Tuesday, December 30

"I got Plenty o' Nothing" and that's scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I went clothes shopping today (Monday) for only the third time this year; attempting to take advantage of some 40-50% off sales. The temperature got higher than predicted, so I overdressed and got really hot in the stores, even when I took off my quilted vest. I hate that. My pants were too large and I didn't wear a belt, so every 10 feet I had to hike up my pants. I'm sure that was a lovely sight. Glad I didn't have to watch me do it. Also, the pants are lint magnets, so by the time I left the store I had about 20 hitchhikers, in the form of loose threads. Sheesh. Wouldn't you like it if the manufacturers had to put it on the label when fabrics are bad lint magnets? I would. I can see it now: "This fabric will pick up every piece of lint within 30 yards. You are advised to carry a mini-lint roller with you at all times."

I ran into a neighbor at Stein Mart and we're both going to the funeral home tonight for the visitation. I have a feeling I will see many, many people I know. Is it odd to look forward to a funeral visitation? Seems a little creepy to me, but there it is.

I tried on about 5 pairs of pants and 4 jackets and several tops. Making a decision about clothing is getting harder and harder for me. If I lost 10 pounds, and things looked better on my body I might be able to decide more easily. Hmmm.....fat chance of that. I am going to walk more, but I'm making no promises along those lines. It just sets me up for failure. Problem is, I keep remembering when I was still 5'10" and 120 to 140 pounds and I could wear absolutely anything I put on my body. Why can't it always be that way? (Yes, I'm whining.)


Kay Dennison said...

Isn't it 'fun' when we get older and our bodies re-arrange and pad themselves when we're not looking? You or I would NEVAH do such a thing, would we? LOL

Bear Naked said...

I agree with you about clothes shopping.
It used to be so much fun back when the body seemed to co-operate didn't it?

Bear((( )))

Tabor said...

I have lost some weight, but still had the reflection I see in the mirror. I guess it is because I was really skinny when I was younger and hated how I looked back then and now I am being punished for that.

Lisa said...

Well, you deserve to rant and rave once in awhile too ya know! It's hard getting older.

There is nothing worse than trying to shop and find something you like while getting too hot and having your pants falling down. :) Better luck next time.

Granny Annie said...

This is a post that only a woman can truly understand. Oh the horror of clothes shopping in the wrong clothes! Success all depends on the right day. We could shop during Sales if the Sale was on "the right day". But if the greatest Sale in the world is on a bloat day, forget it.

Now, let's talk about those ten pounds. I wish that was all I had to lose. Last year I started a great exercise program and lost six pounds until I injured my shoulder and that totally put me behind on my program (Or put my program on my BEHIND.) When you get the right motivation, share it with me please.

(My word verification is whines. LOL)

Arkansas Patti said...

Can soooo relate. The bad part is if you actually do lose weight, the face looks like a cultivated field while the hips and butt look the same. Not fair.
Can also relate about the funeral. When my friend died a few years ago, we all at the viewing thought how much she would have enjoyed the "party". "Jeanne' would have loved this" was heard more than once.
Feeling that way I feel is a great compliment to your friend.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Yeah, I use to like shopping for clothes...but not so much anymore. It's no fun dealing with all the changes my body has gone through now. I've also learned that comfort is more important than anything...I'm still working on losing weight, but haven't been doing so well lately with the holidays.

sonia a. mascaro said...


Beverly said...

I have to go shopping today for something to wear to a wedding. I would rather take a beating. I vaguely remember enjoying this back in the old days.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think it's normal to feel how you're feeling about the funeral. It will be a reunion of sorts and even though the reason is sad, it still means a connection to some people maybe you haven't seen in a while.

Happy New Year!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

In a way, Judy, I am glad I cannot go out shopping anymore...lol! I think I would be appalled at the size I need now---Luckily, I have a revolving closet of sizes so I'm still okay....! (lol)
So sorry to read about the loss of your neighbor....I understand looking forward to seeing old friends, even if it is at a Funeral....!

JeanMac said...

I have been losing weight and finding all kinds of treasures in my closet - I keep all my clothes and am glad I did:)

amarkonmywall said...

This shopping trip sounds like the sort of outing I can't stand- I'd probably prefer the visitation. I definitely need to lose about 10 pounds but first I have to stop gaining. Here to wish you a very good new year- healthy and happy. Prosperous is probably too much to hope for- but, you know? We're really pretty rich...xoxox

Mojo said...

You might have put this one over on me a few months ago lady, but you forget I've met you in the three-dimensional world now so I know you're overstating your "padding" (unless of course, you've completely blimped out since the end of October). I even have pictures to prove it. (Don't make me use them!)

Were I a garment of any taste at all, I should be proud to grace your svelteness.

Just sayin'.

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