Saturday, April 18

Since Patti told earlier this week about meeting Perry Como and Jackie Gleason - and I have nothing else to post - I'm going back into my archives yet again and post my story about meeting The Four Freshmen. Go. Read. But don't expect it to be as good as Patti's story.....LOL

And come back here for the photo I couldn't find when I first wrote that story.


Go over here to see "why men aren't useless". I guarantee you'll like it!


Kay Dennison said...


Tabor said...

I must admit the "non-useless men" post left me a little bit ewe. Boy are they in good shape. They look like quadruplets or quintuplets..whatever.

sage said...

I'm trying not to take offense at your last link! ;)

Arkansas Patti said...

Thank you so much for the link and comments but you blew me out of the water with your post. You had me chuckling through out the post. I do remember Mr. Garroway also.
I saw the Freshmen about the same time period and they had lost their youthful bloom for me also. You definately cornered the cutiest one.
Thanks again.

Darlene said...

I was happy to see that men are good for something. I would love to use some of them I have met for an ironing board. ;-)

The celebrities I have met are Jerry Lewis (A real snob) and Imogene Coca (A very gracious and genuine person. I loved her.)

Peter said...

Loved this post Judy, I followed your link to the Four Freshmen and from there to Maria's blog, I had lost contact with her many months ago through a computer glitch which told me her site was unavailable.
Maria was my first non-family commenter (followed closely by you) so I treasure the contact with you both.