Sunday, May 31

an award + an afternoon party

John, of John Abuzz, gave me a Kreativ Blogger award, and I am grateful for it. Coming from another creative person, it is very appreciated. The award is also a meme, but the rules are simple. If you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award. And of course copy the award to your site and link back to this post or my blog. I told John I wouldn't nominate anyone this time around, since I have already done this one - but - I am pleased to mention seven things that tickle my fancy! And here they are:

1. My family and friends, of course - and may they both prosper and increase! (Blog friends are included in that!)
2. Fresh flowers, in abundance or by the single stem. Nothing pleases me more than to be in a room or garden full of flowers!
3. A frosty cold beer at the end of the day is a boon for whatever has ailed me and sends me off to serene slumbers.
4. Travel to faraway places. I love broadening my horizons and seeing new places; reveling in history and other cultures.
5. Security pleases me. I love the feeling that tells me everything is well and even if something bad happens I have the resources to take care of it.
6. Using my creativity pleases me no end. I love creating anything; be it art, music, good food or serenity for others.
7. Photographs on the computer; especially those from places I will most probably never see. If you know where to look, the computer is the doorway to any place you can imagine - even outer space. I'd be lost without mine.

Thanks again, John.


An old friend of mine had an Arb*nne Facial Spa party today at her home. Arb*nne products range from skin care to practically anything you can imagine for the body. I knew when I accepted the invitation (and told the hostess) that I would not buy anything, and if that was okay with her, I would come. Another friend and I drove together, about 20 miles from here. She served a buffet lunch, and as she is legendary as a good cook, I was looking forward to the spread. I was not disappointed; devilled eggs, ham and rolls, orzo salad with mint and pine nuts, chicken salad, and various desserts, including a fruit tart were all wonderful. I helped her make sangria, and she also served iced tea.

I enjoyed seeing some old friends and coworkers, but I have to say that the woman who put on the party seemed more interested in getting people to sell the products than she did selling any herself. We heard much too much (IMO) about becoming a salesperson, and not as much about the products themselves. I already have some of those products. My daughter gave them to me for Christmas two years ago. They are really good - when I remember to use them - but they are so expensive that I would not buy them for myself. The saleswoman talked about how you could get 80% off the cost of the products if only you would agree to give an in-home party. I had better sense than to agree to that!! How do you handle stuff like that? Do you go and buy things you may not want? Or do you not buy (and feel guilty?) Or do you stay at home?


oklhdan said...

That is a good question. I think you handled it perfectly by telling your friend up front that you wouldn't be ordering anything.

Awareness said...

I think my pleased list would be very similar to yours Judy.

I havent been to many home parties lately...the last one was a candle party and i was so uncomfortable sitting there listening to it all, knowing I didn't want any of the stuff because I could buy my darn candles at the dollar store!!! But, I felt obligated to buy something.

I also find that most people don't know how to host and don't take the necessary time to make everyone feel comfortable. In fact, I've been to some where I wasn't even introduced to every woman in the livingroom. I find that appalling.

ps....I have 4 vases filled with flowers in my living room tonight... We're a little behind you as far as the the lilacs here are in full bloom.... lily of the valley, forget me nots, bleeding them all! The lilacs though are so wonderfully fragrant. love them!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've made it abundantly clear to all my friends that I am not interested in the scrapbooking/candle/home interior, etc. parties and I will not be able to attend. If I get an invite to something I'm interested in, I will go and buy - otherwise, I stay home. :-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I stay home. In truth, I haven't been invited to a party of that nature for about thirty years...! So, luckily, I haven't had to make that decision....The Lunch sounded quite yummy, I must say.

I LOVE your Seven things, Judy...ALL wonderful and perfect, to my way of thinking. I dob;t drink beer, but I can see how it would be most welcome at the end of a long hard day....
And I am so with you on The Flowers and The Creativity!

Grannymar said...


The Hostess usually recieves a gift from the 'Party People' and the value of said gift increases with the number of sales on the day.

The 'Party Person' is paid not alone on products sold, but also on the recruits she enrolls. Think pyramid selling. That might explain the pushiness. I find it a BIG turn-off and now always say No thank you!

Gilly said...

Haven't been to one of those parties for years. They are generally Tupperware parties in my neck of the woods. or were. I used to buy something very small, having told the hostess I couldn't do more.

Just as a PS, about 40 years ago I was myself a "Tupperware Lady" - not very good, I gave it up because I was hopeless at pushing people to buy or become a rep themselves.

I wouldn't go to any parties now.

tiff said...

I just don't get invited to those parties! ;) And if I do, I typically don't go...unless it's Pamp-ered CH-f. I love that stuff.

Great list!

Arkansas Patti said...

Curious about your being prepared for security. Are you armed and dangerous or do you plan to sick a rabid husband on anyone threatening you?
I really don't like those parties for it is usually a friend and you feel obligated to buy "something." After securing a lifetime supply of Tupperware salt and pepper shakers (cheapest things) I finally discovered I was always busy on those nights.

PI said...

I'm afraid I stay at home. Congrats on yet another award.

Star said...

I stay home. I think I have done my share of home parties , which I have never enjoyed, in my younger days . If I feel obligated to buy I ask for a catalog.