Saturday, December 27

Maxine and the Bailout


Nothing truer than that!!


Where's mine?

I always run into this kind.

I know what I'd prefer.....

And how could it not be, after all the financial news this year?!


In the "HOW COOL IS THAT?" department: I have befriended someone with my same name on Facebook. I know that there are other women out there with my name; one in Florida and one in Chicago, but this one actually answered my message. I suppose there is a big possibility that she is related to mr. kenju, because she comes from the same area of the country that he does. Wouldn't it be fun if we discover that they are related?!

Have you ever met or learned of anyone with your name (other than being a junior or II, I mean)?


Farrago said...

Yup. There's an old guy who's actually my dad's 2nd or 3rd cousin who has the same first and last name that I do, and so does his son.

Beverly said...

Judy, when you wrote that, I thought you were codmmenting on the oddities of Facebook.

When I put in my relatives, it listed me as being a relative of myself. That's what I thought you had done or FB just repeated something.

That's interesting, and will be more so if you all are related.

Kay Dennison said...

Love the cartoons!!!!!

I gave up facebook -- I couldn't figure out the point of it.

Grannymar said...

Facebook is weird, I seem to have more friends than people in the world! I don't like it and don't think I ever will.

I never met anyone with the same name as me. One of me is more than enough for the world!

Tabor said...

My daughter has run into a couple of distant relatives on Facebook. I never joined...maybe I should?

Bear Naked said...

Love all those cartoons.

Bear((( )))

sage said...

Great comics... In the first one--maybe we'll be hit on the head by the anvil and be done with it.

colleen said...

I'm recovering from Christmas with a headache and a couple of new pounds on so these were especially welcome. It was worth it though. Hope yours was blessed.

Granny Annie said...

Between Maxine and the bailout jokes, you have told it like it is.

I must go to facebook now. My grandchildren and children tell me to go there but it frightens me. If you can do it, I can do it.

There was once a television special on 20/20 or 60 Minutes or something and they dedicated a section of the program to a con-artist with my exact name. I certainly got a lot of attention the next day at work. LOL

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

To answer your question....No. I have never run into anyone with my same name....I will be very interested to hear about the outcome of this discovery Judy...!

About that Rose.....I Googled both names that you said, but none of the pictures look like this Rose.
I will ask Van, but truthfullly, sometimes he doesn't know the names of every flower he uses in arrangements. I'll let you know what he says.

Palm Springs Savant said...

There is a Rick Rockhill out there in Nashville somewhere. He works in the country music industry and is mentioned on a few records! I've not made contact with him yet...I really need to try.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Our last name is a very common surname in England and I believe there are a couple of people there with my same name.

David said...

missed out on wishing you merry Christmas - so "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" it is

Thumper said...

Unfortunately, there's someone local with my name. And I know this because she doesn't pay her bills, and I keep getting calls from irate creditors. Fortunately, we have different middle names, and it doesn't take much to convince them I'm not the person they're looking for. said...

Yes! The other Brenda Love is the author of "The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices" - and I'm not making that up, either!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is another me out there.
We live in the same state, and at one time we lived just a few miles apart. Our middle names are different. Our last name is unusual.
I first learned about her when our local newspaper had a news brief about an auto accident she had been in. She is a few years younger. No, we have never met but are aware of each other. There are but two of us with this first and last name.
Also, on occasion, people I have never met before swear they know me. They say I look "just like" ...this has happened in Florida, Michigan, Alabama, etc.
It has never been said of my sister. Just another of life oddities.

Hale McKay said...

Here's one for you when it comes to the same names.

When I was in high school there were THREE Mike Ashleys attending there at the same time.

There was a sophomore, me a junior and a senior. At least we had different middle names. Since that year I have always written and signed my name with the middle initial.

Oh yes - we were all related twice, three times removed - what ever that "removed" stuff means. I could never figure it out.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, yes! It just happens that a woman working with my best friend (yes, that is a strange coincidence) is the first person I have met to have the same first and last name as me (the combination of which is not common at all).

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yeah, I found several others named Bonnie Jacobs. Read all about it here: