Friday, October 17

A Wedding at Ayr Mount

The table centerpieces. The newest color schemes for weddings are using orange and yellow predominantly, and sometimes in mixtures with other colors as well. This was Mel Day's wedding (Dogwood Tree Florals).

Look at these giant irises. I could hardly believe they were growing so well in October. Each blossom was about 5-6" tall.

This is Ayr Mount, an historic home in Hillsborough, NC., built in 1815.

Here is the chuppah that the groom made for the wedding. Their families and friends each decorated a square for the chuppah quilt and then the squares were joined together and edged with lace. It will make a nice keepsake for the couple.

These photos are from the house brochure. I took a few photos inside, until the caretaker told me they weren't allowed due to insurance restrictions. It is beautifully decorated in furnishings from the period during which the home was built.

Click to enlarge.

This view was looking from the back of the house. Our trees are just beginning to show some color changes.

If you'd like to know more about this and other historic homes, read Adventures with Old Houses by Richard Jenrette (2000).


Does anyone else find it amusing that "Joe the plumber" is not named Joe (it's Sam) and he isn't licensed as a plumber in Ohio? And he grosses nowhere near $250k? He is probably wishing that his 15 minutes of fame would be over in five minutes, since the news reported that he has tax troubles.

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Kay Dennison said...

What a lovely site for a lovely wedding!!!

Fabulous Irises!!!!!!!

Poor Joe! The only plumbers who make $250K in Ohio own their companies.

I wouldn't miss your party, Judy!

Seamus said...

Beautiful setting for a wedding! WOW!

Ha! "Joe" may want to go hide under the "sixpack" now!

Bear Naked said...

I had heard that "Joe" did not gross the 250K but I didn't know that he wasn't a Joe.
Sounds like Joe was a put up plant (by ???) to my Canadian ears and eyes.

Bear((( )))

Joy Des Jardins said...

Beautiful setting....perfect Fall wedding Judy. Those colors are what I love.

Yea, looks like Joe is really a Sam. Hope he didn't plan on any privacy for the next few weeks....

PI said...

What on earth are those boxes in the comment above. Nothing rude I trust?
That's a fairy tale place for wedding. I haven't heard of Chuppahs before but the quilt is a lovely idea.
I watched excerpts from the confrontation between the political antagonists and found it very interesting. Hope all goes well for you.

Diane Mandy said...


And yes, I thought the whole Joe the Plumber thing was very odd given the facts about Sam. Very odd indeed!

Congrats on 100,000?

What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the exchange between Joe and O struck a big nerve.

I'd rather gaze at the beauty of the flowers.

themom said...

Beautiful pictures and flowers. How about "Joe" - he had a tax lien placed on his house last year for $1182. No way is this guy in a poistion to buy a business that Nets/grosses (he didn't say) a year. My late husband was a plumber/pipefitter and his best year (only one) was $60K. We averaged $35-$40K.

bobbie said...

The centerpieces are stunning.

tiff said...

I had no idea irises bloomed in the fall. Amazing!

Yeah, that Joe thing. What a crock.

Darlene said...

Beautiful flowers and a lovely wedding spot.

I think McCain should have egg on his face over his signature debate story about Joe the plumber; instead, he is talking it up on the stump. The man has no shame.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Beautiful wedding. That type of fall foliage is one reason we chose October to get married. (well, that and we love Halloween!).

rosemary said...

As usual beautiful pics.....let me know when the party is....i need a good stiff drink!

Tabor said...

I just planted some ever-blooming or re-blooming Irises. That should be fun to see next year.
I am guessing that the stump comments on 'Joe' the Plumber will go to the same places as the comments on the Bridge to Nowhere.

Shephard said...

Oh! Gorgeous flowers!! The blog header especially!! Goes perfect with the green. :)
Thanks again for the cake site. It got used this week! (in progress still)
~S :)

sage said...

beautiful place, but when i saw those white chairs I thought it'd make a good set for the graveyard scene in "Our Town"

Grannymar said...

Lovely photos as usual Judy.

I hope I bring you nearer the magic number!

Star said...

I love that orangey color of the flowers. As for Joe , I am always amazed how people out themselves out there on a tv camera. I woul run the other way. Even dumber the people who get interviewed on 60 Minutes. THey never come out looking good.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Homemade Chuppsh...! And as you said, such a special Keepsahe for the couple....
BEAUTIFUL place for a Wedding, too!
And this home....Another special Historical House being rightfully presereved and yet used, too...!

Wendy said...

The centerpieces are just beautiful. I love orange and yellow, they're such cheerful colours.
And those irises! Devine.
Our gardens are over for the season - too bad. What a lovely place to hold a wedding. Lucky bride and groom.

Inanna said...

That's an amazing place for a wedding.

Joe The Plumber and McCain - dumb and dumber.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a gorgeous setting for a wedding.

Those irises are so pretty!

Joe said...

Try going to