Wednesday, March 18

More Odds and Ends

Similar things are probably being said at many workplaces lately.

You'll notice I've gone to "medium" photos. Blogger told me I was using a very high percentage of my available photo space and it scared me into uploading smaller images. I don't know what happens when you reach your limit (other than they offer you more space for which you have to pay), but I suspect you have to start another blog. I already have a name for a new one, but I'm not ready to change yet....LOL

In our case, the wording could be reversed: Mr. Kenju's doing all the driving, I'm just the one behind the wheel. Mr. K has always been a very energetic back-seat driver - even from the passenger seat! And since his stroke, it is worse.

A lot of that is going around too.

Here's another photo of that white moose I showed you last week. I got the pix in an email, and there was no data telling about him or where he was discovered. I wonder if albino animals are sometimes shunned by their herds, like black sheep are by their mothers. How sad.

This is the view when I enter the building where my hairdresser's shop is located. I've shown it before, but I think it's worth a second look. If I had an office away from home, I think I'd like it to be there. Lush vegetation, fountains, benches - what more could you want?


We went out to dinner tonight. We've known the guy since the early 70's, when he was married to a woman whom we knew from a group we belonged to at the time. He's Chinese and she was American, but he spoke English nearly as well as she did, and he'd only been in the U.S. since graduate school. About 16 years ago, his first marriage ended and he later married a lovely Chinese woman, whom he had known in college. Mr. kenju met her shortly after they married, but I never had, until tonight. It was so great to see him again and find out about his children, and greater still to meet his nice wife. Mr. kenju chose the restaurant; a place he frequents for lunch, but our friends were not very familar with it. We shared mu shu pork, General Tso's chicken, orange beef and kung pao shrimp, plus wonton soup and Tsing Tao beer (which wasn't green) but I enjoyed it, nonetheless!

Maybe on the next Chinese New Year, we'll go downtown to the local Irish pub (Tir Na Nog) and have corned beef, cabbage and Irish coffee....LOL (remind me to tell you about our Irish coffee story)

Oh, and I have to tell you that I saw actual sunshine today - just when I was certain it would never show its face again - it popped out for a few minutes. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, and I may sit out on the deck all day long!!


Kay Dennison said...

It was sunny and 60s in Ohio today!!! Ain't life grand?

Glad you had a nice dinnerand enjoyed new friends!!! I love chinese food, too!! I tipped a pint out, too -- it's a Greek restaurant/bar (not far from me but they had corned beef and cabbage on the menu and green beads with a big shamrock charm
charm for fun.

As the Brits say, it's my local. Or as we Yanks say, it's my version of Cheers!

Tabor said...

Yes, you and I must have been looking at that same sun that appeared just around dinner time...finally! going planting excited I am up early. I think you may have to delete your blog to start at zero space again. maybe want to print out some of your favorite posts?

Arkansas Patti said...

Very funny and very interesting.
You are just too prolific with your blogs that you fill them up. Didn't know that could happen.
Just ask judy, Imagine, what is next? Think it would be fun to start all new.

Star said...

I am looking forward to some of that sun today myself!

tiff said...

Yay for sun! It was wonderful to have to dig out the shades again.

Mmmm, Tir Na Nog. Sunday brunch. Mmmmm.

PI said...

Your cartoons a re beautifully clear..This morning I have been scanning some favourite ones but I suspect they may be illegible when / if I post them.
I worry about space also and every now and then delete some which aren't personal. Does that help I wonder?

ET said...

I shoveled many many of my own photos to my blog and I think a couple of times they told me I might have to upgrade and I paid ignored them and kept shoveling - and that was years ago.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It was beautiful here yesterday too. I hope we get some more! :-)

You can run out of space on Blogger? Eeeks!

Bob-kat said...

Glad you got some sun at last :) It's sunny here too and I feel so much better for it :D

I'm also glad you had such a nice time out with your friend. It's always so nice to catch up with people. Now I have blog friends that is partly what keeps me blogging!

srp said...

Weird....not you, on Safari I couldn't see all your pictures or get to the comments but I can with Firefox. It's probably something I did though. I think they make you pay for more memory space when you use too much.

As for the sun... I think it is trying to break through today, but right now the fog is dense and I can hardly see the house two doors down.

robin andrea said...

I've been using the medium-sized photo upload for many years. It works quite well. Your pics look fine.

Glad you got to see the sun.

bobbie said...

a fun post!

Yes I saw sunshine yesterday and today - so now my car isn't running so I can't go out and enjoy it.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Fear can be a powerful motivator, so maybe being afraid is good! Now you know the REAL cause of our recession!

Loved your comics.


Darlene said...

Funny cartoons. Thanks for the laugh.

Peter said...

G'day Judy, I've been using the same blogsite forever, with lots of photos and have never had any problem with space/memory, I usually resize photos to about 800x600 so they load quicker but that's all.
BTW I downloaded an excellent free program called Pixresizer for said resizing.