Wednesday, May 27

~ Leftovers and a Quote ~

"Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?"

Martin Luther King, Jr , civil-rights leader (1929-1968)

Unfortunately, my answer at present would have to be....not much. I hope to remedy that in the near future.


Handy Hint: Just in time for summer comes this hint!

FREE FIRE STARTERS. I make homemade fire starters from empty toilet paper rolls, used dryer sheets and lint from the dryer's lint trap. First, I tape shut one end of the empty toilet paper roll. Wide packing tape works best. I keep the roll with the laundry supplies and stuff the lint from the filter into the roll along with the dryer sheet. I add to the roll until it is tightly filled. Then, I cover the end with another piece of tape. I make these all winter so I have enough to start lots of campfires all summer. These starters work better than newspaper or kindling! Karen T., Massachusetts

I stole this from a newsletter, which I get daily. It's called "Everyday Cheapskate" and you might like it. They don't have something great everyday, but enough so that I keep getting it. I can't seem to find a link, but if you g*ogle it, you'll find it.

The only thing I might be concerned about with those fire starters is the use of tape. I know that some things put off toxic fumes when they are burned and I don't know if some types of tape are in that category or not. The dryer sheets could easily be toxic when burning. I might be inclined to staple the ends of the toilet paper rolls shut, instead of using tape.


Our foxes have moved on to greater pastures, it seems. Last Friday night we saw a herd of deer going through the property behind our deck. They came closer to the deck than I have ever seen them; right up to the area where the foxes used to play. I don't know if the foxes left because of the deer, or if the deer came close because the foxes were gone, or if either one had anything to do with it. But I sort of feel like a mother whose kids move away and then never call home.


The newscasters are talking about the lottery tonight and the huge jackpot awaiting a winner...I think it was 222 million. It makes me wish I had bought a lottery ticket at the grocery today. But then I think: I've never won anything of substance and why would I think that the winning ticket would be found at a Food lion in Raleigh? Good luck to everyone who bought a ticket...I hope you win!


Beverly said...

Your first quote could stand alone as a post, couldn't it.

I'm sure you do miss the little foxes. It's neat to see wildlife near one's home.

Seamus said...

I'm sorry to hear that your fox have gone MIA! Sometimes our fox will just go off the radar and then they come back and act like nothing has happened - LOL! Good thing they're cute!

Tabor said...

Why wouldn't the winner come from a food store in Raleigh?

Star said...

I had a ticket and had 2 numbers. Not quite the jackpot. Got back more than I spent though. I am destined to win my milllions a few dollars at a time.

Ginnie said...

The only time I ever won a contest was when I was 10 years old and I cheated. (for shame!) You've made me remember that and I may make it into a blog entry. Thanks.

Arkansas Patti said...

Always good to find a use for something I throw away. Think your modifications are good.
At least your foxes are replaced by beautiful deer. You must offer a sanctuary of sorts. The word is out.
Lucky you.

oklhdan said...

I always enjoy helpful hints but seldom get around to trying them. I'd love to make fire starters but then I'd need to start a fire which might lead to camping which then I'd have to sleep outside...oh it's just too much to think about:) Great hint though!

Nancy said...

When my Grandson was in the Cub Scouts, his Pack made Fire Starters for the kids to give as Christmas presents.

They collected hundreds of pine cones and coated them with candle wax and put a nice red bow on them.

My Grandson, Francis, gave me a nice little wicker basket with about 10 of these firestarters. I thought they were wonderful...UNTIL,
I actually used one in my Family room fireplace. The wax melted and looked like lava as it seeped under the glass doors and cascaded down the raised hearth on to my rug.

What a commotion that caused. From then on, that little basket of cones just sat on the hearth and looked nice...

srp said...

I have now heard it all... and I had to laugh... the idea that you are a little jealous of a teal green bug is just too funny!!!

I took one of your earlier posts to heart and pinned new dryer sheets all over my shirt and jeans as I worked outside.. to keep the mosquitoes away.. and other bugs. I looked pretty silly, but no bugs... although I am not sure if the mosquitoes have really gotten their act together yet. Who knew?

robin andrea said...

I'm sorry that your foxes moved on. I have a friend in Massachusetts who also had foxes in her yard. They too moved on. Maybe that's simply fox behavior, moving on to new hunting grounds. I'll google around and check on that.

Interesting hints. I'll have to remember that.

PI said...

You think what you do for your family doesn't count?

Grannymar said...

I searched and found it:

@Nancy the pine cones without a coating work as fire lighters!

Nancy said...


NOW you tell me!!!! Where were you when my Family Room looked like Mauna Loa just went off and lava was flowing everywhere?

Bob-kat said...

I used to win raffles a lot as a kid but nothing since, let alone a lottery win.

It's a shame your foxes have left but how wonderful to see deer so close.

sage said...

Nice quote--sorry your foxes have moved on... As for firestarters, nothing works better than the heart of longleaf pine--lightner wood

Darlene said...

I think having the deer walk by would be a thrill for me. I love them and could never shoot one.

Maybe the foxes will return next year at the same time. At least you don't need to worry about your kitty now.