Wednesday, January 7

"Another Day Older and......*

Considering all that I need to do around here, including taking down all the Christmas decor, I am remarkably calm about not doing anything. This was another day of relative laziness, except for going to get my tail light replaced, getting some photos printed and buying groceries, which is rapidly becoming my most annoying thing to do, seeing as how the prices go up every week. The potato chips that mr. kenju likes went up over 50 cents per bag in one fell swoop. How can that be? He shouldn't be eating them anyway - so that problem's solved.

At the gas station where I get small things done to my car, it wasn't great news. The right tail light assembly was full of water, indicating that the seal is broken on the unit. That's what made the bulb short out and will continue to do so until I replace it. The other tail light is broken (someone backed into my car in a parking lot) and I am told that it will not pass inspection in March unless I replace the cover. It's always something, right? I also need tire rotation, balancing and alignment. You think maybe during my lifetime they'll invent a car that needs no maintenance whatsoever? I'm sure there'll be a waiting list....sign me up quick!

Today was soup day. You know, the kind of day where nothing else will do but something hot and hearty to warm your insides. I call it "clean out the refrigerator" soup. I used the carcasses of two Cornish hens to make the stock and added onions, celery, leftover rice, corn, carrots, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, green peas and Mrs. D*sh. Yum. Soup's on. Don't you want some?

We've had 2 days straight of steady rains alternating with mist and drizzle and temperatures in the 40's. More tomorrow, if we can believe the weather guys, although it is supposed to go back up into the high sixties. I thought I'd never get tired of rain after the horrendous drought we had over the past 2 years - but I'm beginning to carp about it. Slap me upside the head, okay? I should try to be reasonably happy with whatever Mother Nature decides to give us, as long as it's not extreme. But Lord, I'd really like some of those pretty clouds in a deep blue sky like the photo above. And soon, please, if it's not too much trouble.

*deeper in debt" (from "Sixteen Tons")


Lisa said...

If I could, I'd send you the blue sky with fluffy clouds...

I was supposed to be accomplishing things today too, but I calmly started looking through photos and proceeded to take one box after another out of the attic to go through even more. Now I have Christmas boxes and photo boxes all over the place. LOL

We need maids!

Mar said...

I love the blue sky and the fluffy clouds!
It's a bit over 32ºF in Spain and it's snowing (not where I live but not far away), which is rather unusual, of course.

I'd love a bowl of your soup!!

Peter said...

We could swap some hot weather for some of that rain Judy, if you're interested. (wouldn't it be great if we could really do this!!!

bobbie said...

You deserve a lazy day or two once in a while.

Always - always something that has to be done to a car. I am fortunate that my son is an excellent mechanic, but he's so busy and works so hard, I hate to bug him about things that I need done.

That soup sounds awfully good to me.

The rainy weather can be a real drag. I do love it, up to a point, but after a while....

ET said...

Sometimes I look at all the things I need to do and get overwhelmed and don't do a thing.
Your tea-leaves-like word verification just gave me a word I should think about. It is "press" like press onward.

Star said...

It's sill raining here as well. Mmm, that soup sounds yummy. I am not a bad cook, but a good pot of soup escapes me.

Ark Patti said...

Rainy days have a wonderful purpose They force us be lazy, unless we just LOvE to clean house.
I use bad days to cook all day. It is fun and I get quick freezer meals for the hectic future.
Also a good time to tackle that book list.
Enjoy the down timee.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've started to make "to do" lists for the week instead of the day. I figure I might as well pace myself! :-)

Tabor said...

I refuse to feel guilty about lazy days as I worked so hard when my kids were little. I love 'refrigerator soup' usually comes out so delicious as well as healthy. We all get tired of the cold gray winters this time of year.

amarkonmywall said...

I hear you on the rising cost of living-it's unnerving at best. Still, don't you find that sometimes it pushes you to be a bit more inventive as you cautiously watch your budget? The soup for example. It sounds absolutely delicious!

Bob-kat said...

Isn't it starnge how something like a blue sky can really lift the whole day? I hope you gte one soon :)

Thanks for all your well wishes. they are much appreciated.

Farrago said...

I'll take your mind off of the incessant rain. Sending incessant snow your way.


Granny Annie said...

Love the blue skies smiling at you!

My sister also makes a delicious soup out of leftovers on refrigerator cleaning day. I never know how to make a decent soup out of wilted lettuce, molded grapes and ketchup. Have I mentioned that I'm not very domestic?

sage said...

My rear light on my truck was bumped into and cracked. I didn't think it was a problem till the light shorted out and I found that it was 1/2 filled with water--it cost 80 bucks to replace that piece of plastic!!! At that kind of price, I may soon have to start loading 18 tons a day!

Bear Naked said...

You accomplished more than I did.
I also dislike grocery shopping.
But I think it is because Monsieur Bear is shopping with me and he dawdles throughout the whole store.

Bear((( )))

Carolyn said...

Same weather pattern here, but I actually love the sound of rain on the roof instead of the ice they called for.

And I'll have some soup please :)

Kay Dennison said...

I'll never get caught up! Never!

Soup sounds good!!! I'll be right over!!!!

Car repairs? Miss Ruby obviously likes my mechanic because she's going back on Friday. Sigh.

Mojo said...

You're probably going to wind up having to get the taillight lens form a salvage yard unless you want to replace the entire assembly. On newer cars, those things are pretty much integrated so you can't buy pieces of them -- you gotta get the whole thing.

On the other side, you could probably fashion a new gasket out of the beading they use to hold the mesh in screen doors -- or even an old inner tube if the cross section is flat. Might be worth looking into at least. 'Cause I can tell ya, having replaced a couple of taillight assemblies they're kinda ridiculous in the pricing department.

And your friend is right, you won't pass inspection with a hole in the lens. In fact, "emitting a white light from the rear while the vehicle is in forward motion" can have a cop with an attitude citing you -- or at least warning you. (Can you tell I've run into this before?)

tiff said...

As of 2:50 here in RTP, you're clouds have arrived. SHould be over YOUR house soon. :)

Mr. Althouse said...

There is nothing better than a lazy day with not much to do, unless there are too many in a row. I'm not there yet, but my time off is staring to feel like time wasted... Maybe I should just accept it because it won't last long.

It's a funny thing about the weather... We need the rain and snow in the mountains badly, and it has been coming intermittently but we haven't yet had a real good storm that just puts us at ease. These little cold, gray, drizzly days are not helping, yet they still cast a pall over everything.

I hope your New Year is filled with good cheer, good friends and good fortune, Judy.


Beverly said...

Oh my, when one thing goes wrong, more seems to follow, doesn't it. We've had a little rain today, which we sorely need, like you, but the skies have been a beautiful blue while David and Sabrina have been here. They could not have asked for better.

Tomorrow they go home, boo-hoo. I'm already looking at plane flights for a trip up in February.

db grin said...

Hey look! Blue-ish sky just happened around here!

I think they're for you.

My driveway is still fudge soup though - and NOT the yummy kind.

One Woman's Journey said...

After returning from the dentist I made soup also. I always keep veggies on hand and some left over roast in freezer. It was good.
On prices going up. What I am noticing also - the sizes are getting smaller.

Mildred Garfield said...

Wish I could send you some of the Florida sunshine I've had since I've been down here.

When the supermarket know that the snowbirds have arrived their prices shoot way up!! The only thing that cost less down here are the breakfasts and movie tickets.

Up north I can pay as high as $9.00 a ticket, down here the movies are $5.00.

That soup sounds great, I'd eat it even if the weather is hot outside!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I had soup today, it was perfect on a chilly day.

PI said...

Your soup sounds just what the doctor ordered- especially as we have had a big freeze. Brrrrrh!

Jamie Dawn said...

It's sunny and warm today in southern CA, but I surely know what those dreary, drizzly days are like.
Soups days. I know exactly what you mean, and yes I'd like a bowl, please.