Thursday, April 2

Office Tips + Which Animal Is It?

Fig. 1


Owing to the downturn in the economy, more people than ever are afraid of losing their jobs. They need to maintain an aura of happiness around the office. To that end, everyone will be given two rubber bands and 2 paper clips. See figure 1.

Fig. 2
Bend the clips and attach the rubber bands as seen in Fig. 2

Fig. 3
See how easy it is?


My head has hurt all day, and if I were going to smile, that's how it would have to be done. I think a call to my doc is in order tomorrow. Normally, I wouldn't call my doc for a headache, but since I've had one every day for two months, it's time to check it out.

Mr. kenju was in his den chair yesterday, which sits near the French doors that go out to the deck. He and I sometimes see strange cats, bunnies and even snakes on the deck, but we've never seen a fox - until now. He said it was about 3 times bigger than our cats, and it had a fuzzy tail. That seems like a fox, right? Oh, and it was gray. My neighbor told me about seeing a fox in her backyard several months ago. She feeds a feral cat that hangs around our neighborhood, and the fox was showing a lot of interest in the cat's food, which she puts on the edge of her deck. After seeing the fox, she made sure to remove the food as soon as the feral cat has had his fill. No need to encourage the fox to hang around, although Seamus might think so.

About two weeks ago, I got an email from the local neighborhood news-person, telling us that a coyote had been spotted in the neighborhood behind ours, just a hop, skip and jump from our homes. Mr. kenju, never having seen either a fox or a coyote in person, was unclear which our visitor might be. I don't know either, but until I go*gled both animals, I didn't know that a coyote has a fuzzy tail just like a fox does. Mr. kenju said our visitor had a long snout. That sounds more like a coyote to me. What do you think?

UPDATE! I go*gled photos of both animals this morning for mr .kenju and he says it was a coyote, for sure. I made an appointment to see my doc tomorrow morning.


Sheri said...

A coyote is generally bigger than a fox, but I'm no expert, just an observer.

Love the paper clips and rubber bands, but please do go to the doctor about your persistent headache!

Mar said...

I have seen a fox but I have only heard coyotes, so I cannot help you.
I agree with Sheri!
Imagine what's on my agenda today: meeting Bob-Kat!!

Grannymar said...

I must remember that kit when I have a day where it is difficult to smile.

I once had a red fox come into the garden. It was so young that it was frightened off by the appearance of a stray cat.

Judy please look after yourself and GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Sky said...

a coyote is my guess. we see them here frequently. they will also kill cats.

concerns about that continued headache - hope you will check it out.

Peter said...

I'm voting with the coyote crew Judy, but then I've never seen a real coyote!!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you have all ready made an appointment. Please let us know how it turns out.

I used to own an artic fox and a red fox. Don't believe in owning a wild animal but they were rescues.
They are my favorite animals. Uber smart.

Try to get a picture.

Star said...

I wouldn't expect either to walk down my driveway, but we did have the armadillo/aardvark neighborhood controversy a while back. Oh, and the muskrat. Whichever your visitor is, keep your distane, but see if you can get us a photo!

Kay Dennison said...

Get your asker to the doctor -- NOW!!!! The only symptom before my stroke was headaches!!!! And don't let the damn doctor blow it off.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't know that I've seen either. Just keep an eye out for him again and try to snap a pic!

rosemary said...

Our coyotes are pretty mangy looking...bland colored and their tails are usually down. We have several dens close by and while they are usually quiet during winter, this year they howled and howled. They mosey though the yard at all times of the day and night and I know several cats in our area are missing. We also have a wolf come through every so often, but they are fluffy and actually beautiful. Good thing that doc appointment.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Coyotes are very adapted to surburbia and urban areas, we see lots of them around here! I feel sorry for them, but I also dislike them because they've killed a few of my cats :( We can't let our cats out of the house because of the coyote issue, but sometimes one sneaks out.

One Woman's Journey said...

I think it was a coyote. I know they have been seen around my country home. The first time I saw one I thought it was a fox.
I am always fearful they will hurt one of my dogs - oh dogs of the past and new ones I will soon be making a home for.

PI said...

Judy I hope you get some satisfaction from the doc. Now who's being naughty leaving it so long?
It could be something like hay fever.

Carolyn said...

We had fox where we lived before. I kind of miss them.

Sorry about your headaches. Hope its nothing serious. I think I'm going to have to pull back from Facebooking a while and let my eyes rest though, lol!

tiff said...

Judy - I hope your doc appt goes well. You may have sinusitis from the Spring coming on...

Oh boy - coyotes! Wooooo!

srp said...

A coyote is usually confused with a large dog. If it is just twice as big as a cat and lower to the ground... probably a fox. We have had both here.

Brighid said...

The rubberband-paperclip smile is a hoot. Could have used that one a time or two.
Most likely a coyote. They are amazing, but can be trouble during calving & lambing. Wish we had a few more around here as the neighbors have adopted about 22 feral cats.
Take care of your health, Please.

robin andrea said...

I've only seen a fox once. It was a surprisingly small critter. Quite beautiful and bushy-tailed. Coyotes are living much closer to humans these days, learning how to extend the margins right into our backyards!

Good luck with the doctor appointment. A headache everyday for two months is definitely something that should be looked into.