Sunday, October 19

Kay, at Kay's Thinking Cap has given me a wonderful award, which originated in Spain, I think. I'll have to post it here, since I don't know how to get the code for it, and if I did, I probably could not get it into the sidebar where I wanted it. . I will have to give some thought about who I should pass it on to; and I'll do that, as soon as I get all my computer troubles resolved. Meanwhile, thank you, Kay, for the award!

My new 19" LCD flat-screen monitor sure makes everything look GOOOOOOOD!! I guess I'm making the government happy by spending their giveaway money on this, instead of paying bills as I intended. We went to an office supply store, where I had seen a good sale on monitors. As luck would have it, they were already sold out, but another store had two of them, according to the clerk. We took his directions on how best to get to the other store - and that was a big mistake! What should have taken 10 minutes took about 30, through countryside we'd never seen before. It was a pretty drive, but at today's gas prices I'd rather have not done it.

It was hooked up and running in about 10 minutes. In fact, I had a harder time getting the old cables out of the computer tower than I did installing the new one. But can anyone explain why deciphering the directions on how to adjust a monitor has to be so difficult? It has 5 buttons to push, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the sequence and the booklet is not much help. Oh, well. Like Vivian Leigh, I'll think about that tomorrow!


Kay Dennison said...

I only have a 19" TV! LOL

And you are welcome!!!

Bear Naked said...

I'd like to get a new monitor myself but there is nothing wrong with this old one of mine.
Guess I will just have to wait until it breaks or if I see a great sale on for the newer models.

Bear((( )))

Star said...

Sounds lovely. I figure I get more use out of my computer than a lot of other household appliances , so it is money well spent.

Grannymar said...

Enjoy the LCD flat-screen!

Seamus said...

Good luck with your monitor. As a technical writer in my other life, the hardest challenge is writing for the real market and not just for the engineers. To often t-writers forget they aren't writing for uber-savy technos.

rosemary said...

Steve stole my desktop computer. i use a laptop....his idea again. i miss the largeness and separate keyboard. if i traveled a laptop would be great....does going to the kitchen count as travel if i take it in there i wonder?

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

Congratulations on your award!

That was a beautiful place to have a wedding. Gorgeous flowers too :)


Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on your award and your new monitor.
Your talking about directions made me think about something my hubby used to do. When he worked at his dad's gas station, he would purposely give wrong directions to people. He was a little shite!

Ginnie said... many awards does this make, Judy? You sure do deserve them...your blogs are always interesting and varied.

Darlene said...

I have a pet peeve about the instruction manuals that come with electronics. I think they are written by sadists.

Nonetheless, I am happy for you that it's hooked up. My keyboard is going now and keys that I hit don't print and I have to keep going back and adding letters. I think it's built in obsolescence.

sage said...

Congratulations on your international award

I normally write on a laptop, so a small screen, but I have a larger flat screen at my desk and it's nice (but it's not as large as yours)

PI said...

Congrats on the pretty award. I've had to give them up.

Carmi said...

I smiled at your recollection of getting lost in the car. I think your next purchase - with the gov's money, of course - should be a GPS!

Monitors have GOT to have the most convoluted controls of any electronic device this side of a VCR. Every time I get one, I fiddle with it for a while before giving up in frustration. They really are designed by uber-geeks who have no concept how to relate to regular folks.

You've reminded me that my next purchase for my laptop needs to be an external flat panel. I miss having a two-screen layout...I was really spoiled when I worked in the real world!