Sunday, October 12

"Mack.... the Knife"

More stuff I found last week: my mother's knives. They are fairly small, and two of them are pearlized. I know they were mom's because they were found in her dresser after her death. My dad had his own share of pocket knives, which I'll post after I locate them again. They were larger than mom's (more manly, I suppose). Do you carry a pocket knife? I never have, unless you count my folding florist knife, but I don't carry it all the time. My dad used the blade of his to clean his fingernails and as a young child, I marveled that he could do that without cutting his fingers. He never did, that I know of.

Florists often cut themselves, especially when they're in a hurry. I haven't done that in a long time, luckily, but I have scars from previous cuts. There is a faint scar on the back of my left hand that I have had since I was nine. I was playing hide and seek with a group of neighbor children and I hid around the back of our house, peeping out around the corner. The kid who was "it" sneaked up behind me and I was scared out of my wits. When I jumped, I cut my hand on the metal flashing under the siding of our house. I bled like a stuck pig! That scar is barely visible, but I have never forgotten how I got it.


Joy Des Jardins said...

There's something really cool about these kind of old knives. I love the pearlized handles on them. My husband had several knives like these...but not as pretty... and I have kept them in his desk drawer. I just like them.

David said...

good words, and good memories, even the scars we have remind us of the adventures of our youth.
I have many

colleen said...

I tried to carry a pocketknife when I was traveling on my own for protection but the airlines won't have it. Not even a nail clipper.

My son has a potter friend that on two occasions tried to take one of his "community bricks" on a plane...but they didn't pass airport security!

Dianne said...

I love the pearl handles

I've never even owned a pocket knife, let alone carried one.

Maybe because I grew up in the city and carrying a knife was very 'West Side Story' ;)

tiff said...

Never have carried a knife, though I think it's a good idea. A pretty lil' one like those in that picture would be great. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is funny how things like that cut on your hand at such an early age has stayed with you.
I have a tiny piece of pencil-lead in my left hand which never came out---from around 1938, in Florida....I can still see it--though faintly--just under the fkleshy part of my hand over on the left side....!

I LOVE the new look Judy...! BEAUTIFUL Picture in your header....The only itty bitty complaint I have is, it is hard to read that this font against the Beautiful Green----I know it is MY Eyesight that is the problem....UGH!

I never carried a pocket knife that I can recall....though I have some vague memory of a yiby tiny one in a desk drawer of mine when I was a kid.
Your Mom's were really pretty....!

R. Sherman said...

I'm printing this one out to give to my boys. Both of them have Swiss Army knives I gave them on their ninth birthdays.

And no, there have been no accidents yet.


Granny Annie said...

Old knives are fascinating and we always search for them at flea markets and auctions. Most are too expensive to buy but we love to look.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Yes Indeed, Judy! I thank you SOOOO Much for doing this....It makes ALL the difference for me....!
There are a lot of blogs I cannot read at all, because of the contrasts in Background and Font colors----So, I so appreciate you doing this, my dear!

And, it still looks FABULOUS, TOO!

Jamie Dawn said...

I've never carried a pocket knife.
I carry a full-sized sword in a sheath, and I whip it out whenever I feel threatened or just want to scare the shite out of someone.


Just kidding, of course.

I can remember childhood injuries too, as well.
I think those are ingrained in our brains forever.
Luckily, the scars fade over time, but when we see those faint reminders, we clearly remember how we got those scars.

PI said...

Tragically we have had lots of young people murdered with knives as opposed to guns, so they are a no- no over here.

Anonymous said...

In college, I carried a switchblade knife that a friend insisted I carry, following an incident to which I had been victim. I always carried it, for his peace of mind, knowing that I would be far better off forgetting that I had it.

As to pocket knives, I have a couple--one that I bought with the contents of the garage when I bought a house in 1977, it is rather broken up but still serviceable, and a nice one that I bought myself, a few years later--a Craftsman. In addition, somewhere, I have a Bowie-type knife--that had been in the attic of the same house, with Boy Scout stuff, most of which I gave to a friend who was a Leader.
Cop Car

MRMacrum said...

I have had a pocket knife in my pocket as long as I can remember. I have never worn one out though. I always seem to lose them before I can. Or put them away because a newer one caught my fancy.