Tuesday, February 3

Sixth Folder Photo Theme

I have been tagged by Bobbie at Almost There for a photo meme.

She says, "This is the kind of meme I like! Easy and fun! All you do is go to your sixth folder, choose your sixth photo in that folder, and post it. You link back to the person who chose you, and choose six more people to do the same."

This was taken at the annual "Tiffoween" Party at Tiff and Biff Spiffy's home last October. They have a fabulous fire pit - as you can see - and we toasted our tootsies and pretty much everything else around the fire all evening. It was a fun party - as are all of the Spiffy's soirees!

As for tagging other people: if you feel the urge - DO IT!!


Mr. kenju had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it was good news. His blood pressure is finally under control; it didn't even spike during the office visit. Since he has always had what they call "white coat hypertension", it was especially noteworthy that his BP didn't go up much that morning. We got more good news last week, in that our insurance company has decided to cover the second daily pill of a medication they normally only cover once per day. It took a letter from a lawyer to get that decision - but hey - whatever works, right??!!


According to our weather report, we may get snow overnight. Bah. The bright spot in that forecast is that since the temperature here was up to 63* yesterday, the roads are deemed too warm to allow much accumulation of snow, so we will not be "stopped dead in our tracks" even if it does snow a bit. You have no idea how happy that makes me!! I have a luncheon date today with an old friend. We are trying out a new restaurant in town and I am really looking forward to seeing this woman, so snow will not be welcome at all. Wish me luck.


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Here I am wishing you luck. That's an intriguing meme although I'll probably not do it myself. I like your photo, though. And I'm so glad Mr. Kenju is doing well and that the insurance co. coughed up the second pill. One could spend half their life dealing with the docs and the insurance carriers, I swear.

Errant said...

great pic .. so warrrrm

Granny Annie said...

My photo folders are all empty right now so I can't play this meme.

I am doing a weather dance to keep away the snow so you can have lunch with your friend. Around and around, up and down, touch my head, touch my toes, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. That's the weather dance. Wow, what we won't do for our friends:)

Carolyn said...

I'll probably do this meme since I have nothing else to report but SNOW! 1.5" and another round to start at noon today with 3-6" possible accum before midnight.

Can I come live w/you??? ;)

Diane Mandy said...

I am so happy the news from the doctor was good!

Ark Patti said...

Can we save a meme for a mind dead day? Sounds like fun. Loved the picture of the campfire.
Understand the white coat blood pressure. Guilty. So glad he is doing well. Can't believe you won against the Ins. Co. Way to go.
Hope the snow is just a pretty site with no sticking.

rosemary said...

both sad and amazing what a letter from an attorney can do. snow....4 letter word.

Farrago said...


whimsical brainpan said...

Congrats to Mr. Kenju!

We're supposed to get sbow here too. I'll believe it when I see it.

Darlene said...

Well, if the snow doesn't cooperate you can always look at the photo of the fire pit to warm you up.

Seriously, I hope you do get to keep the luncheon date.

tiff said...

Well done, Mr Kenju!

We have a HUGE pile of firewood now - come on over and we'll have a burn!

Jamie Dawn said...

Go away snow!!
Enjoy your lunch.

GREAT news about Mr. Kenju's health and the payment for that second pill by the insurance. I'm glad you got what you needed, even if it took a lawyer's letter. Medications are way too expensive!!

Nice, warm photo.
Smores sound good about now.

Pagan Sphinx said...

This is so weird. When I come to your blog, it's in miniature. I finally hit it right with the comments link but I can't see the photos very well and certainly can't read anything! :-(

I just wanted to tell you that's why I haven't been by but I did give you a blog award a few days back, if you'd like to pick it up.