love to hear about it.


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I love the shoes! I also love MyHeritage; we've got a huge family tree going, there.

I need some new sandals, so I might check out yours. They're just my style.

Kay Dennison said...

I like your shoes but I can't wear anything backless -- one foot is weird (on the stroke side of course) about that. But I like Clarks, too. Born are also good.
My toes however, are too ugly for jewelry. LOL And a huge yuck on the gladiator sandals!

Where I get my occasional pedicure they always give a foot massage.
Sheer heaven! I'll take it over a facial any time.

Good lord I think we're related on my dad's side to half of Ohio and western PA. In fact, according to the lastest info, there's a couple cousins (3rd or 4th) here in
town. I don't think I wanna know. LOL Hope your grandson has fun with his project.

Gilly said...

Love the sandals, but don't think I could wear them, my feet are weird!!

Have a foot massage - you use them all the time, and they need care. You can give your face a treat at home!

Yes, I have been looking into our family tree - seems half of them were called Sarah and the other half Thomas!! I can get muddled sorting that lot. We have a huge branch of the family in New Zealand, I can just about keep track of them, and have actually met two of them here in England.
Don't think I can claim any NA relatives, but you never know!!

Tabor said...

I hate the fact that my feet are more tender as I do like sexy heels and the older I get the worse my feet look in flat shoes. Oh well, such is living.

Grannymar said...

Go for the foot massage every time. Our feet carry us everywhere, they do all the work!

Love the shoes, alas poor circulation and curling toes prevent me wearing anything like that. Had to abandon my shoe fetish some years ago! :(

My family Tree now covers eight generations. When I started I was on the bottom rung, now there are two generations below me. Some interesting back stories too.

Arkansas Patti said...

Try the foot massage. Hand is also nice. Whole body better. Gee, I just love massage.
I had posted about Key West once and a reader mentioned they had a distant uncle who had been imprisoned there, Dr. Mudd. Son of a gun, he was my distant uncle also so I found a previously unknown relative thru blogger space. Neato.

utenzi said...

I think you'd benefit more from the foot message, Judy. Personally I don't like to have my feet touched, but I suspect if they ever start hurting I'll change my tune. I don't like pain either, y'see.

PI said...

We have just heard of contact from a distant part of my husband's family which involved me giving the address of a widow. I met her at her husbands funeral and have kept in postal touch with her for 30 years. I refused to give the address until I had contacted her and thank goodness I did. The whole idea appalled her - she didn't want to be involved - just wanted to be left alone. Of course the relative who wants her address has ignored her for 30 years and is not best pleased with me.

Ginnie said...

A friend gave me the "great treat" of a facial last year. I couldn't see a bit of difference when we were done but it was a nice relaxing hour!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love the shoes. They are really similar to a shoe I like - Naot's. They are so comfortable!

robin andrea said...

Nice sandals! I just bought a pair of Cl*rks too, something in black all UnLunar. First time I ever bought shoes online. It worked out well.

A facial sounds delightful, but so does a foot massage. Maybe both?

joared said...

Yeah, I've found some Clark styles to be desirably comfortable. Sandals don't do well on my feet, or open-toed shoes of any kind. I really like Munro shoes. Since I'm on my feet a lot, I've finally given into some styles (touted as nursing-type shoes) for which I never cared, so often wear SAS loafer style.

Always have wanted a foot massage -- probably the kindest thing we can do for our feet, especially as we get older.

I've never researched ancestors branch families too much. The large local computer club is really big into genealogy.

Anonymous said...

I guess I hit the jackpot where genealogy goes...mine trace back 12 generations.
When my great-grandparents married it united what I call "The Salem Trio.
Paternal ancestors humanely protested on behalf of John Proctor - to no avail.
Maternal side had one who accused someone of bewitching, who met her death on Gallows Hill, and the third was the brother of Increase Mather who encouraged caution in the face of hysteria of Salem.
All of the above families arrived between 1629 and 1636, so there are lots of stories.

Darlene said...

I wish I could wear your style shoes, but no more. Like Joared, I wear SAS loafers.

My sister is really into genealogy and has traced my great grandmother Spencer back to the branch that Diana Spencer came from; then it was easy to trace them back to a Knight (Robert D'Autentot) who came over to England with the conqueror.
(My aging mind can't remember his name and I'm too lazy to go look it up. All I can think of is Charlemagne, but I think that's the wrong guy.)