Friday, November 21

Snow + Bugs + Raleigh in Photos

This is what I woke up to this morning. Luckily, within 60 minutes, it was gone.


Go here, if you are science-minded. What ants can do boggles the mind! The video takes 6 and 1/2 minutes, and it is worth it.


Here's what Raleigh looks like in the Fall. Beautiful presentations of our fair city.


utenzi said...

Snow is so beautiful. But that damn stuff is cold. What a quandry. Beauty or comfort?

Anil P said...

Snow brings a certain uniformity to the landscape, pretty in its own way.

PI said...

Wow that's a riot of colour! Raleigh looks a nice place. Must be at errific contrast when the snow comes.

Bear Naked said...

Those Raleigh photos are outstanding.
What a beautiful place.

Bear((( )))

Maithri said...

Beautiful photos of Raleigh and a lovely blog,

Sending you peace and light from Australia,


Granny Annie said...

I know what that smattering of snow is going to look like next. It's time to get out the boots.

Ginnie said...

Hi Judy; I'm glad I didn't see the snow...I was still fast asleep trying to get back to NC time.
It's good to catch up on your blogs. said...

I want one good snow, Judy, just one good one. Preferably on a weekday. A Monday or a Friday would be fantastic. See what you can do about arranging that for us. ;-)

sage said...

we've had a bit of snow, but not much more than you!

Bob-kat said...

The pics of Raleigh are beautiful. It looks so gorgeous in the autumn!

I watched the video and it was amazing! The size adn complexity of that city was incredible. I must say I felt sorry for the ants though, having concrete poured into the city it had taken them so long to construct.

Carolyn said...

You're lucky, we woke to a lot more than that yesterday!

I'm off to check out the vids now :)

Farrago said...

That ant video was EFFING awesome!

colleen said...

You're a sissy about the snow!

First I was afraid those guys were going to get bit by ants and then I felt bad for the ants.

Jennifer said...

Those are some great photos of our fair city!

Jamie Dawn said...

No snow, no snow, no snow!!
I'm wishing really hard for no snow to come here.
We only had one, light snowfall last winter.
I'm hoping for no snow, but I doubt I'll be that lucky.

Those Raleigh photos are so pretty!
I bet those guys wearing kilts got a bit chilly "underneath" it all.