Saturday, December 20


They better not even try!!

Age 12. What a skinny geek. Somebody should have told her that her underwear was showing.

The ballroom mantel in the Governor's Mansion, 2008, by Mel Day of Dogwood Tree Florals.

The first house we owned after we got married. We bought this one in 1965 and lived here for almost 5 years. We took this photo in November when we went to VA Beach. I can't believe all my roses are gone!

We're about to be swamped!!

My baby at 18 months. She crawled into the drum table to hide from my visiting uncle. I finally coaxed a smile out of her.

The porch of the Governor's Mansion on the night of our party. Curtains of light...!


Our office luncheon was scrumptious and true to form, I didn't remember to take any photos! The camera was in my purse, so there's no excuse except stupidity. We went to Porter's on Hillsborough Street; my first time there - but definitely not the last! I had flounder (at the suggestion of my employer) and it was served swimming in a plate of clarified butter, with the best fresh green beans I've had in years. They were cooked with slivered red onion and small pieces of nuts (pine nuts and walnuts, I think). The flounder was so tender and prepared to perfection. I ate every last bite and I could have licked the platter clean. I can't wait to go back!

We exchanged gifts. I got a lovely coffee table book about my favorite place - Italy, a silver pine cone ornament, some excellent home-made mixed spices (think Ms. Dash, but better) and a metal plaque which says "Joy", made by one of our part-time associates who is taking a class in metal-working. All in all, I'd say it was a great day - except for the PINK wedding work. we had to do.....LOL. Actually, I think the pink wedding will turn out's just different. You'll see it in the next few days.

Hope all your Christmas/Holiday plans are going well. Mine are stalled. The tree is up, but largely undecorated, cards have mostly not been written, and the only baking has been for gifts, not my family.

I've got 'miles to go before I rest'.


Grannymar said...

Thin! You don't know what thin was. lol I must dig out an old photo of me about that age.

I have stolen the top cartoon for a friend in Banking.

Kay Dennison said...

You are the energizer bunny, Judy! I was a tall, skinny kid, too!

The photos and cartoons are awesome. I needed the laughs!!!

The luncheon sounded great -- sounds like my kind of place, too!

Hope the PINK wedding goes well.

And take get some rest -- we need you to stay well!

Dianne said...

you were adorable, actually you still are adorable

love the baby in a drum table

the curtains of light are wonderful

Carolyn said...

I love the photos of you and your little one-- well, you were both little, lol!

Honestly, Judy, I don't see how you do it all!! :)

sage said...

I love your interesting mix of photos and comics (which are scary because they're not only funny, but true)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It seems like Christmas just snuck up on evrrybody this year....You have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger, so you have a good excuse, my dear Judy....I don't know what happened here---Well, actually I do...That Stomach thing really took it out of me so I am very behind.....!

I LOVE The Curtains of light at the Mansion....So Very Very Pretty!
I look forward to seeing The Pink Wedding!

You lookec GREAT in that picture! I am! I was NEVER a Skinny Kid....And the Kegs, my dear....Lovely!

Loved the cartoons, too!

Maithri said...

Fantastic photos!

Peace and love to you this Christmas my friend,


Beyondpanic said...

You look absolutely adorable in that photo - underwear and all! I love the picure of your baby in the end table - I remember hiding under things when I ws little too! Sometimes I wish I still could!

Mojo said...

I've only been to Porter's once, but it was marvelous!

And I was a beanpole at about that age too. Actually that age and most of the ages following until I hit 40.

"hernegi": Opposite of "hisgeni"?

Star said...

I want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday, just in case I am not back this way before Christmas. Doubtful, I know, but just in case.

Peter said...

Lots of us have those skinny geek photos from WAY back in our past Judy hope you have a wonderful Christmas,

Ginnie said...

I love your Christmas heading... did your design it?

JeanMac said...

Lovely pictures - Merry Christmas to you and Mr. K. Love Jean

Anil P said...

The baby in the drum table picture is way too cute.

I see so few cartoons in India now. Just wonder if there're fewer smiles to go around as a result.

You put up some great ones.

Merry Christmas to you and family.

Jean said...

Amazing how much your first house resembles our first GA house! Same roof, same color brick, same sliding windows in the front bedrooms. Our plan was flipped so the garage door is on the right. We had a tiny gable over the front picture window.

Did you have a 'cathedral ceiling'?

Looking forward to the pink wedding.


Jamie Dawn said...

I love that cartoon of a big Fannie Mae jumping into the boat of the taxpayer. That's funny!!

Your daughter looks so cute!

That coffee table book on Italy sounds like something I'd like. I hope you enjoy it.

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!!

I am glad we are blog buddies, and I look forward to more lots more blogging!


Shephard said...

That is exactly how I picture Fannie Mae.