Tuesday, February 17

Quotes of Note + Maxine + a link!

(Of course, I am still married. I just thought this was pretty funny.)


I believe I have no prejudices whatsoever. All I need to know is that a man is a member of the human race. That's bad enough for me.

Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)


I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President (1809-1865)


Here's something very important for everyone to see. Please go, read and do what you can to help.


Kay Dennison said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hale McKay said...

I like the Mark Twain quote. As always, Maxine is a riot.

I recently retrieved some old (and not in good condition) comic books from a box of trash a lady wanted thrown away. I scanned the covers and posted them for Tuesday.

Do they bring back any memories for you?

Arkansas Patti said...

That was some link. God bless her and I hope she reaches and helps the way too many women effected. Can never have too much light on such a dark subject. Bookmarked her and will see what I can do. Thanks

sonia a. mascaro said...

Funny quotes!

really, the blog about domestic violence is very important!

Maggie, Dammit said...

Thank you so much for the link! I just published the first survivor story a few minutes ago. It's wonderful.

I so appreciate the support.

(Maxine is hysterical.) ;)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for the link. I'm going to bookmark it. And really take some time reading it later.

Mojo said...

Maxine's always good for a laugh, but the Mark Twain quote cracked me up!

And I'm soooo glad to see the link out to Maggie's. The more of those there are, the more effective it can be.

tardevil said...

Funny! Who doesn't love Maxine?

themom said...

Maxine is my Idol!!! The link on domestic violence is excellent. It opens some old wounds, but I am waaay past that. I know what I am worth and am very happy in the place I am!

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Darlene said...

Thanks for the Maxine laughs and the quotes. I will check the link out.

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

I copied and sent that married one to my mom. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you for telling me about your beautiful furniture! It's absolutely gorgeous and your mom did a wonderful job restoring it. I hope they put you on the show ;)

I'm off to take a look at the link....


tiff said...

Wouldn't you love to meet the mind behind Maxine? I sure would.

Yay to Maggie for her new venture. A more worthy use of webspace is hard to find.

colleen said...

I just noticed that Maxine's hair is blue.

sage said...

Maxine's lines are classic!

whimsical brainpan said...

I do so love Mark Twain! Thanks for the link! That's a great site.