Thursday, May 21

Foxes, Quotes and Odds & Ends

I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) in the photo, but it was shot from a distance of 50 feet through two dirty windows. You can see one kit plainly, and there were two more behind him and to the left.


We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the same sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.

H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)


"The last word" is the most dangerous of infernal machines; and husband and wife should no more fight to get it than they would struggle for the possession of a lighted bomb-shell.

Douglas William Jerrold, playwright and humorist (1803-1857)


(Written at 5pm)
If you are reading this, it means I didn't have/take the time to write a post tonight, since I will be rooted to my recliner, watching the finale of American Idol. Good luck, Kris!
UPDATE: All hail King Kris Allen - The American Idol!! That was a good surprise, and a welcome one for me.

The pedicure I got today was probably the best I've ever had. It was my usual salon, but the woman who did it was excellent and not at all timid with her leg massage. My legs feel like silk and I was almost wobbly with relaxation when I got out of the chair. The only problem was that it didn't last long enough....LOL. It took 55 minutes, and I could have stood it for at least 2 hours more. BTW, the color I chose was Opi's "The Key to My Karma". Don't you love it? They have the BEST names for their polish!!

After that I went to Bord*rs; bought a large coffee and read wedding flower magazines until it was time to pick mr. kenju up from the health club. I had my hair cut this morning, which is always a treat, so today was my day for pampering. I did buy groceries in-between, but that was the only down-side to the day. I could use more days like this!! Hope your day was pleasant, warm and dry!

Tomorrow, my employer and I are going to a funeral for one of the best cake bakers and decorators who ever lived and worked in our area. I will not know anyone else who attends, but I want to honor her life and her expertise. She was a joy to work with and I valued her friendship and her opinions. This city is definitely diminished by her loss.


Seamus said...

Judy - Those kits are really young! The den has to be very close for them to be bringing them out so young. We haven't seen any of our kits yet, but we have 3 hungry vixens who come by twice a day.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful day, Judy..And MUCH MUCH Needed, too....Pampering is such an important part of life...It is truly restorative sometimes, isn't it?

Sorry to read of your loss....I think it is lovely you are going to Honor her....!

Janaki Gopikrishna said...

good blog

Tabor said...

I think it is interesting that we can impact others's lives no matter what our calling as your cake baker has! We just need to remember to do it well, whatever it is.

Arkansas Patti said...

Just love the foxes. Glad you haven't run them off.
At last you are pampering your self. Way to go. Spend some of that hard earned money.
So sorry about your friend.

Granny Annie said...

This was a totally enjoyable post except for the loss of your friend. But even that part was nice because you honored her beautifully.

PI said...

Glad you are having some R and R. I have to wait till June for my pedicure but otherwise a good day for me - signed with an agent.
It must be fun to watch the little foxes. Where's Bette Davis?

Jamie Dawn said...

Funerals are so sad, and it is great of you attend it in honor of this lady.

Cute foxes!

Ahhh... the joys of a good pedicure. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I don't watch AI. I got tired of it after season two. I did hear both Kris and Adam sing awhile back. Adam is the superior singer, but I think Kris had mass appeal overall. Congrats to Kris! He is a BIG deal here in AR.


Ginnie said...

What fun to have the fox family at your back door!

Kay Dennison said...

The kits are darling!

I used to have a nail tech who probably used the same brand. The colors I wore were "Mood Swings". "Attitude Adjustment" and "You Just Don't Get It". I loved it because it lasted wonderfully!

srp said...

That sounds like way too much fun... I cut down grass with the weed eater... no fun here.

Our bluebirds babies have flown the nest.... time to clean it out for the next set.

Grannymar said...

Warm and dry weather?? What does that feel like? At lunchtime today it was 11°C and very wet in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.

themom said...

Lovely kits. But please be wary. I think the pedi indulgence was nice...they are never long enough though (massages).

robin andrea said...

I do like seeing those foxes. I hope it's all working out in your yard, and the cats are okay staying in.

Sorry to read about the loss of your friend.

rosemary said...

Foxes, foxes deserve to be pampered.