Tuesday, April 21

Odds and Ends + a Recommendation

Some of you may remember a blog called Code Name Nora about life in a retirement home.

Nora emailed me that she had lost the ability to get into that blog, so she started another one called The Twilight Zone and asked me to tell you. I am happy to do just that; Nora is a gifted writer and she needs to be heard/read!!

You can also read some chapters from her novel. I was hooked after the first one! Tell her kenju sent you!


Mr. kenju was reading the paper on Sunday morning and mentioned an article about Shania Twain - or as he pronounced it - Sha-knee-a Twine. You've heard her sing, haven't you? Sure cracked me up!


My cats have been playing follow the leader again. I walk from the office to the bedroom; they follow me down the hall as if they were dogs. I walk from the bedroom to the kitchen; they follow. I sit in my recliner, and they come running to see who can get the prized area on my lap, and who has to take second best on my legs. If I get up to go to the restroom - they follow me. Now I know how celebrities feel when they are near paparazzi!!


I accompanied some friends to church Sunday morning; the one I attended for 5 years, until about a year ago. The changes were interesting; neither bad nor good, just different. It does a person good to observe change. Sometimes it even makes them realize that moving on was a very good thing.


Why didn't one of you tell me that up to this point, I have been spelling "recommendation" with only one 'm' ? I didn't notice the typo until I was writing this post. I really hate misspellings, but not enough to go back and change all 57 tags in my labels list!


Darlene said...

I visited The Twilight Zone and told Nora that you sent me. She had some interesting observations on being old and I replied with a few of mine.

I once bought some greeting cards at The Old Globe theater in San Diego. They had quotes from Shakespeare and the one that I never sent to anybody sticks in my mind. It was, "Egad, how old can thee get?" Well, I should have kept that one to put on my fridge so I could look at it every day.

PI said...

My excellent spelling has deteriorated over the years and now I have the complication of American spelling:) My dictionary is never more than three feet behind me.
Shania was my grand-son's first love. He's moved on now.

Sky said...

thanks so much for the great link!

i know how you feel about wishing you knew about typos as they occur. i go back and edit mine when i find them, even months later. OCD.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I know the feelings with the cats, only mine is a 3 year old. I go to the restroom and there she is, "Mommy, do you have to pee-pee, poo-poo or bof?" Good times. At least your cats can't talk! :-)

Star said...

I would never have noticed if you didnt point it out. What good is spellcheck if it doesn't spellcheck everything? I am always paranoid because it does not correct titles in Blogger. I an spell, but I can't type.

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks for the link to The Twilight Zone. I can so relate and she does write beautifully. I'll be back.

The cats--why do they feel that humans can't perform bodily functions with out an audience? Leg rubbing doesn't really help me go any quicker.
I have a foot for foot pair also that only squabble when it is lap time. Gotta love em.

Tabor said...

Blogger will underline words that it thinks are incorrect...both in the comments and the blog itself. I have no excuse for 'mispellings' (!) except laziness.

utenzi said...

I thought you were trying to conserve your "M"s, Judy. Maybe saving them up to cash in as a bunch of "M & M"s eventually.

Nancy said...


My cat would follow me everywhere I went. If I forgot my glasses and had to go upstairs for them,Olivia would follow me. I tried to tell her I would be right back, but she wanted to be wherever I was.

If I closed the bathroom door, she would meow and scratch at the door until I let her in and then she just sat and stared at me.

I miss that girl!!!!

Shephard said...

Hmm. I love Shania Twain. Now I want to know what the article said! New CD? Is she ok? lol

rosemary said...

My cats do the same thing....my lap sometimes turns into a fight to see who wins the prize. As for the spelling thing....Mozilla usually catches most of them but not always.

Grannymar said...

Time to go do some Twilighting.

norachristie.wordpress.com said...

Thanks, Kenju, for the plug. You are very gracious and kind. I had some visitors today who said you sent them. Merci!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Thanks for the heads up on Nora. I visited and liked what I read.

Thinking of you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL.....I'm surpriseed you don't use SPELLCHECK, Judy....If I didn't use it, I would look like a moron!

I will go visit TWILIGHT ZONE. Right Now!

tiff said...

I love the random posts.

Yep - sometimes moving on IS a good thing. It's good to find a comfy place you can call home, whereever that it!

Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for the info. I hope I feel human again soon.

Oh heck, Judy!!! I can't keep my blog straight, you want me to edit yours, too?