Sunday, March 15


Doesn't that make you think of Spring? It's one of the bridesmaid bouquets that Mel Day made this weekend.

How often do you get to see an albino moose?


Like cars in amusement parks, our direction is often determined through collisions.

Yahia Lababidi, author (b. 1973)





noun: A minor or incompetent mathematician.


Kay Dennison said...

Love the flowers and the moose!!!! And I'm a mathmaticaster, too!!!!

Gilly said...

You have moose past your windows??!! Is moose plural as well as singular, like sheep? Or do you hac=ve mooses, or maybe mice?? ;)

Sorry to say I can join the mathmaticaster club as well!

Bud said...

Judy, love your photos.... I haven't seen an albino moose since I quit drinking.

PI said...

It'd be a fine thing to see a moose - let alone a white one.
Thank you for the lovely bouquet:)

Awareness said...

Beautiful blue in the bouquet. oh, am longing for spring flowers.

Albino Moose??? Or maybe that one is really really old? Or made of white chocolate?
Never seen one. However even though I live in Moose country, it's a very rare day I see any of them except strapped to the front of a pick up truck at the end of September when all the crazies go out into the woods to hunt them down!! I can't imagine that poor fella can survive well out in the woods. he'd stick out like a sore thumb during moose hunting season.

as far as math goes...i'm like you...but i must also be a "pronouncecaster too because I can't seem to pronounce the word either. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Four out of the 5 women and no male commenters, admit to being mathmaticasters( I am in the mix). Why is that? Must be a missing gene.

Have to agree with Yahia.

Beverly said...

I LOVE the flowers. I would love to see photos of that wedding. I imagine it was beautiful.

The e-mail I got of the moose actually showed two in one photo...interesting to say the least.

Yahia said...

Happy to hear that my quote spoke to you, Judy.

If you care for more of that sort of thing, kindly
peruse my new book of 300 original sayings:

"Signposts to Elsewhere"

All the very best, Yahia

Ginnie said...

The colors in the bouquet are lovely...and it does make me think of Spring.

One Woman's Journey said...

The flowers surely made me thing of spring - I can picture them on my table.

whimsical brainpan said...

I think those are the prettiest leftovers I've ever seen!

The moose is cool too.

Bob-kat said...

Me too! ;)

Those flowers are gorgeous!

rosemary said...

Boy those flowers sure would be welcome here...sleet so think you can't see the tree tops. Mathma....yup, me too.

srp said...

No, I have never seen an albino/white moose.... where was this creature?

Michelle said...

The flowers most definitely make me think of spring :)

BreadBox said...

Hey! I resemble that remark!