Thursday, December 18

Somehow this doesn't fit my idea of the perfect gift. Although, if I have another experience like Tuesday at the airport.....


Rue said...

Good morning Judy :)

That ad is too funny! LOL

I'm sorry about the issues you had at the airport. I hate flying anyway and now it's an even bigger pain. I know it's supposed to be for our safety, but holy moly it's awful.


bobbie said...

This is scary.

Lisa said...


back away from the airport! you take that with you and you'll never have to worry about airport woes again.

Nancy said...


We were on a way to Branson once and the tour bus we were on stopped at a huge Pro Bass shop.

We went in and it was interesting even though we are city people and most of the things they had on display were not our cup of tea, we enjoyed being there.

Then we heard the little voice of a boy about 6 say," Mama, can I get a gun?" and the Mother replied, " Not today,Sonny, but you can ask Santa. Maybe he'll bring you a gun."

kenju said...

Nancy, I would have fainted dead away had I heard a kid say that - if he got that answer.

Kristi said...

Yikes. Mine either. I'm off to read about your airport troubles.

shewritesyouwrite said... too! not at all in my list! :o)

thanks for the visit in my would mean a lot if u can visit more often and share your thoughts on each post...that's one of the ways i learn, reading what others have to say :o)


Peter said...

I kn ow I probably shouldn't say this Judy, but "only in America" springs to mind.
Thank you very much dear friend for your support for Vicki, it has been very much appreciated.

PI said...

Hope you have both recovered.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha.
I'd faint if I got a gun as a gift.
I wouldn't know how to put bullets in it, so no one would have to be afraid.
A few years ago, we were in Vegas and we went to a shooting place where you could shoot machine guns and other high powered guns. It was so much fun. I felt like some kind of gangster. We got to choose targets, and I chose one of Bin Laden. I blew him to pieces.

Shephard said...

Omg, I laughed.
I cant' believe some of those old ads!