Tuesday, October 14

No Fear + A Movie Recommendation

Is there anything cuter than this??? My caption: "You mus be dis tall to ride dis!"

It appears that neither the bird nor the kitten know they are supposed to be afraid of each other.


Movie Recommendation:

is playing on HBO. I loved this movie and you might too, especially if you are a music lover.


Hooray! Whatever was keeping me from getting in here has self-corrected!


kenju said...


I downloaded some new virus software today and since then, I am unable to get into the blogger dashboard or to leave a comment if I sign in as a google/blogger. Do you know what I can do to fix it?

P.S. The flower in my header photo is a lily, not an orchid.

Hale McKay said...

I'm not much help there. Hopefully some knowledgeable geek will read this.

Those were cute pics of the parakeet and kitten.

bobbie said...

Lovely photos.

Granny Annie said...

Beautiful flower! Glad you got it all worked out. Such cute photos of kitten and bird, supposedly natural enemies. Got any photos like that of Democrats and Republicans?

Bear Naked said...

Those two photos are adorable.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if humans who are enemies could get along like that.

Bear((( )))

sage said...

don't know much about virus software (except that I keep paying for mine and it keeps updating)... Nice pictures, as for the movie, I don't have HBO

Anonymous said...

Awwww, those pictures are adorable beyond words!
Glad you got your problem fixed, whatever it was!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That budgie looks like ours. He's a bit skittish though... I don't think he'd take to a kitten like that.

themom said...

those pictures show me total innocence. so adorable.

rosemary said...

I am the computer dummy....so I am no help. I have had so many problems with blogger I can't begin to explain.....someone locked me out with a false complaint. I loaded a music gizmo; locked out, added my Picassa album, locked out.

There is nothing quite a sweet as a kittne....or your flowers.

PI said...

Photos are so sweet but I'm beginning to be afraid of down loading anything as it always seems to gum up the works. Fingers crossed that one of our brains can help.

Vid Digger said...

Cute pics!

My kids hamster isn't afraid of our neighbors cat, smelling and playing with his nose like it's a huge stuff animal. Tiny must have fell on his head when he was born, but at least he's living life to the max.

Kim Williams said...

August Rush is a powerful film. I was a mess for days after that - talk about artistic angst!!!

Michele sent me and I'm sure says HI.

Wendy said...

Cute pics. I am a music lover - will check it out. Thanks.
Is there a "help" either for your virus program or on blogger? (no not the dashboard, just go into blogger.com and see if you can access "help".
Good luck. Computers are amazing when they work and sooooooo frustrating when they don't!

Farrago said...

Caption for first pic: I EET U!

Caption for the second pic: Meh. Whatever.

Actually, I think the kitty has discovered the wonderful scratchiness of the birdie's talons, and will forever be begging to be walked all over again!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

DARLING Pictures! I had seen them before somewhere...But it is so wonderful to see them again!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that movie! I saw it a few months ago--Netflix---And was actually going to write a whole post about it...! It is such a sweet film and such rich BEAUTIFUL Music! Freddie Highmore is an extrordinary young actor. I first became aware of him in that lovely fim with Jognny Depp, about Peter Pan...(I cannot think of the nane of it....HELP...) Anyway, I thought he was just wonderful in AUGUST RUSH and so was everyone else!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I can't believe I couldn't think of the name of that film....!

Anyway....I recommend AUGUST RUSH, Too, Judy! Such a very sweet touching film!

Carolyn said...

August Rush- Yes!

I love that bird/kitten playmate thing they have going on there :)

Shephard said...

THAT is the most adorable thing I've seen all week.

kokopelliwoman said...

Sorry I can't give you any help. I do enjoy your blog, however. You must know about "I can haz cheezeburger," judging from your comment on the kitten/parakeet photo!
Best, Claudia