Sunday, April 26

Yesterday's Weddings

These were Mel Day's weddings (Dogwood Tree Florals) and I just helped. The first photo shows the chandelier in the narthex of Jones Chapel at Meredith College, decorated with pink crystal bead garland and ribbons, which are suspending roses. Click to enlarge.

Someone in the bride's family painted the C's and we hung them from the pews. On every other pew, there were cones made of stiff wallpaper, holding a peony.

Below is one of the bridesmaid's bouquets for a wedding at Fairmont Methodist Church. The bridesmaids wore navy dresses. You see roses, tulips, lilacs, delphiniums, scabiosa and sweet peas.

Below is one of her table centerpieces; at the Cardinal Club.

Here is a detail of one of two wreaths for the Meredith College wedding. I made these! You see hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies.

One of the table centerpieces for the Meredith College wedding. The reception was held at Marbles Museum.

This beautiful cake was decorated by the cake baker - and she did a wonderful job. with the fresh flowers. Most of them aren't this good! I can never remember the name of her business, but her name is Donna.


Beverly said...

I always enjoy seeing the floral creations that you all do. It looks like you were very busy.

Darlene said...

Beautiful floral arrangements; especially your wreaths. It must be difficult to time making them so they stay fresh during the ceremonies.

My son and daughter-in-law had fresh flowers on their wedding cake and it was the topic of conversation.

Arkansas Patti said...

You surprised me by sneaking in at mid dsy?
Lovely as always but shold we expect less. Think not.

Granny Annie said...

As usual, I love to see your beautiful arrangements. Suddenly I am struck with this question -- Do people sometimes get so caught up in the event that they fail to pause and enjoy the intricate work and talent that goes into these masterpieces?

srp said...

Beautiful flowers, but yours always are... if the temps stay up I suspect the roses at the Botanical Garden here will bloom early. That garden is a great place for a wedding... no decorating necessary with climbing roses, tree roses and a fabulous area for a reception as well.

Love the wreaths! Peonies are one of my mother's favorite flowers.

Beverly said...

Those wreaths are beautiful....

Shephard said...

Dusty colors are def. outside my color palette, lol.. but the arrangements are lovely!
~S :)