Tuesday, November 4

Vintage North Carolina

Click to enlarge - I hope. These are a few places I've been privileged to decorate for weddings and other events. Top: The Greystone Inn, Wilmington, NC.

"Oakview" in Raleigh, NC. Sadly, it is no longer available for weddings.

A private home in Wake Forest, NC. In case you can't read the sign, it says:
"Who would turn back 2 Hundred yeare, Let him A-light and Enter here.

This place has some interesting history; Dudley Moore stayed here in the 1980's with his then wife, who was from the Durham area. The original owners told me how Dudley began playing the piano in the parlour one evening, to the delight of all the guests. I wish I'd been there. I loved Dudley Moore!


Did you see Boston Legal tonight? I am so glad to know that Denny Crane "crossed the aisle"! Seldom does a fictional drama allow its characters to set forth political views in the way that this show does. While it ended in a silly paint-ball spat between Denny and Alan, the actual dialog was masterful. That is also true of their courtroom closing arguments, no matter what topic they are debating. I am sad to know that this is the final year for Boston Legal, and hopeful that re-runs will be shown somewhere forever.

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Mojo said...

Okay... testing 1-2... is this thing on?
I wonder if some of our elected officials (and those who would like to be elected) have frequented the house in Wake Forest? Seems that some of them would like to roll back the last 200 years or more.

Mojo said...

Yep... looks like it's working.

I've heard other people say they were having problems with the embedded comment form today too. Seems like it's down all over.

sage said...

I grew up just out side of Wilmington and don't remember the Graystone Inn-is it on Market Street? You've worked in some fancy places, Kenju

Bear Naked said...

I am able to comment on your blog now but couldn't before.
The embedded comment form is working on my blog though.

Bear((( )))

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I noticed the different comment form, but wasn't having any problems... that's strange that some would and some wouldn't. I was just wondering how some of you changed it! LOL. I'm such a goober.

Kay Dennison said...

It works!!!!!! And these are terrific photos!!!!!

Darlene said...

Those houses are lovely and that is one thing missing from the West. It reminds me of "Gone With The Wind".

Granny Annie said...

We rarely miss Boston Legal. Did not know it was on last night. If what you say is true, it is just as well. Denny Crain a liberal? My spouse's heart could not have taken the strain!

rosemary said...

Working well.....the other format took more steps. Beautiful place and I too loved Dudley.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, I loved Dudley Moore, too...! He was so incredibly talented and such a brilliant musician as well as the Consummate Comic "actor". The greatest thimg about him besides ALL these gifts was that He wasn't afraid to look silly in films! And, to me, that was part of his great genious...! And he was pretty adorable, too! (lol)

I agree with you about "Boston Legal". As silly as it can get, David E. Kelly really gets off some powerful stuff in every episode.....I too, loved that Denny Crand crossed the aisle....! He had to, really, to stay a truly viable character, I think.

These homes that you shared with us...WOW! It must be fun to be able to put Floral Decorations throughtout homes like these....!

Lisa said...

And to think there were probably a couple people there who couldn't have cared less that Dudley was there. *gasp* How cool that must have been to be walking by and seeing/hearing him.

PI said...

Lovely establishments. Poor Dudley - he's sadly missed.