Saturday, April 4

Floral Portraits from the Past - Part II

At the North Carolina Museum of Art. I got large wooden wine boxes, painted them in the colors of the plaid table linen, and stacked them up randomly, adding flowers to the top and the open corners. That's one way to get height for a buffet centerpiece, as well as add color interest.

A spring centerpiece; featuring a small bird's nest with candy eggs. The container, an 11" tray with straight sides, was covered with short pieces of equisetum and tied on with raffia.

For a political event, I used an old wooden box of my mom's as a pedestal and a copper milk can to hold the flowers. The table was later filled with foods.

For an October wedding centerpiece, I mingled flowers with various vegetables and fruits, per the bride's request. She later donated the food to a charity soup kitchen. I think that's a wonderful idea!

This very tall arrangement (about 9') was for a reception at Duke University.


Quite possibly I will regret it, but I have deleted my blogroll. The reason is that there were so many who have either expired or no longer blog, and there was no way I could delete just those - it was all or nothing. Over the weekend I will go back into Bloglines and see about getting another one started. Bear with me!

Comments are turned off for this post. If you have a question about any of the flowers, etc., email me. All of you are wonderful at leaving lovely comments about the flowers, but I don't want you to feel as though you have to comment. They are shown here for our enjoyment.